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Henry Pickett, Pension Papers

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Henry Pickett's
Affidavit for Revolutionary War Pension

1. (p. 452) State of Kentucky
Hickman County Sct.

On this 10th day of May, 1833, personally appeared in open court before the undersigned acting Justices of the Peace in and for said county which Justices regularly consitute the County Court aforesaid, Henry Pickett a resident of said county and state aged 75 years____ since the 18th day of March 1833, who being duly sworn to obtain the benefit of an act of Congress passed June the 7th, 1832: that he entered the servis of the United States under the following named officers (to wit) Capt. John Loop, John Wilson Lieut., Boyd McCrany Ensign, Lewis Bayard (Boyd?) Major, Col. Lock (Francis Locke, Gen'l Rutherford (Griffith Rutherford). Was mustered in to servis in Salisbury, Roan (Rowan?) County State of North Carolina - this declarant thinks about the 1st of June, 1779, but owing to old age and consequent loss of memory he can not (guess?) with precission; was drafted; joined no Regular Army; served a (tour?) of three months and returned holm and was discharged. We frequently hand inconciderable engagements and scrimages with the Tories on the waters of the Deep River and raft _____ and Huwany (Hiwassee?) Creek in the State of North and part of the State of South Carolina. Again he entered in to the servis of the United States he thinks about the 15th of Sept., 1779, under the following named officers (towit)

(p. 453) Captain Neil McCrany, the other company officers - Major Hadly, Col. Gibson. Volunteered in (Brunswick?) County on the waters of Cross Creek, the lower part of North Carolina. Volunteered for 3 months; was ingaged part of the time in wagoning provisions for the army and driving cattle and taking care of the same for the army - was discharged at _______ Ferry - again entered the servis of the United States early in the month of August in the year 1780, he thinks, but owing to old age and lost of memory he can not be positive as for time. Under the following named officers (towit) Capt. John Lopp, Boyd McCrany Ensign, John Wilson Lieut., Lewis Boyd Jajor. Joined Col. Cleveland (Benjamin Cleveland) but did not (fight?) at Kings Mountain (note: in N. Car. on October 7, 2780). We was mustered into servis in Wilks (Wilkes) County, State of North Carolina and was mustered out at said Wilks court house after a (tour?) of three months. In this campaign was at the battle of Ramsour's Mill (note: in N. Car. on June 20, 1780). Has no documentary evidence of his servis having had all his discharges burnt or lost. He hereby relinquishes all and any claim to a pention or anuity except the present and declares that his name is not on any pention agency of any state or teritory of the United States. Given under my hand the 8th day of August.

X Henry Pickett

(p. 454) 1. question by the county: where and in what year was you? - Answer I was born in the year 1758 in Brunswick County State of North Carolina.

"2. Have you any record of your age and if so where is it? - Answer: I have no record of my age. All I know is the account received by my parents.

3. Where was you living when cald into servis? Where have you lived since, and where do you now live? - Answer: I was living in Roan County, State of North Carolina when I was cald in to the servis. I remained there some time after the war. I then moved to Barren County State of Kentucky and lived there twelve years, and I then moved to Hickman County State of Tennessee. I then moved to wain (Wayne) County Kentucky; from there I moved where I now live.

4th How was you cald into servis; were you drafted; did you volunteer or was you a substitute; and if a subsitiute, for whom? - - Answer: I was a volunteer every time but one, and them I was drafted.

5th State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops when you served and such Continental and Malitia Regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of the campaign - Answer: The body of this declaration states the outline of the campaigns that I served - and the length of time that has lapsed since I served; the many incidents that took place, and to detail them in the manner that they occurred is all most impossible. I saw General Gates (Maj. Gen. Horatio Gates) some time before the battle at Camden (note: in S. Car. on August 17, 1780) but was detached . . .

(p. 455) by the order of Gen'l Gates or Col. Lock; that is say Capt. Lopp's company which I belong to; and we reconnoitered and watched the enmeny on the waters of Deep River (etc?). We was detached before Col. Lock's Regiment joined Gates (etc?). On the 2nd campaign, I think it was the campaign we had collected supplies for the American army, under the command of Maj. Hadley and Capt. McCrany consisting of pickled beef and pork (etc?) which was deposited on the Cape Fear River; the British army came on in advance of the Americans. We fired a few rounds at the British across the river; but owing to our munitions being so few, we set fire to the provisions and all the military stores we hadn, and then retreated to _____ Ferry - on said river. On the 3rd campaign we did not join Col. Cleveland until after the battle of Kings Mountain. We as then ordered home by him; and afterwards until the end of the war I was allways in rediness. Some times 3 weeks, some times not more than this many days, but this declarant says he is certain that at these detached times, he served at least 3 months more than is stated in the body of this declaration.

(p. 456) 6th Did you receive a discharge; and if so, what has become of it, and who was it signed by? - Answer: I was discharged by my captains, but they have all been burned up in my son's house all but one, and than (that) one is lost or mislaid.

7th State the names of some of the persons to whom you are acquainted and known to in your present neighborhood who can testify as to your caracter for varasity and their belief of your servies as a Souldier of the Revolution. - Answer: John E. Anderson, Daniel Mosby and William B. Cook and James Watson and Lewis Huey (?) who now reside in this county who new me in Roan County State of North Carolina during the Revolutionary War and since, and the said Lewis Huey knows me to be a soldier of the Revolution. But living in a neighborhood where no C___man resides he can not get any C___man because they do not know him to certify to his varasity; but all the rest of the above named gentlement can testify (etc.?).

State of Kentucky
Hickman County Sct.

We John E. Anderson and William B. Cook residing in Hickman County and state afore said and in ...

(p. 457) the same neighborhood hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Henry Pickett who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be seventy five years of age, that his reputed and believed to be a soldier of the Revolutionary War and that we concur in that opinion. Given under hand this 3rd day of August, 1833 --
(signed) John E. Anderson - Wm. B. Cook

State of Kentucky
Hickman County Sct.

June 18, 1994, LJW