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Standish Census, 1905

From The Town Register, Standish, Baldwin, Cornish, Limerick, Limington, 1905, Compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Bassett and Goodyear, published by the H. E. Mitchell Co., Brunswick, ME, 1905, p. 109-141.

Transcribed by Dana E. Edgecomb, 1998

     The population of the town of Standish has been arranged in
families where that arrangement has been possible. In these
families, in addition to the resident living members, the names
of non-resident members are included. It should be borne in mind
that this plan does not include names of all former residents of
the town, as the names of non-residents appear only when one or
both parents are still living in the town. After the name of each
non-resident will be found the present address, when such address
has been given to us. Non-residents are indicated by a star (*).
     [Format for each listing is surname, given name, title,
mailing address, occupation. The head of the family is listed
first. Wives and children are indented. Where no residence is
listed for the head of family, "Standish" is omitted. Residence
of children only listed where it differs from that of the
parents. Most abbreviations have been expanded. Words in square
brackets were added by the transcriber.]
     Abbreviations: *-nonresident, m.-married. Occupations: bk
kpr-bookkeeper, blk-blacksmith, car-carpenter, car wk-carriage
worker, cl-clerk, clerg-clergyman, coml trav-commercial
traveler(sic, salesman), elec-electrician, eng-engineer, far-
farmer, ho-housework, ins-insurance, lab-laborer, law-lawyer,
mach-machinist, mech-mechanic, mer-merchant, mill op-cotton or
woolen mill operative, mill wk-cotton or woolen mill worker, mkr-
maker, phy-physician, pl-pupil, a member of a lower grade of
schools (including all who have reached the age of five years),
ptr-painter, R.R. ser-railroad service, sales-travelling
salesman, s s wk-shoe shop worker, stu-student in advanced
institution of learning, tr-teacher, wk-worker.
     [Abbreviations not listed: Am Ex Co-American Express
Company, asst station agt-assistant station agent, B'd'g Ho-
boarding house, bld-builder, Boston Elv-Boston Elevated or
Elevator, com mer-commercial merchant, con el road-con elevated
road, Cor-Cornish, dep shr-deputy sherriff, dlr-dealer, Dr-
doctor, dr mkr-dress maker, hard-hardware?, ho fur-home
furnishings?, ho prop-hotel proprietor, lumb-lumberman, mch.-
machinist or mechanic?, millrt-millwright, P M-postmaster, prop-
proprietor, road com-road commissioner, R R con-railroad
contractor?, R R sec-railroad section, ru mail car-rural mail
carrier, sta eng-station engineer, sten-stenographer?, stone cut-
stone cutter, sur-surgeon, team-teamster, tel op-telephone
operator, tin & hard.-tin and hardware?, type writ-type writer,
     This census was taken expressly for this work during August
and September of 1905, by F. E. Daggett of Topsham, Me., E. R.
Bassett of Brunswick, Me., and F. C. Goodyear, of Nangatuck,


Abbot, S. A., Sebago Lake, iceman
Adams, G. H., Sebago Lake, telephone operator
     Clara E. (Johnson) housework
     Howard S.
     Morris E.
Allen, Sarah A. (     ), Sebago Lake
    *Eugene L., Haverhill, Mass., shoe maker
    *Julia A. (m. Townsend), West Buxton
     Hattie V., housework
     Alice M., seamstress
Alley, T. G., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, cooper & farmer
     Sarah L. (White), housework
     Ada G. (m. Whitney), housework
     Lewis F., farmer
     Ernest L., farmer
     Bertha M. (m. Butterfield)
     Mildred L., pupil
     Lawrence W., pupil
Arsenault, Millett, Steep Falls, lumberman
     Clara (Oudette), housework
     Octavus J., pupil
Arsenault, John D., R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
     Maggie (Gaudet), housework

Bailey, Mrs. Emma L., Steep Falls
    *Edna L. (m. Sturgis), Portland
     Mabel G.
Bailey, Mrs. Caroline, housework
     Abbie C. (m. Buzzell)
     John E.
Ballard, Orin, Sebago Lake
     Mary J. (Jackson), housework
Batchelder, A., R.F.D. 2, Standish, gate-keeper
     Mary T. (York), housework
    *Greenlief E., Cumberland Mills, expressman
    *Eunice A. (m. Annis), Cumberland Mills
    *Charles D., Naples, farmer
    *Llewellyn, Naples, farmer
    *Luella (m. Chaplin), Gorham
Benson,  Caroline (Rich), R.F.D. 1, Standish, housework
Berry, Odell, East Limington, farmer
     Phebe A. (Johnson), housework
     Ida E. (m. Burnham), housework
     Mary (m. Brown)
Berry, Lewis W., East Limington, farmer
     Elizabeth (Taylor)
     Norris I., pupil
     Gussie E., pupil
Berry, Fernando C., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Emma E. (Libby), housework
    *May F. (m. Howard), Gorham
    *Edward C., Woodfords, farmer
     Inez G., housework
     Alice A., pupil
Berry, Mrs. Mary E., Bonney Eagle, housework
     Eugene E., farmer
    *T. L., Woodfords, mason
    *Fannie M., companion to lady Woodfords
Berry, Wm. W., Steep Falls
     Jane M. (Berry), housework
     Herbert L., Steep Falls, hotel proprietor
     Simon, millman
     Harry, teamster
     Eddie, railroad service
Berry, H. L., Steep Falls, hotel proprietor
Berry, Sam'l, Steep Falls, river driver
     Eva A. (Dunnell), housework
     Bion B., Steep Falls P.O.
Black, Sumner, laborer
     Nora (     )
     Gertrude, pupil
Blake, Almon, R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
Blake, Orin Steep Falls, millman
     Mellissa I. (Wentworth), housework
     Ella F. (m. Ward)
     Leon F., teamster
     Roxanna W., housework
Blake, Harriett, R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake
Blake, Arthur, R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
Blanchard, Mrs. Lucy
    *Chas. H., Benedicta, Maine, shoe worker
Bodwell, Wm., painter & paper hanger
Boothby, Mrs. Louisa M., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton
     Cyrus H., carpenter
    *Sarah L. (m. Robbins), Orlands, Fla.
Boothby, Mrs. Josie F., housework
    *Ethel M., Peaks Island
     Gertrude L., pupil
Boothby, Cyrus H., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, carpenter
     Mabel F. (Wildes), housework
     Florence M., pupil
     Clara G., pupil
Boothby, Mrs. Eliza I.
     Ella F., nurse
    *Emma A. (m. Allen), West Buxton
     Chas. W., veterinarian & painter
Boothby, Chas. W., vet & painter
     Nellie A. (Libby), dress maker
     Ella F.
Boulter, I. A., South Standish, farmer
     Mary T. (Johnson), housework
     John M., farmer
Boulter, Chas. F., South Standish, farmer
     Annie (Moses), housework
     Ella M. (m. Smith)
    *Millard G., Boston, Mass., American Express Company
     Roy C., pupil
     Percy R., pupil
     Pearl R, pupil
     Wm. F., pupil
Bowers, John W., R.F.D. 2, Standish, doctor.
     Maude (Allen)
Boyd, Lena A., pupil
Brackett, Jos. F., R.F.D. 2, Standish, carpenter
     Olive (Hobbs), housework
    *Emma J. (m. Hubbard), Wells, Maine
     Nellie J. (m. Tripp)
     Forest C., pupil
     Ivy F., pupil
     Charles F., pupil
Brackett, A. F., Steep Falls, millman
     Carrie (Jones), housework
Brackett, David G., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Susan A. (Whiting), housework
     Albert, Steep Falls
    *George T., Watertown, Mass., carpenter
     Solon C., farmer
Brackett, Albert A., South Standish, farmer
     Sarah L. (Day)
     Della M., pupil
Bradbury, Miss Maria
Bradley, Elizabeth G.
Brooks, Mrs. Elvisa B., farmer
    *Lizzie J. (m. Merrow), Moulton, N.H.
     Lenora H., housework
    *Chas. I., East Boston, Mass., baker and merchant
    *Manson I., West Medford, Mass., real estate agent
     Avery B., commercial merchant
     Edwin, farmer
     Emily E., seamstress
Brooks, A. B., commercial merchant
     Pearl M. (Dow)
     Earl P., pupil
Brown, Jos., Sebago Lake, laborer
     Geo., pupil
     Blanche, pupil
Brown, F. H., South Standish, stone cutter
     Millie B (Rumsey), housework
     Ernest F., pupil
     Susan F., pupil
Brown, Frank E., South Standish, farmer
     Maude E. (Ridlon), housework
     Gladys M.
Brown, G. M., East Limington, farmer
     Mary E. (Berry), housework
     Willard F., teamster
     Susan E.
     John M., pupil
Bunker, Elmer E., pupil
Burnell, F. O., Sebago Lake, box maker
     Verea M. (Hanscomb), housework
     Frankie, pupil
     Alfred, pupil
     Florence, pupil
     Maud (m. Leary), housework
     Edna, pupil
     Myrtle M.
Burnham, P. W., East Limington, river driver
     Bertha M. (Burbank), housework
     Lizzie M.
Burnham, Lewis M., farmer
     Martha M. (Pinkham), housework
    *Laura A. (m. Leighton), Lynn, Mass.
    *Willard E., South Boston, Boston Elv.
    *Lewis G., Freedham, N.H.
    *Emma P. (m. Merrill), Lynn, Mass.
     Eva E. (m. McCorrison), South Boston, Mass.
*Burnham, Bertha M., South Los Angeles, Cal.
    *Martha T. (m. Dunn), Portland
     Howard C.
Burnham, Benj P., Cornish, farmer
     Sarah C. Tinkham, housework
     Mabel (m. Ridlon), Steep Falls
    *Edgar, Cumberland Mills
Burnham, S., East Limington, farmer
     Ida E. (Moses), housework
     Alonso E.
     G. Rudolph, pupil
     Hattie B., pupil
     Mildred E., pupil
Butterfield, Mrs. Matilda
     Albert H., blacksmith
Butterfield, A. H., blacksmith
     Bertha M. (Alley), housework
Buzzell, L. O., Doctor
     Hannah E. (Buzzell), housework
     Bertha, teacher
     Mattie L., pupil
     Helen E., pupil
Buzzell, Eunice (     )
    *Otis A., Saco
    *Nellie E. (m. York), Somerville, Mass.
     Hannah E. (m. Buzzell)
Buzzell, Horace G., farmer
     Abbie C. (Bailey), housework

Caswell, Ethel, Steep Falls, pupil
Chaplin, F. D., Sebago Lake, ice dealer
     Ella (Hooper)
     Herbert L., teacher
     Ethel N., student
Chadbourne, W. F., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, farmer
Chadbourne, Mrs. Emily, Sebago Lake
Charles, W. O., Sebago Lake, laborer
     Hattie N. (Parker), housework
     Merle W., pupil
Chase, John L., farmer
     Ruth, teacher
     Annie, housework
    *Bert, Saco, blacksmith
Chase, Wilbur F., musician
     Ellen R. (Thorn), housework
     Gertrude (m. Libby), Limerick
     Lewis M.
     Nellie B. (m. Trafton)
Chase, Chas. C., farmer
     Bertha M. (Parker)
     Wilbur P.
     Genevieve W.
     Kenneth W.
Chase, A. H., East Limington, millman
     Laura D. (Larberree), housework
     Harriett C., pupil
     Marion E., pupil
     George L., pupil
     Louise I.
Chick, S. J., Sebago Lake, hoop maker
     Abbie B. (Edgecomb), chambermaid
    *Margaret E. (m. Dorsett), Franklin, N.H.
Chick, Mrs. Rhoda, R.F.D. 2, West Buxton.
    *Lillie (m. Fogg), Portland
     J. A., farmer
Chick, J. A., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Emily E. (Norton), housework
Chick, Henry, farmer
     Emma (Norton), housework
Chick, Mrs. Rhoda (Smith)
    *Lizzie (m. Fogg), Portland
Chick, G. L., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, hoop maker
Chick, Edw. W., East Limington, farmer
Melinda S. (Lowell), coat maker
Chick, Melinda S. (     ), East Limington
    *Helen F. (m. Chick), Limington
     Eli B., farmer
     Lottie F. (m. Chick), Gorham
    *Philip S., Limington
    *Ernest L., Limington, farmer
Clough, Mrs. Ada E., Sebago Lake, housework
Cole, Henry F., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Maria (Cole), housework
    *Benj. F., Boston, Mass., undertaker
     Byron, farmer
    *Fannie (m. Dyer), Auburn
    *Arthur, Mass.
Cole, Wm., R.F.D. 1, merchant
     Phebe (Libby), housework
    *Lyndon W., Dakota, Electrician
    *Cora I (m. Ricker), Great Chebeague Island, Maine
    *Lillian (m. Prime), Berlin Fall, N.H.
     Emma (m. Moody)
     Harry R., merchant
Cole, Fred E., laborer
     Bertha L. (Thompson), housework
Cole, George W., farmer & carpenter
     Lizzie F. (Ringrose), housework
     Victor L., pupil
     Clifford R., pupil
     John W., pupil
Cole, Isadore, Sebago Lake, seamstress
Cole, Joseph F., farmer
     Nancy S. (Chadbourne)
    *Albert E. Fryburg, farmer
     Howard L., farmer
     Frederick E., laborer
Cole, Mary C.
Cole, Howard L., farmer
     Ida M. (Foss), housework
Coolbroth, Mrs. Caroline
     Emma L. (m. Bailey)
     Lucy M.
Cousins, Alfred L., R.F.D. 1, Standish, machinist
     Angie C. (Moody), housework
     Roger A., pupil
     Carlton R., pupil
     Doris L.
Cousins, S. H., Steep Falls, merchant
     Alma M. (Hobson), housework
    *William Lewis, Portland, doctor
     Harriet K.
Cram, Millard F., Proprietor, Old Land Mark House
     Emma F. (Ewell), housework
     Ossie Ola
     Ethel H.
Cressey, Geo. F.
     Harriett F. (Smith), clothing maker
Cressey, Edward B., with Hannaford Bros. Co., Portland
     Nettie O. (Marean)
     Mildred L., pupil
Cressey, A. H. R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Abbie M. (Boothby)
     Edwin B.
Crockett, Mrs. Rebecca L., Waterboro
Cummings, Hiram, R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer

Davis, Mrs. Melintha S., South Standish, housework
Davis, Mrs. Martha A., Bonney Eagle
    D. Walter, farmer
   *Lizzie (m. Murphy), Biddeford
   *Florence m. (m. Soule), Portland
Davis, Mary B. (Hutchinson), Sebago Lake, Boarding House
    *Abbie T. (m. Phinney), South Portland
     Joshua H., railroad contractor
Davis, J. H., Sebago Lake, bridge carpenter
     Etta L. (Carlow), homemaker
     Abbie C. (m. Gray), Nashua, N.H.
     Arzell, V., art student
     Walter L., pupil
     Carlton T., pupil
Davis, J. H., Sebago Lake, carpenter & farmer
     Alinda (Shaw), housework
Davis, Daniel S., Sebago Lake, carpenter & farmer
Davis, T. G., Sebago Lake, box maker
     Elizabeth B. (Pennell), housework
    *Mabel T. (m. Johnson), Gorham
    *Arthur C., Portland, clerk
     Clifford C., blacksmith
     Nettie M., pupil
Davis, Sam'l L., West Buxton, farmer
     Harriet L. (Libby)
     Maria (m. Warren)
     Mary S. (m. Warren)
     Hattie (m. Tripp)
    *Lizzie (m. Allen), New Bedford, Mass.
    *Olive I. (m. Haughey), Portland
     Mary G. (m. Dresser), housework
Decormier, P. F., Sebago Lake, painter & paper hanger
     Eda E. (Longfellow), housework
Decormier, John L., engineer & iceman
     Mary M. (Charland), housework
     Phil F.
    *Leander T., Manchester, N.H., surveyor, lumber        , &
     Dennis O, proprietor Steamer Minnie
    *Mabel M., Brighton Avenue, Portland, housework
     Lena M., pupil
Decker, John, R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
Dingley, Miss Elizabeth, Sebago Lake, housework
Dole, Miss Eliza
Dole, G. H., Sebago Lake, assistant station agent
     Elizabeth S. (Sawyer), housework
     Leander A., pupil
Dole, Oliver, Sebago Lake P.O., retired
Dolloff, Wm. F., R.F.D. 2, Standish, cooper
     Phebe B. (Dodge)
Dolloff, Edward W., merchant
     Addie J. (Spear), housework
     Harold W.
     Ethel M.
     Orid [Orin] P., pupil
     Philip W., pupil
Dolloff, Julia E. (     ), R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake
    *Lottie R. (m. Maxwell), Bridgton
     Wm. F., cooper & farmer
     Lucy M.
     Annie M., teacher
     Almeda G., pupil
Dorsett, Thomas J., Steep Falls, teamster
     Ida K. (Binford), housework
    *Lewis E., Portland, iceman
     Howard S., millman
    *Jesse H., Franklin, N.H., millman
Dow, L., R.F.D. 2, West Buton, bicycle repairer
     Etta J. (York)
Dow, Mrs. Harriett A., housework
     Howard K.
Dow, Benj. A., farmer
     Mary E. (Handy [Hardy]), housework
     John F.
     A. S., lineman and bicycle repairer
    *Lean R., m. (Dunnells), Portland
Dow, H. W., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer & teamster
     Lizzie E. (French), housework
     M. Pearl (m. Brooks)
     Vera E.
Dresser, Mrs. Wm. H.
    *Walter H., Portland, apple dealer
     Maud G.
     Mabel (m. Gould)
Dresser, Winthrop B., farmer
     Mary (Parker)
    *Annie (m. Foss), Mass.
     Fred, farmer
    *Bessie (m. Parker) Mass.
     Johana (m. Marean)
Dresser, Samuel H., farmer
     Ellen C. Ewell, housework
Dresser, F. L., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Ida E. (Waterman), housework
     Clarence W., pupil
     Everett L., pupil
     Elmer F., pupil
     Mary E., pupil
     Bessie W. R.F.D. 2, West Buxton.
Durant, Banj H., painter
     Agnes L. (Hamos)
     Carroll H., pupil
     Dorothy L., pupil
     Ruth L.
     Hosea G.

Edgecomb, Wm. S., South Standish, farmer
Emery, Walter, farmer
     Flora E. (Dudley), housework
     Edna F., pupil
Emery, Reuben, South Standish, farmer
Emery, S. G., South Standish, road commissioner
     Lizzie (Whitehouse)
    *Ella M. (m. Dudley), Westbrook
     Edith J.
     Alice L. (m. Strout), housework
Emery, Fred P., South Standish, farmer
Emery, B. F., Steep Falls, railroad con
     Alma (Small)
     Mildred E., pupil
     Gladys R., pupil
     Clifton, pupil
     Mona F., pupil
     Alma S., pupil
Emery, Gilbert A., Steep Falls, carpenter
     Abbie E. (Thorne), housework
     Ella F., pupil
Emery, Warren G., farmer
     Julia (Morton), housework
     Sargent G.
     Walter, farmer
    *John M., Calif.
Emery, M. W., Steep Falls, blacksmith
     Ina C. (Clay), housework
     Mary P., pupil
     Leon C., pupil
     Basil C., pupil
     Eunice T., pupil
     Carl E., pupil
     Paul, pupil
Estes, Sylvanus B., South Standish, farmer
     Julia A. (Boulter), housework
Evans, John W., R.F.D. 2, laborer
     Hattie B. (Jones) housework
     Elmer E., pupil
     Harry B., pupil
     Clinton F., pupil
     Lucy C., pupil
     Mary E, pupil
     Cora B.
Evans, B., R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
     Cora B. (Morton) housework
     Lena A., pupil
     Weston S., pupil
     Jane L.
Evans, John B., R.F.D. 2, farmer
     Sarah E. (Welch), housework
     Geo E., millman
     John W., laborer
    *Nellie (m. Burnell), Conway Center, N.H.
     Birney, farmer
    *Loring S., Watch Notch, N.H., section boss
     Flora B. (m. Harmon)
     Chas. F., Civil engineer
Evans, G. E., Sebago Lake, planer
     Emma I. (Harmon), housework
     Percy B., pupil
     Forest E., pupil
     Ethel L., pupil
Ewell, W. E., Sebago Lake, commercial traveler
     Luella J. (Hutchinson), housework
     Fannie (Sawyer)
    *Marquis G., Portland, carpenter
     Annette S. (m. Parker)
Ewell, W. H. C., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, carpenter
     Fannie B. (m. Smith)
     Harriett M. bookkeeper
     Henry B., pupil
     Minnie P., pupil

Fifield, G. H., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Lizzie M. (Shaw), housework
     Bernardine S., pupil
     Lawrence A., pupil
Fogg, Fremont, R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, cooper
     Lydia I, (Rand), housework
     Ella R., housework
     Edith V., housework
     Clifford M., pupil
     Evelyn B., pupil
Ford, Elmer E., R.F.D. 1, Standish, millman
     Mary E. (Harmon), housework
     Frank M., pupil
Foss, Jas., R.F.D. 1, box maker
Fletcher, Walter, millman
Foss, R. M., East Limington, farmer
     Addie A. (Sherburn), housework
     Leslie, farmer
     Chas. W., farmer
     John F., farmer
     Elsie E., pupil
     Ethel M., pupil
     E. Gertrude, pupil
     Elwyn M., pupil
Foss, Geo., farmer
Foster, W. R., Steep Falls, undertaker
     Lizzie E. (Deshon), housework
     Arthur E., pupil
     H. W., pupil
Fowler, A. A., Sebago Lake, engineer & mch.
     Minnie L. (McIntire) housework
     Harlon A., pupil
Freeman, A., Steep Falls, millman
     Fannie E. (Hill)
     Christie A., pupil
     Hazel M., pupil
     Roy B., pupil
     Edward L.
Fuller, A. E., farmer
     Sarah E. (Spear), housework
    *Chas. W., Shelton, Conn., receiving clerk, Whitlock Co. 
     Willard A., engineer
    *Jennie E. (m. Blaispell), East Rochester, N.H.
    *Edwinna B., East Rochester, N.H., milliner
Furlong, G. W., nighwatchman
     Anna L. (Earle), housework
Furlong, W. W., Sebago Lake, millman
     Margie M. (Haskell), housework

Goodwin, E. P., teacher, school superintendant
     Frances E. (Hodgson), housework
     Bernice H., pupil
     Kenneth M., pupil
     Barbara E.
Gould, Fred P.
     Mabel (Dresser)
Gould, Chas. R.F.D. 1, Standish, marker
Graffam, Mrs. Hiram E., Steep Falls
    *Blanche (m. White), Boston
Graffam, H. W. fireman, R.F.D. 2
     Louise H., housework
Gray, R. E., cloth manufacturer
     Ida F. (Flood)
     Alice C., pupil
     Audrey M., pupil
     Blanche A., pupil
Gray, Mrs. Emma F., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Roland L., pupil
     Marion E., pupil
Gray, Hiram, R.F.D. 2, farmer
Greenlief, James F., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Olive C. (Rand), housework
    *Elton B., Old Orchard, con elevated road
     Frank O., section man
     Sarah M., pupil
     Irvin W., pupil
Guilford, J. L., Sebago Lake, railroad service
     Esther E. (Tate), housework
     Edna E.
     Caroline A., pupil
Gustin, A. L., South Standish, farmer
     Flora E. (Thorne), housework
     Vera E., pupil
Gustin, Alphonso, blacksmith
     Annie L. (Butler), music teacher
     Geo. B, pupil
     Chas. W., pupil
     Helen F., pupil
     Josephine A.
Gwilliam, Thomas J., Bristol, Conn., jeweller
     Emma A. (Moore), housework
    *Stanley S., Plainville, Conn.
    *H. Dennett, Bristol, Conn.
    *Harold E., New Brittain, Conn.
     Bessie, student, Kents Hill

Haley, J. G., Bonney Eagle, farmer
     Abbie I. (Gowen), housework
     Grace E., music teacher
     John C., teamster
     Stephen W., farmer
Hamlin, C. R., R.F.D. 1, Standish, carpenter
     Mary A. (Rich)
    *Helen (m. Higgins), Portland
     Henry C., carpenter & boat builder
     Hattie R. (m. Wescott)
Hamlin, Mrs. Abbie, R.F.D. 1, Standish
     Lucy, teacher
    *Simon M., South Portland, teacher
    *Lucius, Bartlett, N.H., U.S. mail clerk
     Abbie F. (m. Rich)
     Lydia O. (m. Spear)
Hamlin, H. C., R.F.D. 1, Standish, carpenter & boat builder
     Mildred (Wentworth), housework
Hanscom, R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, millman.
     Florence E. (m. Waterman), housework
     Clarence L., pupil
     Ralph H., pupil
     Harry L.
Hanscom J., R.F.D. 1, Standish, millman
     Ellen W. (Ward), housework
     Sherburne L., mill
Hanscom, Herbert F., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
Hansom, Chas., R.F.D. 1, mill
Hanson, Joseph S., farmer
     Apphia B. (Young), housework
     Chas. W., farmer
Harriman, H. N., R.F.D. 2, electrician
     Hattie M. (Hasty), housework
     Vesta B., pupil
     Percy G., pupil
Harmon, C. W., Sebago Lake, mason
     Ella M. (Bradish)
     Evelyn J. (m. Tripp), housework
     Eletha M.
     Clarence W.
Harmon, L. C., West Buxton, farmer
     Mary A. (Leavitt)
    *Jennie (m. Gould), Lynn, Mass.
     Albert I., farmer
Harmon, A. J., West Buxton, farmer
     Lizzie M. (Barker), housework
     Hazel M., pupil
     Chas. J., pupil
     Mildred E.
Harmon, Harrison B.
     Lizzie (Harmon)
     Etta (m. Pendexter)
     Suppy, pupil
     Ellen, pupil
     Eddie, pupil
Harmon, Chas., laborer
     Hattie (Decker)
     Minnie, pupil
     Ada, pupil
     Roy, pupil
     Mertle, pupil
Harmon, Eben
     Susan (Wiggin)
    *Lucy (m. Graffam), Balwdin
     Gertie (m. Seaton)
     Edith (m. Young)
Harmon, Horace, R.F.D. 1, farmer
     Lizzie (Wiggin)
Harmon, Mrs. Ada A., R.F.D. 2, Standish
     Mary E. (m. Libby)
     Orville S., farmer
Harmon, Mulbury, R.F.D. 1
     Flora B. (Evans), housework
     Lizzie A., pupil
     Carrol C., pupil
     Anson B., pupil
     Nellie M., pupil
     Jesse J.
     Raymond A.
Harmon, J. L., Sebago Lake, railroad section
     Josie L. (Hersom), housework
     Minnie E., pupil
     Verna F., pupil
     Clifton J., pupil
Harmon, Chas. L., R.F.D. 2, farmer
     Flora M. (Parker)
    *Myrtle (m. Bragdon), Scarboro
     Arthur, pupil
Harmon, C. W., Sebago Lake, carpenter
     Ella (Center)
     Evelyn (m. Tripp)
     Elather M.
     Clarence W.
Harmon, Frank L., laborer
     Florence L. (Shaw), housework
     Eleanor G., pupil
Harmon, Mrs. L. J., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake
     A. S., poultryman
Harmon, Chas., engineer, R.F.D. 2, Standish
Harmon, H. S., R.F.D. 1, Standish, mill
     Carrie A. (Welch)
Harmon, Mulbury, R.F.D. 1, mill
     Anna R. (Welch)
     Emma J. (m. Evans)
     Herbert S., laborer
     Chas., millman
     Mary E. (m. Ford)
     Violet H., pupil
Harmon, Jas. E., R.F.D. 1, farmer
     Martha A. (White), housework
     Geo. H., pupil
     Cora E.
Harmon, Reuben, R.F.D. 1, farmer
     Mary (Cushing), housework
Harmon, Phineas, R.F.D. 1, farmer
     Eliza (Cole)
     A. J., farmer
     Lewis, painter
     Evans, farmer
     Chandler, painter
     John, railroad section
     Lottie (m. Meserve)
Harmon, J. E., R.F.D. 1, carpenter
     Martha A. (Hanscom), housework
     Geo. H., pupil
     Cora E.
Hartford, Harry B., printer
     Mona (Phinney), assistant teacher High school
Higgins, Abbie S.
Hartford, H. B., merchant and postmaster
     Adelaide (Moulton)
     Harry B., printer
     Edith A. (m. Verher)
     Addie (m. Morrison)
Haskell, C. L., East Limington, teamster
     Minnie O. (Jackson)
     Clinton L., Jr., teamster
     Effie A.,  housework
     Daniel J., pupil
     Morris W., pupil
Haskell, Mrs. M. Y.
Haskell, Harry L., farmer
     Lizzie M., housework
Hasty, Wm. A., farmer
     A. Lovina (Thompson), housework
     Gertrude M.
Hasty, Chas., farmer
     William A., farmer
    *James H., Boston, Mass., nurse
     Annie A., housework
    *Frank L., Worcester, Mass., mch.
Hawkes, Ansel, R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Nora A. (Jordan), housework
     Delmont, student
Higgins, Harry O., Sebago Lake, express
     Hattie (Nixon), housework
Higgins, Leland W., West Buxton, farmer
     Mabel (Boulter)
     Roy C., pupil
     Hattie F. (m. Davis), housework
     Allen E.
Higgins, Chas. E., stage driver
     Maria F. (Rand), housework
     Harland V., hotel worker
     Elmer R., hotel worker
Higgins, R., East Limington, mason
     Leonora A. (Paine), housework
Higgins, Mrs. Abigail, East Limintgon
    *Mary R. (m. Davis), Buxton
     Chas. E., stage driver
    *Eveline (m. Whitney), Portland
    *Frank J., Springfield, Mass., carpenter
     Leland W., farmer
     Harry D., expressman
     Ralph, mason
Higgins, Forest L., Sebago Lake, farmer
Higgins, Wm. S., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Adeline S. (Diffin), housework
     Dana D.
Higgins, M. R., R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
     N. Jennie (m. McLucas), housework.
Higgins, Alice A., R.F.D. 2, housework
     Bessie M., teacher
     Ruby F., pupil
     Georgie E., pupil
Higgins, Mrs. Frances, R.F.D. 2
     John M.
     Mary E.
Higgins, Mrs. Ardelle, housework
     Mary C., housework
     Luetta H. (m. Hamlin), teacher
Hamlin, Mrs. Luetta, R.F.D. 2, Standish, teacher
     Katherine, pupil
     Zelma, pupil
Hill, Mrs. Abbie, Sebago Lake
    *Cyrus H., Worcester, Mass., metal worker
     Eugene L., tin & hard.
     Sam'l. L., tin & hard.
Hinckley, Jos. R., R.F.D. 2, farmer
     Ellen M., (Goss), housework
    *Edgar R., Cumberland Mills, paper maker
     Littie G. (m. Littlefield) housework
Hobson, Mrs. Sarah, Steep Falls
Hodgdon, Orin, Steep Falls, laborer
     Lydia Z., (Smith), housework
     Herbert W., millman
    *Nettie (m. Knights), Cornish
     Willard J., river driver
     Ernest, millman
Hodgdon, Willard J., Steep Falls, laborer
     Annie A. (Burgess), housework
Holmes, J., Steep Falls, laborer
     Cynthia (Holmes)
    *Geo., East Machias, millman
     Nancy E. (m. Holmes), housework
     Annie A. (m. Hodgdon)
     Gertrude B. (m. Mayo)
Hooper, F. P., R.F.D. 2, Standish, millman
     Ida L. (Libby)
     Arthur L., millman
     Nora E., waitress
     Nathan H., millman
     Willie H., pupil
Hooper, Mrs. Emily D., Sebago Lake
Hooper, J. N., Sebago Lake, retired
     Ida B. (Morton)
     Blanche C. (m. Morse), housework
Hopkinson, L. H., Sebago Lake, proprietor Victoria Cottage
     Marjorie G. (Glidden)
Howard, Mrs. Julia, R.F.D. 2, West Buxton
    *Chas., Boston Mass.
    *John, Gorham
    *Lillian (m. Harndon), Brownfield
    *Fred, Porter

Ingalls, Mrs. Rosa B., Sebago Lake
     Christopher J.
     Grace L., pupil
     Ralph L., pupil
     Urban L.
Irish, C. M., R.F.D. 1, gang saw
     Ida (Noble)
    *Blanche, West Baldwin
     Lizzie C., (Douglass), housework
Irish, J. M., West Buxton, farmer
     Mabel (Newcomb), housework
     Mary E., pupil
     Ralph H., pupil
     Ernest A., pupil
     Ella E.

Jackson, D. B., marble worker
     Rebecca (Adams), housework
     James S., marble worker
Johnson, R. A., South Standish, farmer
     Mary A. (Edgecomb)
     Isaac R., cook
     Everett A., farmer
     Celia E., housework
     Merton W., pupil
Johnson, H. W., South Standish, farmer
     Mary E. (Loomes)
    *Elizabeth E. (m. Spears), Portland
     Lunda (m. Pennell), housework
Jones, Mrs. Carrie E., Steep Falls
    *Howard C., Rumford Falls, fore yard International Paper Co.
     Florence D.
Jordan, Hattie M. (     ), South Standish
     Georgie R.

Kenney, Bartlett, Sebago Lake, laborer
     Etta (Crandell)
    *Nelia (m. Roy), Boston, Mass.
     Thomas B., laborer
     Lewie, pupil
Knapp, Chas. F., Steep Falls, railroad fireman
     Harriet N. (Cousins)
     Joseph C., trackman

Lamb, Mrs. M. E., R.F.D. 2, Standish, housework
     Alice J., pupil
Lane, Saml. W., Bonney Eagle, farmer
     Caroline M. (Gerry), housework
     Percy E., R.F.D. carrier
    *Alice Grace, Portland, stitcher
Larrabee, Miss Clara, Steep Falls
Larrabee, Mrs. Mary O., Steep Falls
     Anna L. (m. Mayo)
Leavitt, Leon, R.F.D. 1, Standish, mch.
Leavitt, Mrs. Jane, R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake
     Phebe B. (m. Dolloff)
Leighton, Helen S., Sebago Lake, hotel proprietor
     Granville W., pupil
     Helen E., pupil
     Marion W., pupil
LePage, Peter, R.F.D. 1, Standish
Libby, Chas. M., R.F.D. 1, engineer
     Carrie E. (Shaw), housework
Libby, Wm. M., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Mattie J. (Wilson), housework
    *Wilbert A., Rutland, VT
     Katie M., teacher
Libby, Chas. S., R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
     Grace (Manchester), housework
     Geneva M., pupil
     George E., pupil
     Fred H., pupil
     Mildred L., pupil
Libby, Ervin, Sebago Lake, farmer & teamster
     D    , (Martin), housework
Libby, Mrs. Harrison
Libby, Mrs. T. D. (Martin), R.F.D. 3, Standish, housework
     Ida L. (m. Hooper)
Libby, Daniel T., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Priscilla A. (Hill)
     Delbert A., farmer
Libby, M. R., South Standish, lineman
     Lucy N. (Child), housework
Libby, L. W., South Standish, farmer
     Lucy F. (York), housework
     Altern M.
    *Ada E., Kennebunk, manager steam laundry
     Wesley W., river driver
     Grover C., farmer
Libby, Wesley W., river driver
     Georgie M. (Palmer), housework
     Edith A.
Libby, Levi, South Standish, merchant & post master
Libby, Mrs. Augusta M., West Buxton
    *Kate (m. Libby), Littleton Cor, Mass.
    *Susie F. (m. Cram), Charlottesville, Va.
Libby, L. B., South Standish, carriage maker and painter
     Frances I. (Brown), housework
    *Nellie M. (m. Sawyer), Lynn, Mass.
     Eva M. (m. Sawyer)
    *Fannie B. (m. Usher), Hollis, Me.
Libby, C. S., West Buxton, farmer
     Alena (Hamblen)
     Daniel C., pupil
Libby, Wm. D., South Standish, farmer
     Lucretia (Johnson), dressmaker
Libby, W. P., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, mail carrier
     Eliza J. (Logan), housework
     Prentiss T., pupil
     Georgie M.
Libby, Mrs. Mary E., R.F.D. 2, Standish, housework
     Perley M., pupil
     Gertie M., pupil
     Greenlief F., pupil
     Loren N., pupil
     Grace E., pupil
     Lillian M., pupil
     Frank V., pupil
     Isabelle D.
Littlefield, Jos. H., R.F.D. 1, farmer
     Lolly B. (Wadleigh), housework
     M. Belle (m. Lombard)
     Elisha W., R.F.D. 1, farmer
Littlefield, N. S., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     A. G., farmer
Littlefield, Chas., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, mill
Lombard, Edgar J., Sebago Lake, millman
     Ida M. (Boyd), housework
     Winnie M., pupil
     Harry J., pupil
Lombard, Miss Emily J., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, housework
Lombard, Everett N., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Mary B., (Littlefield), housework
     Mildred E., pupil
Lombard, C. B., farmer
     Clara E. (Dingley), housework
    *Emmons D., Windsor, Vt., superintendent corn shop
     Fred A., iceman
Lombard, Fred A.
     Maude A. (Dickey), housework
     Nellie M., pupil
     Guy E., pupil
Longfellow, M. F.
    *H. E., Rumford Falls, stenographer & typewriter
     Eda E. (m. Decormics)
    *Amelia (m. Tuttle), Portland
Lougee, Mrs. D. Cornelia, Sebago Lake
Lewis, Chris, saw
Lowell, Dana E., R.F.D. 3, Standish, farmer
     Miss C. M.
     Hannah E.
Lowell, Lendal B.
     Abbie W. (Hunt), housework
     Louisa A., stenographer & type writ

Maddox, Rev. D. A., R.F.D. 1, West Buxton
     Emily J. (Gowen)
     Eva L. (m. Bowdoin)
Mains, Chas. G., R.F.D. 1, Standish, mill
     Hattie J. (Smith)
     Shirley M., laborer
     Emma L. (m. Thombs)
     Eva V. (m. Merrill)
     Harry E., box maker
     Frank G.
     Annie M., pupil
     Ralph G., pupil
     Mildred L., pupil
Mains, W. S., R.F.D. 1, Standish, Shook maker
     Lizzie E. (Hooper)
     Alice M.
Maines, Mrs. Uriah, R.F.D. 1, Standish
     Ann S. (m. Welch)
     Abbie L (m. Thompson)
     Walter S., shook maker
     Chas. G., mill
Maloof, Edna, R.F.D. 2
Manchester, Wm., Steep Falls, farmer
     Sarah (Thompson), housework
    *Grace (m. Robinson), Gorham
     John E., farmer
     Percy, farmer
     Philip, farmer
Manchester, Percy, Sebago Lake, laborer
     Lulu (Blake), housework
Marean, A. O., Sebago Lake, butcher
     Julia A. (Paine)
     Almon P.
     Maude G.
Marean, A. H., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, cooper and farmer
     Geneva (Dolloff)
     Fred, proprietor Marean House
     Albert O., butcher & farmer
     Theodore B., farmer
     Walter E., farmer
     Robie C., farmer
Marean, A. L., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Marybelle (Shaw), housework
     Ralph L., pupil
     E. A., pupil
     Harold C.
     Herbert C.
Marean, Fred, Steep Falls, hotel proprietor
     Annie B. (Johnson), housework
Marean, Wm., farmer
     Elizabeth (Thorn), housework
    *Mary E. (m. Murch), West Baldwin
     Lizzie A., seamstress
     Nettie O. (m. Cressey)
Marean, Albert, farmer
Marean, Daniel E., farmer
     Annie M. (Ewell)
     Beatrice E., housework
     Cora L. (m. Hanson), housework
     Lucinda E., pupil
     Gladys E., pupil
     Leona F., pupil
     Velma P.
Marean, Robie C., R.F.D. 1, Standish, butcher
Marean, Mrs. Fannie F., Sebago Lake
    *Winnie F. (m. Cates), Portland
     Bertha M., housework
     Blanche E., housework
Marrett, Mrs. Helen M., South Standish, farmer
     Caroline L., teacher
Martin, Wm. M., carpenter
     Gertrude B. (Mains), housework
     Carlton E., pupil
Maxfield, S. C., R.F.D. 1, Standish, retired
     Mary E. (York)
    *Sadie L. (m. Robbinson), Conway, N.H.
    *John, Naples, rural mail carrier
    *A. W., Azores, Africa, whaleman
Maxfield, S. C., R.F.D. 1, Standish
     Carrie A. (Bowen)
     Julia L. (m. Littlefield)
     Gracie M., pupil
McBride, T. C., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, carpenter
McDonald, Mrs. Julia A., R.F.D. 1, Standish
     Walter E., farmer
     Lilla R., housework
McDonald, Ernest A., Steep Falls, millman
     Anna E. (Harding), housework
     Edwin A., pupil
     Chester E., pupil
     George E., pupil
     Ruthie A., pupil
     Ada F., pupil
McDonald, Geo., R.F.D. 1, Standish, teamster
*McLucas, Preston, Cumberland Mills, mill operator
McWhorters, Rev. A. T.
     Minnie E. (Harnden)
Mayo, Leonidas, R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, farmer
Mayo, Anna F. (Larrabee), Steep Falls
     Harry L.
    *Morris F., Portland, collector
Mayo, C. A., Steep Falls, fireman
     Gertrude B. (Posa), housework
     Chester H.
Merrill, James F., laborer
     Sarah (Abbott), housework
     Winnie B., pupil
Merrill, Mrs. S., Steep Falls
    *Joseph, Boston, Mass.
Meserve, J. W., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Charlie H., farmer
Meserve, Willard L., R.F.D. 1, carpenter
     Lottie (Harmon), housework
     Clifton, pupil
Meserve, John A., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, farmer
Meserve, Wm. A., East Limington, farmer
     Ellen J. (Baker)
Meserve, J. K., R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
     Florence M. (Parker)
     Earle F.
Meserve, Mrs. Eliza A., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake
     Ella H., housework
     Eva M., teacher
     James K., farmer
Mewer, J. R., foreman, box shop
     Eleanor R. (Snow)
     Ina A., pupil
     Freeman W.
Milliken, Edward K., stenographer
     Nina M. (Mathews), housework
     Adlaide N., pupil
Miller, William H., stone mason
     Nellie B. (Yates), R.F.D. 2, Standish
     Miller, Susan J., Sebago Lake, housework
Moody, Robert J., farmer
     Ellen E. (Strout), housework
     Mabel F. (m. Wheeler)
    *Edward C., Everett, Mass., blacksmith
     Angie C. (m. Cousins)
    *Leon G., fireman, Bartlett, N.H.
     Ethna J.
     Myrtle A., pupil
     Ralph C., pupil
     Robt. R., pupil
Moody, Harland P., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, pupil
Moody, Miss Lovinea, R.F.D. 1, Standish
Moody, Amos, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Mary E. (Foss)
     Walter E., farmer
     Wm. P., public carriage driver
     Mary E. (m. Blake)
Moody, Mrs. Mary E., South Standish
     Walter E., farmer
    *Wm., Mass.
Moore, C. L., Steep Falls, mill
    *Percy D., Portland, brakeman
     Sallie F.
     Mabel A.
Moore, Jessie F., Steep Falls P.O.
Moore, John L., Steep Falls, millman
     Lizzie M. (Graffam), housework
     Louise E., pupil
Moore, James T. W. Buxton, farmer
     Frances E. (Boothby), teacher
     Edwin A., teacher, press bosser
Morse, D. P., Sebago Lake, mill
     Blanche C. (Hooper), housework
     Lawrence B.
Morse, Geo. S., blacksmith, R.F.D. 1, Standish
     Martha A. (Rogers), housework
     Cora E. (m. Wiggin)
    *G. Ivory, North Gorham, electrician
     Dwight P., carriage maker
Morton, Mrs. Betsey, R.F.D. 2, Standish
Moses, Alonzo, South Standish, farmer
     Hannah E. (Burnham), housework
     Anna (m. Boulter)
     Ida E. (m. Burnham)
Moulton, Leander H., farmer
     Florence A. (Dole), housework
Moulton, G. E., R.F.D., carpenter
     Bertha E. (Schillinger)
     Lewis John, pupil
     Setha A., pupil
     Addie L, pupil
     Edie A., pupil
Moulton, Mrs. Sarah G.
      Gilbert E., Sebago Lake
Moulton, L. W., Sebago Lake, deputy sherriff
     Georgie A. (Boothby), housework
     Simon W., pupil
Moulton, Mrs. Mary A., housework
Murch, J. L., Sebago Lake, lumber agent
     Abbie J. (Hooper), housework
     Harry H., boat builder
     Eva F. stenographer & typewriter

Nason, N. C., East Limington, farmer
     Cynthia E. (Burnham), housework
Nason, Nelson E., Limington, farmer
     Nelson C., farmer
     Leroy, farmer
    *Angelia V. (m. Inman), Providence, R.I.
Noble, Frank, R.F.D. 1, Standish, millman
Norton, Frank J., South Standish, farmer
     Ella I. (Parker)
     James B., pupil
Norton, E. S., South Standish, commercial traveler
     Elizabeth C. (Drury)
     Ollave E., pupil
     Walter E., pupil
Norton, Edwin H., farmer
     Mariette H. (Norton)
    *Jennie A. (m. Dodge), Bridgton
     Alvin S., farmer
     Emily F. (m. Chick)
     Lottie M., housework
Norton, Jesse W., R.F.D. 1, fitter
     Lillian M. (White) housework

Paine, Mrs. E. H., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton
     Florence, tailoress
Paine, D. V., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Albronie F. (Berry)
    *Lillian E. (m. Witham), Westbrook
     Leon G., student
     Annie E. (m. Masine [Marine])
Paine, P. F., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Mattie M. (Day)
     Alice M., housework
     Marshall D., farmer
Paine, Lucy
Paine, Fred'k, O., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Martha E. (Rand), housework
     Harriett M., housework
     Lenora A. (m. Higgins)
     Everett C., laborer
     Harry L., millman
     Vera A., pupil
     Wilford A., pupil
     Ina M., pupil
     Frederick A., pupil
Paine, Chas. F., farmer
     Emily W. Robbins, housework
     Mabel F., teacher
Paine, Mrs. Annie
     Grace (m. Potts)
Palmer, Mark L., Sebago Lake, stone cutter
Parker, H. F., R.F.D. 2, carpenter & farmer
     Sarah J. (Robinson), housework
     Florence (m. Meserve)
     Grace L., pupil
Parker, J. W. R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Martha, J (Bennett), housework
     Wm. A., farmer
     Wallace A.
     Herbert F., carpenter & farmer
     Flora M. (m. Harmon), housework
Parker, Addie F. (Shaw), Sebago Lake
     Delmar A., pupil
Parker, William A., R.F.D. 2, Sebago Lake, farmer
Perry, Wm. H., farmer
     Hannah (Stone)
     Lizzie (m. Libby)
    *(     ) (m. Tarbot), Saco
     Hattie M. (m. Cram)
    *Chas. S., Central Village, Conn.
Pendexter, Alfred L., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
Pendexter, Cyrus F., R.F.D. 1, Standish, cooper & farmer
     Annie L. (Rackliff), housework
     Alfred L., farmer
     Lizzie A., pupil
     Eddie E., pupil
     Ruth, pupil
Penerly, Mrs. H. B., R.F.D. 1, Steep Falls
Perkins, Philip S., R.F.D. 2, laborer
     Estella L., housework
Phinney, C.S.
     Inez S. (Chase), housework
     Myrtle I.
     Erma H., pupil
Phinney, Orin K., retired
     Lydia S. (Harding)
Pike, Mrs. Laura, Steep Falls
Pike, Mrs. Laura (Richardson) Steep Falls
     Alonzo, farmer
Plummer, Dan'l L., R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
     Lydia J. (Plummer)
    *Etta M., Raymond
    *Vernie L., Raymond
    *Dora A., Raymond
Poindexter, Gilman B., farmer
     Henrietta L. (Paine), housework
Porter, Dan'l. N., Steep Falls, carpenter
     Viola (Libby)
     Rose A. (m. Nason), merchant
    *Eva E. (m. Coolbroth), Limington
     Howard P., excel [axle?] maker
Pora, Lewis, Steep Falls
     Gertrude B. (Holmer)
     Winnifred D., pupil
Poor, Mrs. Lucy A., Sebago Lake
     Willard, invalid
     Abbie E., housework
     Mary F., housework
Pray, Bion W., Steep Falls, farmer
     Maud E. (Burnell), housework

Rackliff, Helen M. (Sanborn), R.F.D. 1, Standish, housework
    *Ellen M. (m. Graves), Gorham, housework
     Annie L. (m. Pendexter)
    *Albie E. (m. Cash), South Windham
     Geo. E., farmer
Rand, Sam'l, R.F.D. 1, farmer
     Laura E. (Smith), housework
     Clyde F., millman
     Roy E., box maker
Rand, Clyde, R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Mabel F. (Rand), housework
     Hazel C.
Rand, C. E., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Hattie E. (White), housework
    *William S., Portland, bookkeeper
Florence A. (m. Moore), Portland
     Eleanor A., pupil
Rand, S. S., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Abbie P. (Thompson), housework
     Chas. E., farmer
     Jennie E. (m. Fogg)
     Cora B., coat maker
Rand, C. P., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Eunice S. (Edgecomb), housework
     Gertrude J., teacher
Rand, A., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Lottie C. (Smith), coatmaker
Rand, F. J., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Lettie A. (Williams), housework
     Lorenzo A., pupil
     Vesta H., pupil
     Gladys D., pupil
     Myrtle G., pupil
     Daisy M., pupil
     Harriett L.
Rand, M. W., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Addie E. (Whitney) housework
Rand, W. F., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Mary C. (Cressey)
    *Maud C. (m. Knight), Gorham
     Harold W., pupil
Rand, J. E., Sebago Lake, Cooper
     Mattie J. (m. Paine)
     Mary E. (m. Stone)
     Abbie S. (Thing)
     Mary J. (m. Thompson)
     John M., farmer
     Junia E. (m. Rich)
Rand, Almon, R.F.D. 1, farmer
     Mary L. (Smith), housework
     Bessie M., teacher
Rand, Mrs. Nelson, farmer
     Frank H., farmer
Rand, Frank H., farmer
     Delora H. (Frink), housework
Rand, Augustus B., farmer
Ranloff, Geo. F., R.F.D. 1, Standish, engineer
     Lizzie M. (Foster)
     Elsie M., pupil
     Jessie J., pupil
     Elizabeth L., pupil
     Ruby E.
Ranloff, Theodore, farmer
Ranloff, Mrs. Lizzie
Ranloff, M. H., Sebago Lake, blacksmith
     Abbie E. (Brackett), housework
     Lucinda A., pupil
     Minnie E., pupil
     Nettie N., pupil
     Hazel B., pupil
     Roy H., pupil
Reed, Aaron B., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Anna E. (Shackford), housework
     Blanche E., pupil
     Clifford B., pupil
Rich, C. H., R.F.D. 1, Standish, millman
     Alice O. (Webber)
    *Jessie M. (m. Clark), Hopedale, Mass.
    *Alice L. (m. Haynes), Waltham, Mass.
     Isabelle (m. McCarthy)
Rich, Sylvia M., R.F.D. 1, Standish, housework
     Lyman H., farmer
Rich, Marietta S. (Sawyer), R.F.D. 1, Standish
    *Ellery C., Auto factory, Waltham, Mass.
Rich, A. M., No. 1, farmer
     Harriett E. (m. Merrill)
     James H.
Rich, Lyman H., farmer
     Alice M. (Prescott), housework
     Philip L.
Rich, Herbert L., R.F.D. 1, Standish, mill
     Nellie A. (Shaw)
     Harold W.
     Ralph M.
Rich, Emery, No. 1, mill
     Clara A. (Hawkes)
     Emma R.
Rich, Lemuel, Sebago Lake, merchant
     Junia E. (Rand), housework
     Eva M., pupil
Richards, John G., R.F.D. 1, carpenter
     Ella (McCaro), housework
Richards, Mary E., South Standish
Ridlon, Harry D., Steep Falls, barber
     Carrie M. (White), housework
     Elwood W., pupil
Ridlon, Theon R., Steep Falls
Ridlon, Mrs. Sarah A., housework
    *Frank B., Stoneham, Mass., shoe worker
    *Wm. M., Manchester, N.H., shoe worker
     Harry D., barber
    *Adelaide S. (m. Emery), Bartlett, N.H.
     Robt R., mill
    *Nellie M. (m. Dunn), Portland
     Jennie P. (m. Martin), East Sebago
     Seth D., mill
Ridlon, Guy L., Steep Falls, mill
     Mabel F. (Burnham), housework
Ridlon, R. R., Steep Falls, mill
     Sarah J. (Robbins), housework
Ridlon, Clarence E., East Limington, butcher
     Georgia A. (Meserve), housework
     Maude E. (m. Brown)
     James W., farmer & butcher
Ridlon, Robt., box maker
Ridlon, Isaac, Steep Falls, farmer
     Clarence E., butcher & farmer
     Minnie H., dress maker
     Mary, milliner
     Mellie E. (m. Sanborn)
Riley, Alfred W., Steep Falls, clerk
     Luprailear L. (Bowis), housework
     Alta S., pupil
     Earle W., pupil
Robbins, H. N., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, laborer
     Dora (York)
     Jennie L.
Rosenberg, Isaac, Sebago Lake, merchant
     Mary (Pilot), housework
     Isabelle, pupil
     Ida A.
Rounds, Mrs. Ella, Steep Falls, housework
Rounds, Jos. S., Steep Falls, teamster
Rumery, Mrs. Lydia, Bonney Eagle, cloth maker
    *Marcia A. (m. Davis), Buxton
     Marion M. (m. Sweet), Worcester, Mass.
     Nancy F. (m. Libby), Woodfords
    *Joseph A., New Rochelle, N.Y.
Rumery, C. G., Bonney Eagle, farmer
     Nellie (m. Thayer)
     C. Edwin, hotel clerk
     Harriet G., laundry worker

Sanborn, M. G., Steep Falls, station engineer
     Nellie E. (Ridlon), housework
Sanborn, S. B., Sebago Lake, station engineer
     Lucy (Shaw)
     Ernest W., mill
     Minnie M., pupil
     Rosie E., pupil
     Abbie (m. Ely)
     Laura A. (m. McDonald)
     Marguerita A.
Sanborn, Mrs. Amanda J.
     Fred B., farmer
Sanborn, Edna, Sebago Lake, hosework
Sanborn, F. B., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Mary L. (Owen), housework
     Martha A., pupil
     Leon M.
Sanborn, F. B., West Buxton, farmer
Sanborn, Edw G., West Buxton, farmer
Sanborn, Orville S., South Standish, farmer
Sawyer, E. F., Steep Falls, station agent
     Addie L. (Mayo) housework
     Mabel G., teacher
Sawyer, Mrs. Emeline, Steep Falls, dress maker
Sawyer, C. F., Steep Falls, laborer
     Nellie B. (m. Shaw)
    *John E., Sanford
    *Fred W., Baldwin
Sawyer, Stephen E., stone cutter
     Delia (McKearn), housework
     Mary R., pupil
     James S., pupil
     Cynthia A., pupil
Sawyer, N. E., Sebago Lake, coat manufacturer
     Alma J. (Sawyer), milliner
Sawyer, Wm. P., Bonney Eagle, farmer
     Elizabeth S. (Dole), s s shop
    *Lewis A., Haverhill, Mass.
     Thomas E., blacksmith
     Esther E. (m. Southwick)
     Millard P., lumberman
     Bob't R., mill
     Frank E., pupil
Sawyer, Thomas E., South Standish, blacksmith
     Eva M. (Libby), housework
Seaton, Geo., laborer
     Gertie (Harmon), housework
Serger, Jno. O., R.F.D. 1, Standish, millman
     Emma W. (Brainard)
    *Amande E., Norway Lake
    *John J., Norway Lake
    *Guy L., Naples
    *Erlie W., Casco
     Alton J, pupil
Shaw, G. C., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Annie (Strout), housework
     Roy C.
     Grace E.
Shaw, Mrs. Sarah J., Sebago Lake
     Ralph W. E.
     Lizzie M. (m. Fifield)
Shaw, W. M., R.F.D. 2, farmer
     Ann E. (Hodsdon), housework
     Clara W., Worcester, Mass., tailoress
     Nellie B. (m. Yates, m. Miller)
Shaw, A. C., R.F.D. 2, Standish, tea, coffe, spices
     Rozilla (Plummer), housework
    *Geo. P. Oxford, engineer
     Leander S., Portland, metal worker
     Gertrude, housework
     Myrtle, governess
     Alice, pupil
Shaw, Mrs. Betsy, R.F.D. 2, Standish
     Chas. H., farmer
    *Susan (m. Knight), Gray, housework
     Albert S., farmer
    *Dora A. (m. Huston), Gray
Shaw, M. H., R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
     Sarah C. (Kibee), housework
Shaw, F. A., R.F.D. 2, farmer
     Myra A. (Rand), housework
     Everett S.
Shaw, Sumner B., R.F.D. 2, Standish, farmer
     Elizabeth A. (Fickett)
     Louise H. (m. Graffam), housework
     Delmar D., store clerk
     Reginald J., pupil
     Marguerita C., pupil
Shaw, C. L., Sebago Lake, carpenter
     Hattie B. (Lombard), housework
     Florence L. (m. Harmon)
     Eileen, pupil
Shaw, R. J., Sebago Lake, carpenter
     Clara J. (Bird), housework
     Cecil R., pupil
     Clinton, R., pupil
Shaw, Mrs. Priscilla P., Sebago Lake
    *Emma E. (m. Whitney), Portland
     Chester B., engineer
    *Lucille W. (m. Burnham), Portland
     Rudolph J., carpenter
     Leland C., carpenter
Shaw, F. E., Sebago Lake, barber
     Nellie (Cobb)
     Daisy M., pupil
Shaw, S. S., Steep Falls, carpenter
     Nellie V. (Sawyer), housework
     Chesley E., pupil
     Florence E., pupil
     Georgie E., pupil
     Bernice E., pupil
     Bertram E.
     Wilson E.
Shaw, J. C. R.F.D. 1, Standish, harnessmaker & rep.
     Maria L. (Bradeen), housework
     Mabel (m. Marean)
Shaw, Thos. C., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
Shaw, Ralph W. E., Sebago Lake, mill & farmer
Shaw, Mrs. Salome E., housework
     Geo. C., farmer
Shaw, C. G., R.F.D. 2, Standish, piano tuner
     Leona S. (Proctor), housework
     Milton E., pupil
     Fred W.
     Edna M.
Shaw, Perley, Sebago Lake, merchant
     Emma J. (Graffam), housework
     Ina L., pupil
     Lloyd C., pupil
Shaw, C. B., Sebago Lake, pump station
     Lena S. (Sumner), housework
Smith, S. A., Bonney Eagle, farmer
Smith, Edgar W., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Sarah (McDonald)
Smith, W. H., R.F.D. 2, farmer
     Nellie W. (Shurtleff), housework
     Leander H., pupil
     Walter W., pupil
     Mary E.
Smith, Ferdinand, R.F.D. 1, Standish, mill
Smith, N. A., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Ella M. (Boulter), housework
Smith, Asa, R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, farmer
     Harriett P (McKenney)
     Norman A., farmer
     Sidney E., farmer
Smith, Harry W., R.F.D. 2, Standish
     Agnes H. (Boyd), housework
     Harry C., pupil
     Robert A.
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, South Standish
    *Henry W., Limington, farmer
     John G., farmer
    *Albra, Cornish, coat maker
     Andrew J., South Standish, farmer
Smith, Andrew J., South Standish, farmer
     Fannie B. (Elwell), housework
     Guy M.
     Georgia W.
Smith, Elmer E., R.F.D. 1, Sebago Lake, overseer box co.
     Ida M. (Duran), housework
    *Annie M., Cape Elizabeth, chambermaid Cliff house
     Carrie L., Cliff house
     Frank D., fitter box shop
     Fred H., pupil
     Florence A., pupil
Smith, Mrs. Margaret, R.F.D. 1, Standish, boarding house
    *Marshall W., South Portland
     Nellie E. (m. Dinsmore), Cumberland Mills
Smith, Mrs. Albert A., Sebago Lake
     Mary O. (Townsend), housework
Smith, Geo., millman
Stanley, Fred, mch.
Southwick, O. B., Bonney Eagle, mill
     Esther E. (Sawyer), housework
     Thomas E., pupil
     Kathleen G., pupil
     Wm. R., pupil
Spear, M. S., undertaker & ho fur
     Lydia O. (Hamlen), housework
    *Arthur G., Boston, druggist
     Walter M.
Stanley, D. W., Sebago Lake, game warden
     Lydia F. (Wentworth), housework
Stevens, L. L., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Lucy C. (Blanchard), housework
     Leander E., superintendent town farm
Stevens, L. E., South Standish, superintendent town farm
     Lizzie M. (Nason)
       Skillins, Caleb C.
       Davis, Henry 
       Norton, Jane
       Hall, Mary
       Davis, Lucinda
       Moses, Josiah
Stone, Chas., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Julia R. (Whitney), housework
Stone, Miss Eliza J.
Strout, F. L., Steep Falls, clerk
     Stella M. (Lombard), dress maker
     Roy M., pupil
     Iza B., pupil
     Mary P., pupil
Strout, Mrs. Sally, Steep Falls
     Manson, farmer
Sturgis, Jas. W., Bonney Eagle, farmer
     Georgie A. (Smith), housework
     Frank O., pupil
     Ralph L., pupil
     Perley Roy, pupil
     Edith L.
Sturgis, Mrs. Martha A., Bonney Eagle
    *H. Herbert, manufacturer
     James W., farmer
     Lizzie E., pupil
*Sturgis, H. Herbert, 130 Overlin St., Boston, Mass.,
     Anna R. (Norton)
Swasey, C. F., retired lawyer
     Mary F. (Bradbury), housework
     Joseph F.
     H. Marion, pupil
Swift, Geo. H., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Ellen F. (Pendexter), housework
     Grace G., pupil
     Gertrude E., pupil

Tarbox, Mrs. Melissa H.
Taylor, Mrs. Hannah E., R.F.D. 2, Standish
Thayer, S. E., Bonney Eagle, grocer
     Nellie (Rumery), housework
     Paul E., pupil
Thompson, W. S., physician & surgeon
     Seward R., pupil
     Mary J. (Rand)
Thompson, Mrs. Hannah G., housework
     Theresa C., housework
     Mary C., teacher
    *Chas E., retired, Malden, Mass.
    *Mary E. (m. Whitcomb), Malden, Mass.
    *Olive E., Dover, N.H.
    *John E., Westbrook
    *Willard E., Portland
Thompson, F. D., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Maud L. (Strout)
     Thomas L.
Thompson, Granville, farmer
     Louise (Perry)
     Cora M. (m. Haskell)
     Bertha L.
     Geo. W., pupil
Thompson, W. H., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Abbie L. (Maines), housework
     Herbert E., teacher
Thomas, O. J., West Buxton, farmer
Thorne, Frank A., Sebago Lake, farmer
     Etta (McGunnell), housework
     Doris M.
Thorne, W. S., farmer
     Mary (McGonergal), housework
     Willie M., pupil
     Lenora, pupil
     Sadie A., pupil
Trickey, Geo., R.F.D. 1, Standish, marker
Tibbetts, Benj., R.F.D. 1, Standish, mill
Tripp, D. D., Sebago Lake, agent Portland match Company
     Hattie (Davis), housework
    *Fannie E. (m. Towle), Buxton
    *May (m. Truscott), Gray Street, Saco
    *Lena M., Portland, stenographer & bookkeeper
Tucker, Wm. N., Steep Falls, lumberman
     Berth L. (Lothrop)
     Ruth L., pupil
     Martha, pupil
Tucker, G. M., Steep Falls, lumber
     Ethelinda (Hobson), housework
     Wm. M., lumber
     Martha H.
    *Fred J., Chicago, salesman
    *John L., Washington, D.C., ads department Washington Star
    *Annie E., (m. Smith), Portland

Usher, H. S., Bonney Eagle, veterinary surgeon
     Margaret W. (Lane), housework
     Margaret M., pupil
     Carroll G., pupil
Usher, Frank B., teacher
     Edith A. (Hartford), elocutionist
     Florence V.
     Vyra B.

Varney, F. E., R.F.D. 1, Standish, electrician
     Annie B. (Wentworth), housework
     Gladys, pupil

Wadleigh, J. W., R.F.D. 1, Standish, engineer & farmer
     Annie (Ridlon)
     Evelyn A.
Wadleigh, Lula E., R.F.D. 1, Standish
*Wallace, W. A. O., Buxton, fish dealer
     Ella (Manchester)
    *Clifford, Buxton, machinist
    *Maud E. (m. Pease), Buxton
    *Wm. M., Buxton, mill
     Harry E., mill
Wallace, W. W., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Sarah H. (Berry), housework
     Homer E., pupil
     Stanley A., pupil
     Frances E., pupil
     Vilma L.
Ward, Daniel D., R.F.D. 2, farmer
Ward, Walter W., Steep Falls, farmer
Ward, L. B., Steep Falls, railroad service
     Ella F. (Blake), housework
     Wilbur W., pupil
     Susie A.
Ward, Miss Nellie M., R.F.D. 1, Standish, housework
Ward, Wm. H., Sebago Lake, millwright
Warren, Jno. P., Bonney Eagle, farmer
     Susan M. (Smith), housework
Warren, Jos. F., Bonney Eagle, farmer
     Margaret R. (Cane)
    *John B., Buxton
     Anna S. (m. Martin) housework
Warren, Henry H., R.F.D. 1, Standish, mill
Warren, Jas. H., Steep Falls, farmer
     Lenora B. (Archibald), housework
     Arthur J., pupil
     Emma L., pupil
     Neal, pupil
Warren, Geo. W., Steep Falls, carpenter
     Olive F. (Boothby), housework
     Clara A. (m. Gilman), Westbrook
    *Alice L. (m. Howe), Johnsonburg, Pa.
Warren, Mrs. Mary S., Sebago Lake
    *Harry S., Augusta, stenographer
     Grace E., teacher
Waterman, W. H., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, farmer
     Emily F. (Moore), housework
     Ida E. (m. Dresser)
     Wm. H., Jr.
Waterman, W. H., R.F.D. 2, West Buxton, carpenter
     Ada F. (Pinkham), housework
     Byron C., pupil
     Beulah E.
Watson, C. A., Sebago Lake, laborer
     Annie L. (Parker), housework
     Arvilla, W. W.
Webster, Jos. S., Sebago Lake, merchant
Weeman, Winfield, East Limington, farmer
     Lavinia I. (Baker), housework
     Edgar F., farmer
    *Elsie E. (m. Decker), Alfred
     Earle, pupil
     Minnie W., pupil
     Jessie M., pupil
     Ellis F.
Welch, Thomas, R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Albert L., farmer
     Henry C., farmer
     Charlie W., registered guide, farmer
Welch, Albert L. R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Laura E. (McDonald)
     Hattie A., pupil
Welch, Leland, R. F. D. 1, Standish
    *Ralph, Conn.
Wentworth, J. A., R.F.D. 1, Standish, farmer
     Flora E. (Rich)
     Annie B. (m. Varney)
     Mildred (m. Hamlin)
     Carrie R.
     Bertha N.
Westcott, Mary L. (Dole), Sebago Lake
     Edward D., pupil
     Guy S., pupil
     Robert, pupil
Wescott, Wm. Jr.
     Caroline (Bolton)
     Abbie A. (m. Baker), housework

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