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Brooks, Morkill, and related families Many of the events in these pages occurred in the Eastern Townships area of Québec, Canada. Samuel Brooks was born in Massachusetts and later moved to Canada. Thomas Morkill was born in England and some of his descendants emigrated to ...  read more
Holtzermann, Madden, Schetter, Velechovsky, and related families This site is for my sister-in-law, Siri Tapa, and my niece and nephew, Ava and Sat Jiwan. Their Holtzermann ancestors emigrated from Germany to America in the early 1800's, while the Velechovsky's have their origins in ...  read more
Morrison, Robins, Somers, Spafford, and related families This site is dedicated to my Mum, who died in 2008, and my Dad, who passed away in 1997. I wish I could have published it before they died. My Mum would have been pleased to see the results of the research I've done over the past few decades, and ...  check back in a few months
Somers of Caledonia County, Vermont I've published this site of the Caledonia County, Vermont area Somers information I have compiled, hoping that others who are interested in this family will stumble across it. I'm researching these Somers as I believe my Somers of Québec are connected to ...  read more
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