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Welcome to YOUR family pages. Our webmasters are E. Annette Rose and Durwood A. Durst. What we hope to accomplish here is to make a HOME for all the families that have a tie to the surname of DURST. Early years will provide possible/variant spellings of the name, but ultimately, that is what we ended up with.

This is a beginning. With time, we will all have information that possibly others will appreciate and be able to add to. We ask that you help us out, post your information any place you can get it posted. Guest books, query boards, other websites, any place you can get it posted. Sometimes it is easier "to be found" than it is to "find". When doing this, please leave a link back to the DURST pages.

To start this off, we offer GenConnect Boards where you may post queries, post records you may have on the Wills board, Pension Records, Bible records, and other subjects. These are "instant" postings, and can be accessed thru our site or the GenCon site.

Also, if you have stories or family information that doesn't "quite fit" those boards, send your information to the Webperson and we will see that it gets posted, either on a page by itself, or on the proper board.

Queries Do you have "brick wall"?
Bible Records Share those old bible records
Biographies  Maybe an old family story?
Deeds Land records or Deed book entries
Obituaries Past or Present
Pensions Did your ancestor receive a Pension
Wills Got a will for one of our Dursts?


While researching your line of DURST, you may come across information on someone who is NOT your line. Would you please forward that information on the Webperson? We will see to it that it gets posted under our Clues, bits and pieces page. Remember that this is a beginning, we hope to help ALL DURST families in time. This site is for DURST families, regardless as to their "lines".

You may want to join the DURST mailing list. At Rootsweb, mailing lists are available for many surnames, locations, or interest, and we found that the Durst family is represented there, with it's own mail list. Don't let the word "subscribe" scare you away, as the mail list is a free thing, the word "subscribe" is only a directive word that the computer uses to place your email address "on the list" of those mail lists. To subscribe to the mail list all you do is send an email to: DURST-L-request@rootsweb.com with only the word "subscribe" in the body of the letter, do not try to send any information at that time. Once you have done this, you will receive an email telling you that you are subscribed. After you are subscribed, you may post your query, information, or whatever, to the list. Each person that is already subscribed will receive an email with that posting. You will also receive that posting, as you will have "subscribed" to the mail list.

Please join in the family mail list and let us all read about YOUR family. Once you are subscribed, you will send your information to a slightly different address. The address to post to the list is DURST-L@rootsweb.com which does not contain the word "request".

Now, on to the fun things.......

 Added June, 2000 Durst surnames, Civil War Rosters

If You are "Java Enabled"...and would like to meet up with some of us DURST cousins, You Can Join Us every Tuesday evening, 7:30pm (Arizona Time) on the Bean Bag chat room, hosted by cousin Durwood Durst.

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