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East River Genealogical Forum

Huron, South Dakota, Area Genealogical Society
including Beadle County and surrounding counties.



forum:  (fôrem) an assembly, program, etc. for the discussion of public matters.

–Webster’s Dictionary.


The East River Genealogical Forum is a loosely organized group of genealogists formed in the early 1970s.  The geographic area includes Beadle, Hand, Jerauld, and Kingsbury Counties; however, individual interests span the world.




Naturalization records of Beadle County, South Dakota, 1981

Naturalization every-name index (on-line), 2001

People’s History of Beadle County, South Dakota

àBeadle County, South Dakota, USGenWeb web site

•Central South Dakota Obituaries Index
1970-present – in progress!




•Dorothy A. Sargent, President & Moderator, grvdggr(at)santel.net

•Cel Halter, Vice President, bchalter(at)santel.net

•Sheryl Stearns Hickle, Webmaster, sdakgen(at)yahoo.com


Mailing address

East River Genealogical Forum

20084-387th AV

Wolsey, SD 57384


East River Genealogical Forum

Dorothy A. Sargent, President & Moderator

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2-4 p.m.
Call ahead!
Telephone 605-352-6849
or 605-883-4117

Family History Center
1450 Frank AV SE
(15th ST & Frank AV SE)

Huron, SD  57350


Evening East River Genealogical Forum

Joan Shurtliff, Moderator

4th Thursday of the month
7 p.m. to ?

Meeting room,
rear of Ben Franklin store,
304 Dakota AV S
Huron, SD 57350


Use the back door; off-street parking.

*Check the Plainsman newspaper
the Sunday before for the program.


Let us know if you want an email reminder!

Naturalization records of Beadle County, South Dakota


In 1981-1982 members of the East River Genealogical Forum compiled and printed the Naturalization records of Beadle County, South Dakota from the original records located, at that time, in the Beadle County Courthouse.  The finished project is nearly 3,300 names alphabetized, by petitioner, on 208 pages.

•Special thanks to East River Genealogical Forum members who transcribed and indexed the records:


Shirley Christensen

Rosemary Hildeman

LaVonne Metter

Frances Stahley

LaIlda Gose

Jean Lampe

Dorothy Sargent

Dorothy Turner

Cecelia Halter

Jean Lothrop

Mary Schneider

Imogene Wittenhaugen

Jeanette Haskett

with the assistance of the Beadle Co. Auditors Office.


Naturalization every-name index on-line


The Naturalization index included many names of spouses and witnesses scattered throughout the document so, in 2000, an every-name index was put on the Beadle County USGenWeb website.  Page numbers refer to the page in the 1981 printed Index, not original naturalization records.  The references to the original book and page numbers can be found in the 1981 printed Index.


A people’s history of Beadle County, SD
(Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing Co., 1986)


East River Genealogical Forum members were instrumental in the decision to publish a Beadle County history in 1986.  They transcribed and editing submitted histories.  Limited copies of the 235-page book are available; please contact Dorothy A. Sargent, email grvdggr(at)santel.net.



Copyright 2003 by Sheryl Stearns Hickle, sdakgen(at)yahoo.com.  All rights reserved.


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