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My genealogy sites strictly adhere to the RIGHT TO PRIVACY for all living individuals. If you find that someone slipped through the cracks of my filters, please notify me at [email protected].

One of the greatest joys that comes through genealogical research is the ability to catch a glimpse of an ancestor's character and personality. In your mind's eye there emerges a very real person, who, like a delicate rose, exhibits a natural beauty, thorns and all...

I chose the name "Eagle's Nest" for this website for a reason. To see why, please read the following: Eagle's Nest.

I join many other Family Historians in support of Senator Hatch's "Family History Resolution" to declare October as Family History Month every year.

I am a firm believer that a knowledge of the sacrifices and struggles our ancestors made can create within us an inner strength to endure our own hardships. It also helps us to understand that we belong to a larger family unit that transcends the generations, helping us to live up to the potential that exists within each of us to leave a lasting legacy for our own generation, and those that follow.

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I found among my grandmother's box of treasures a clipping from a 1958 newspaper titled, "Mother, 1958?" To read its humerous view of 1958 womanhood, click here...

Among the items I inherited from my paternal grandparents are Port Angeles High School yearbooks: "Tum Tum's", for 1913, 1914, 1915, and 1920. I am in the process of scanning the pages. When ready I will add them to this site.

Below is an index to the surnames of my g-grandparents. Obviously there are many associated surnames within these pages, as well, but not enough time to create individual sites for them all...




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Below are Family Histories which I have begun:

Please note that they are in the beginning stages, and will be updated as time allows...

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