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As of July 1, 1998, Frye's Island split from Standish and became a town
on its own. Click here to check their website.

Town of Standish website

Standish Resources

Census Records -- Federal Private Census Records.

  1. Please note missing families in printed 1790 Census
  2. 1790 Census of Standish
  3. Private 1905 Census
  4. Census Population Statistics

Deeds & Probate Records

  1. 1750 Survey of Standish
  2. 5-Acre Land Grants
  3. Plan of 5-Acre Lots Paul S. Edgecomb and Dana E. Edgecomb
  4. Standish Cape Grantees
  5. Plan of Standish Cape
  6. 30-Acre Lot Grantees and Successors
  7. Lots Annexed from Buxton
  8. Grantees of the Three Divisions
  9. Grantees of the Common Land
  10. Standish Corner Map 1857

Town Records -- Records of our Standish Ancestors.

  1. Standish First Church Baptisms
  2. Standish First Church Marriages
  3. Births from Annual Town Reports (123kb) Courtesy of Dana E. Edgecomb

War Veterans

  1. Moses Pearson's Company
  2. Revolutionary War Soldiers
  3. Revolutionary War Estates (Pensions)
  4. War of 1812
  5. Civil War
  6. Spanish-American War
  7. WWI
  8. WWII
  9. Korean War
  10. Vietnam War

Early History -- Narrative on the lives of our Standish Ancestors.

  1. Moses Pearson's Petition -- for a new township.
  2. Moses Pearson's Genealogy -- from father Jeremiah.
  3. Heroes of Old -- the siege of Louisburg.
  4. Militia Exercises -- War of 1812.
  5. Standish -- from the History of Cumberland County. Courtesy of Marilyn Leeland.

Early Families -- Ancestors living in Standish before 1900 -- Individual Narratives.

  1. The Death of Mr. and Mrs. Tarbox
  2. Archibald Smith and Family
  3. Genealogies -- with a Standish connection.
  4. Pearsontown Proprietors -- and their families.
  5. Standish Families and Biographies, 1750-1800
  6. Standish Families and Biographies, 1800-1900

Standish, ME Genealogical Databases

  1. Display Cumberland County Queries
  2. Enter a Query for Cumberland County


  1. Map
  2. Roll Call -- List of descendants researching their Standish Ancestors.
  3. Links - Other resources and miscellanous links.
  4. Newspapers - Maine Newspapers Published in 1860-61. Contributed by Bob Jackson.
  5. Newspapers - Maine Newspapers and Magazines Published in 1886.
  6. Newspapers - Maine Newspapers Published in 1901.
  7. Newspapers - Maine Newspapers Published in 1926.
  8. Newspapers - Maine Newspapers at the Fogler Library.
  9. Photos
  10. Cemetery Locations
  11. Cemetery Inscriptions
  12. Standish Research Facilities - Where to do research.
  13. Migration from Maine
  14. Migration to Ohio
  15. Maine Genealogical Researchers for Hire - (Commercial Site).
  16. Government of Maine
  17. U.S. Surname Distribution
  18. Miscellaneous Vital Records

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