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I have placed various information here in order to share with others who may be researching the same lines I research. If you "connect" with anything you find here, please let me know. Ed Clayton (email at bottom of page). [If you are unable to open the "pdf" files here, the problem is most likely that you have not installed the free Adobe Reader on your computer. Download the free reader and install it. But the download file is large, so if you are on a dialup line you may want to find the free reader on a CD and install from the CD.]
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Children of William P Clayton
Help with research about the children (all daughters) of William P Clayton who was born and first married in Person County, NC and migrated to Western Kentucky.

16 Feb 2003 - I hope to update this information soon! What you will find at the link above is useful but may not include all of the latest names and dates that I have. Check back soon or send me an email if you have an interest in William P Clayton.


Solomon Clayton - Three Generations

The Paper! [ Updated on 27 September 2002 ]
Links to my Solomon Clayton, Sr paper. The top link goes to the pdf version of the paper. If you can open the file, this version is formated correctly. If you want to print all or some of the pages, use this version.
If you cannot open the pdf version of the file, use the second link which opens an "htm" version of the file.
In either case what you get is the draft of a paper that presents my research on Solomon Clayton, Sr of Person County, NC, his nine children (seven of whom migrated to Western Kentucky), and his many grandchildren - three generations.

27 June 2003 - The paper above does not reflect the research I have done in the past 9 - 12 months. My "to-do" list includes the task of updating the paper and posting a new version. If you have questions, send me an email. (Email address at bottom of page.)


Daniel Clayton - Three Generations (chart)
A great 8.5 x 11 chart starting with Daniel Clayton and providing three generations. This chart is the key to understanding the many Claytons in Person County in the early 1800s. The only catch is that this is a pdf file therefore you must have the free Adobe reader in order to open the file.


John T Clayton
John T Clayton - son of Coleman Clayton / brother of Robert Clayton (?)


Pictures of some of my Claytons. Long download time if you have a dial up connection.


William Clayton(s) - Research Notes
A collection of notes about various William Claytons from my research. Again this is a pdf file.

7 William C Clayton Letter

16 February 2003 - Help me to understand a letter written by William C. Clayton in 1856 in Kentucky to his relatives in Person County, North Carolina. Surnames mentioned in the letter include Tapp, Yarbrough, Snipes, Dunagan, Brown, Moore, and Hargis.

8 Photographs - Dunkley

27 June 2003               Dunkley family photographs.

9 Photograph - John Draper Clayton

27 June 2003               Photograph of John Draper Clayton

10 Migrations - Person Co, NC to Western Kentucky

Because 7 of my g-g-grandfathers siblings moved from Person County, NC to Henderson, Hopkins, Union, and Webster Counties, Kentucky, I research all migrations between these counties. Review the list of migrations which I have found in my research or through contact with other researchers.

11 Photographs of folks I cannot identify!

Help identify the people in these photographs!

12 Flem Long Cemetery

Photographs of stones in the Flem Long Cemetery


Rogers-Stephens Cemetery (Leasburg Road)

Photographs from the Rogers-Stephens Cemetery

14 Moses Oakley Cemetery

Photographs from the Moses Oakley Cemetery

The Person County NCGenWeb page

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