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David W. Edgecombe of Ottawa, Canada has recently completed a book on John
Edgecombe, originally of Ashburton, Devon, and the highly successful
carriage manufacturing business he developed in Fredericton, New Brunswick
between 1840 and 1890.  He is preparing to publish it privately in hard
cover  8.5 X 11 format running to about 155 pages, at an estimated cost
about $27.50 Cdn +/- plus shipping and handling.  Because it will be a
private publication your only opportunity to obtain a copy will be from
David on publication in the Spring of 1999.  Although he will confirm the
price before asking for firm orders, he would like to determine who might
be interested in acquiring a copy (or copies) by March 31, 1999. so that he
can get on with the printing and binding contracts as soon as possible.

The book is structured as follows:

Chapter 1          John Edgecombe.
Chapter 2          The Carriage Factory to 1891.
Chapter 3          The Carriage Factory 1891 - 1893.
Chapter 4          The Carriage Factory 1894 - 1898.
Chapter 5          The William John Edgecombe Branch.
Chapter 6          Frederick Bennison Edgecombe.
Chapter 7          The Edgecombe Brothers.
Appendix A	   Arbitration Case - William J. Edgecombe vs Alfred G. Edgecombe &
                       Fred B. Edgecombe vs Alfred G. Edgecombe.
Appendix B	   The John Edgecombe Estate Settlements.
Appendix C         Bank of British North America vs Alfred G. Edgecombe.
Appendix D	   Relative Value of Money.

It will also contain photographs of the Edgecombe buildings in Fredericton
as they originally existed and, space permitting, as they appear today and
some of the very few photographs of the Edgecombe brothers found.

Interested parties should contact David

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 12:17:11 -0500
From: Larry S Wilcox
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.06 [en] (Win95; I)
To: [email protected]
Subject: Edgecombe/de Valletort Lineage:

I have completed a 37 years Project on the de Valletort Lineage of Devon
& Plymouth, England.

I included the Edgecombe data that I recieved from a Cousin in England.

de Valletort/Hawkins/Edgecombe/Vawter all were from Devon & Cornwall,
England. All served Or were involved in the Royal Navy. All owned or
Managned the same Pieces of Property at various times. I have connected
them all to Virginia by 1723.

de Valletort Booklet 114 Pages Plus 50 to 60 Pictures of Tremanton
1 Large Picture Tremanton Castle {To Hang on your Wall}
1 Large Picture de Valletort Coat of Arms {To Hang on Your Wall}

$58.00 Including Registered US Priorty Mail to You.

I am in the Final Draft Stage of the Booklet.
Final Print Date: June 28, 1999
For thoses who pre paid Deliverly 4th July Weekend 1999.

I am looking for Pictures of thes Devon & Cornwall Estates to add to the

Tavistock Manor
Maker Manor
Sutton Manor

Interested parties should contact Larry

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