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Williams and Spargur Genealogy

Joseph Hooker Williams family, circa 1900Welcome to my Williams surname section. This portion of my website is dedicated to my maternal grandmother, Floy Elizabeth Williams. She was the elder daughter of Joseph Hooker Williams and Mary Ellen Spargur. My grandmother was a wonderful example to me during my youth. She taught me many valuable lessons which have helped to shape the person I have become. Among those lessons were a love of reading and education, and a belief in myself...a belief that the only obstacle that would prevent me from achieving my goals was myself.

I have spent many years looking for the parents of my great grandfather, Joseph Hooker Williams. Joseph was born 11 Nov 1861 in Whiteland, Johnson County, Indiana. According to the death certificate Joseph's parents were Thomas and Elizabeth [Hull] Williams. Over the years I search many sources, page by page without success, and then while researching a collateral line for another Williams descendant we stumbled upon the missing piece to our puzzle. Joseph's father was James T. Williams, not Thomas. From this discovery things began to fall rapidly into place, resulting in a gold mine of information...

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