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William Deane

NEHGS, 1897
Vol. 51; pp. 432-434


NOTE: This is typed as it was written. The spelling errors are as it was found in the source...

22 July 1634
Prerogative Court of Canterbury: Seager, 86

In the name of God Amen
The two and twentieth day of July Anno One Thousand sixe hundred thritie foure, I WILLIAM DEANE of Southchard within the parish of Chard in the county of Somersett sicke of bodie but of sound and perfect memorie thanks bee given to God doe make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following: First with a willing and free heart I render my soule into the hands of God who gave it and my bodie to the Earth out of which it was first framed, trusting assuredly through Christ Jesus my gracious Redeemer to receive them again at the last day, and being clothed with the righteousness and life imortall in the heavens for ever, and as touching my goods wherewith God hath here blessed mee I dispose thereof as followeth:

Love's Shadow float Item - I give and bequeath, unto my Sone John Robearts, of Dover, aforesaid, the sume of Twenty shillings in Currant money of New England, to be paid by my Executor, three monethes, after my discease

Love's Shadow float Item - I give to the poore of Chardland twenty shillings to bee distributed by the discrecon of my Executor and of my sonne Thomas Deane one of my Overseers.

Love's Shadow float Item - to John Dean my Sonne I give and bequeath a chest standing in the hall, a truckle bedsted and bed furnished, wheat sufficient to sowe the upper close of Broadfield, the halfendeale of the hay which is in Colefield, the remaynder of the terme yet to come in Broadfield together with the Lease thereof. The residue of the terme yet to come in Ham Meade and the Lease thereof, yeelding and aying therefore from the Feast daie of St. Michaell next after my decease to Susan, Ellianor, Margerie and Elizabeth my daughters foure pounds apeece yearelie during the contynuance of his now estate therein and soe rateably for any lesser terme of his estate therein at any other tyme then at the end of a full yeare happen to take end and determyne. Also I give and bequeath to him in money fortie shillings to bee paid him within three moneths after my decease.

Love's Shadow float Item - to my sonne Thomas (for that hee is otherwise in competent manner provided for) I onely give and bequeath to him and to his wife as a remembrance of my fatherly love two silver spoones.

Love's Shadow float Item - to Walter Deane my sonne I give a Chest standing in the chamber over the Kitchen, a truckle bedstead and bed furnished, and a bible, also I give unto him joyntly with his brother Isaacke the Lease or Leases of the grounds named Wilbeere and Cantes, and together with his said brother all profitts on the said grounds to bee received and taken during the contynuance of the terme therein yet remayneing.

Love's Shadow float Item - to Isaacke Deane my sonne I bequeath and give a Chest and little Fojelett or box standing in the lower chamber, a truckle bed furnished and the halfendeale of the hay in Colefield, and alsoe together with his brother Walter Deane I give and bequeath the grounds above menconed named Wilbeere and Cantes, by them joyntly to bee occupied during the terme therein remayneing together with the lease or leases thereof, also I give him that little woodvine without the utter kitchen doore, and all tymber felled and all such rafters and boords reede and billies which I have, and also in money tenne pounds to bee paid within two moneths after my decease.

Love's Shadow float Item - to my daughter Susan Deane I give that bed and bedstead which is in the inner chamber with its appurtences, one skellett, a posnett, a great barrell, a side saddle, a coffer in the Inner Chamber, a third part of all my wooll, the Chappell and ye writeings for holding thereof, and in money seaventy three pounds six shillings and eight pence to bee paid at the end of six months.

Love's Shadow float Item - to my daughter Eleanor Deane I give and bequeath that Cofer which is in the chamber over the kitching, a bed stead also standing there and my best featherbed furnished, a little brasse pott, one of my greater barrells, a piltion and a third part of all my wooll, and seaventie three pounds six shillings and eight pence in money to bee paid at the end of six monteths after my decease.

Love's Shadow float Item - to Margerie Strong my daughter I give the least brasse pott of the three, by best cauldron and tenne pounds in money to bee paid within one yeare after my decease, and to her sonne and my grandchild John Strong I give five pounds to be paid att the end of two yeares after my decease upon sufficient discharge given to acquite my Executor thereof.

Love's Shadow float Item - to my youngest daughter Elizabeth I give and bequeath a bedstead in the Low Chamber, a featherbed furnished, a little Table boord over the entire, a coffer in the Inner Chamber, one of the greater barrells, the third part of my wooll and seaventie three pounds six shillings and eight pence in money to vee paid at the end of six moneths after my decease. And if any to whom any porcon is hereby given chance to dye before his her or their porcon or porcons be devyded equallie betweene my three younger sonnes John, Walter and Isaacke and my fower daughters, or betweene such of them as then bee liveing.

Love's Shadow float Item - Lastly I hereby ordeine and appoynt William Deane my eldest sonne to bee Executor of this my last Will and Testament, and Thomas Legg sonne of Thomas Legg the Elder, and my sonne Thomas Deane overseers hereof, and in consideracon thereof doe give to each of them two shillings. By mee William Deane, Read and published as the last Will and Testament of the said William Deane. And as touching the clause in the latter end of the Will that if any Legatee dye before his or her porcon become due, the Testator shewed that his meaneing therein is That if any of his daughters chaunce to marry and doe happen being married to dye that such her porcon shall then bee paid to the husband of such daughter. These being Witnesses: William Cogam; Thomas Legge; Thomas Deane; John Gibbs No 1:

PROBATUM fuit Testamentum supra scriptum apud London coram venerabili viro Dno Henrico Marten milite Legum Doctore Curiae Prerogativae cantuar Magio custode sive Commissario Itime constitut undecimo die mensis Octobris anno dui millesimo sexcentesimo tricesimo quarto Juramento Willm Deane filij dci defunet et Executoris in humoi Testamento nominat cui comissa frut Administraco omnium et sigulorum bonorum iurli et creditorum dict defunct de bene et fideliter Administrand eadem ad sca Dei Evangelia coram Timotheo Hayte Clico vigore commissionis in ea pater ais emanat jurat. Seager, 86

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