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Standish, Maine 1790 Census
Head of HouseholdFamilyEFS
Beaman, Noah1-1-5-011
Berry, Timothy1-1-4-018
Bolter, Nathaniel2-1-3-022
Bolter, Nathaniel, Jur1-0-2-024
Bolter, Benja1-0-1-024
Butterfield, Joseph1-6-5-041
Cannel, Philip4-2-5-0444:47
Chase, Isaac1-2-2-046
Chase, Joseph1-4-3-047
Cookson, Elizabeth0-2-2-054
Cookson, Reuben2-3-7-052
Cram, Danl4-0-2-056
Cram, Danl Jur2-5-2-0572:60
Croxford, John1-2-2-0607:99
Cummins, John1-1-3-063
Cummins, Thos1-1-4-062
Cummins, Wllm1-2-4-061
Davis, James1-0-6-063
Dean, John2-1-4-068
Decker, John1-2-4-0691:65
Dow, Abner2-2-4-073
Dow, Jabez1-0-2-073
Dow, Joseph1-3-2-074
Eastman, Job1-1-2-076
Eaton, Israel1-1-6-077
Freeman, George2-2-4-0845:125
Hall, Charles1-1-4-096
Hall, John1-5-4-093
Hall, Wllm1-0-2-095
Harmon, Danl1-4-3-099
Harmon, Elliot1-1-1-0102
Harmon, John1-1-2-098
Harmon, Josiah1-1-3-0100
Harmon, Wllm1-0-4-0100
Harvey, John3-1-2-0159
Haskel, Benja1-2-2-0102
Haskel, Jona1-0-0-0103
Hasty, Danl1-5-3-0103
Hasty, James1-3-1-1105
Higgins, Ebenezer1-2-5-0108
Higgins, Elkanah2-0-2-0109
Higgins, Robert1-0-1-0112
Higgins, Timothy2-2-4-0110
Higgins, Wllm1-0-0-0111
Hopkins, Theodore3-0-2-0118
How, Danl3-0-2-0119
Jones, Ephraim2-1-5-0122
Jones, Ephraim Jur1-1-1-0202
Jones, Wllm2-0-2-0123
Libby, Isaac1-3-2-0127
Linnel, Enoch2-0-5-0129
Linnel, Saml1-1-2-0130
Lombard, Jedediah1-1-2-0133
Lombard, Thos1-1-1-0132
Lowel, Danl4-2-5-0137
Lowel, Jona2-3-3-0139
Martin, Bryan1-3-3-0153
McGill, John2-2-3-0143
Mitchel, Dominicus2-3-5-0163
Moody, James2-3-5-0166
Moody, Joshua1-1-1-0168
Morean, John2-3-1-0148
Moses, Josiah1-2-3-0173
Moulton, Peter3-2-3-0174
Mussey, Theodore3-0-3-0178
Paine, Joseph3-5-5-0183
Paine, Thos1-1-3-0189
Parker, Aaron1-1-3-0192
Parker, Eliphalet1-0-1-0193
Parker, Moses1-3-2-0191
Philbrick, Gideon1-0-0-01993:218
Philbrick, Jona2-1-4-0200
Philbrick, Michael2-1-3-01982:217
Philbrick, Wllm1-1-2-01983:218
Phinney, Stephen1-0-1-0202
Pierce, John1-1-2-0203
Pierce, Richard1-0-2-0203
Plaistead, John1-0-1-0204
Rackley, Chandler2-0-3-02051:243
Rich, James1-2-5-0210
Rich, Lemuel4-4-3-0211
Richardson, David1-2-6-0212
Richardson, Jona1-0-1-0215
Richardson, Moses2-2-5-02164:239
Robinson, John1-1-3-0219
Row, Caleb3-0-4-0221
Row, Ephraim2-2-2-0222
Row, Robert1-2-1-0221
Sandbourn, David1-0-2-0225
Sandbourn, Jeremiah1-0-0-0226
Sandbourn, John3-0-4-02263:242
Sandbourn, John Jur1-1-4-0227
Sandbourn, Mary0-0-2-0226
Sandbourn, Peter1-3-2-0227
Sandbourn, Simeon2-3-2-0226
Sawyer, John2-2-5-0231
Shaw, Ebenezer2-3-4-0234
Shaw, Joseph1-3-3-0242
Shaw, Josiah3-1-2-0235
Shaw, Serjant2-1-7-0236
Shaw, Thos2-2-2-0241
Smith, Archibald1-2-5-0
Sparrow, Stephen3-0-3-0247
Swett, Jona1-1-4-0260
Thombs, Amos1-4-2-0264
Thompson, Isaac S1-2-2-0266
Thorn, Israel2-2-2-02722:283
Topping, Luther1-1-2-0288
Waterhouse, Joseph1-2-5-0294
Whitcomb, Silas1-2-4-0303
White, Peter1-4-2-0303
Whitney, David1-0-0-0310
Whitney, Joshua1-1-3-0310
Wiley, David1-1-1-0312
Wiley, Wllm2-1-2-0312
Wood, John3-1-5-0313
Woodman, Nathan1-1-1-0316
Woods, Joseph1-3-2-03171:296
Yates, John1-3-1-0320
York, Ebenezer1-0-1-0332
York, Isaas1-1-2-0324
York, Jacob1-1-3-0328
York, Job1-0-1-0333

The four numbers in the "family" column represent the following:

1.Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families.

2.Free white males under 16 years.

3.Free white females including heads of families.

4.All other free persons.

Note: The fifth number recorded in the 1790 census represented the number of slaves. There were no slaves in Standish, so the fifth number is not used in the above table.

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  • MF90="Maine Families in 1790", Maine Genealogical Society, 7 volumes to date (2002).

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