Durst Civil War Roster

DURST Civil War Records

As Found In

The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865

Volume V, Edited by Janet B. Hewett

While accumulating material on other family lines, I photocopied the following information from this book. You may find a copy at your local library, or perhaps ask for an inter-library loan, should you wish to check other family names. I did check for the spelling of "Dust", finding not one entry. At the time of my "search", I did not check any other variation of the name. This was the only information located. You might write to the Archives in whichever State you are interested in, and ask for perhaps the roster of the unit mentioned if you believe other family members may have served in these units.

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 Given Name



 Unkown LA

Militia 3rd Reg. Er. Brig.

(Garde Francaise) Eular's Co.

A.F. GA 1st Inf. Co. G. (Olmstead's)  
Bruno TX 13th Cav. Co. A 2nd Lt.
Charles E. MS 19th Inf. Co. D  
G.E. SC Inf. 7th Bn, Co. H (Enfield Rifles)  
 Horatio W. TX  13th Cav. Co. A  Jr. 2nd Lt.
J.A. LA 2nd Cav. Co. B 2nd Lt.
Jacob TX 1st Cav. Co.E (Yager's)  
Jacob TX Cav. 8th Bn Co. C (Taylor's)  
John GA Inf. 1st Loc. Troops Co. B (Augusta)  
John SC 5th Cav. Coakley's Co.  
John TX 1st Cav. Co. E (Yeager's) 1st Sgt
John TX Cav. 8th Bn. Co. C (Taylor's) 1st Sgt
John VA 5th Cav. Coakleys"s Co.
John VA 60th Inf. Co. G
John F. MD 1st Inf. Co. F  
John S. TX Cav. 3rd. Bn. St. Troops Co. C  2nd Lt.
J.R. GA 61st Inf. Co. C  
M.W. LA 3rd Inf. Co. G  
Ransom SC 2nd St. Troops Co. I  
Ransom SC 5th Res. Co. D 1st Sgt.
Thomas GA 8th Cav. New Co. I  
Thomas GA Cav. 20th Bn. Co. D  
T.N. SC 7th Inf. 1st Co.G, 2nd Co. G Sgt
William SC 14th Inf. Co. K  
William E. TX 13th Cav. Co A Sgt
William L SC 1st Inf. Co. G (McCreary's) Sgt

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