Meserve Family Genealogy - Descendants of Gregoire

Descendants of Gregoire Messervey

By Dana E. Edgecomb

1. Gregoire Messervy b. __ ___ 1490, St. Martin, Isle of
   Jersey, England, m. Jeanette (Messervy), d. __ ___
   1556.  Gregoire died __ ___ 1536/7.
        He was born in Anneville, St. Martin. They had five
   children. Betty Meserve Dodge had his birth year as 1495. The
   Channel Islands are located in St. Michel's Bay. They are 12
   miles from France and 105 miles from England. The Isle of
   Jersey is 8 miles by 5 miles.
        The surname is pronounced Mes-ER'-vee.
        John Messervy held lands in St. Martin's Parish in
   Jersey in 1331. He was at that time Seigneur of the fief of
   Porteraux in that of Grouville. By the marriage of Richard
   Messervy with Mabel, eldest daughter of Clement Dumaresq, the
   fief of Bagot came to be possessed by this family (Saco
   Valley Settlements).
     2.  i   Richard Messervy b. ABT __ ___ 1511.
         ii  John Messervy b. __ ___ 1537, Rozel, St.
             Martin, Isle of Jersey, Eng., m. Marie Machon,
             (daughter of Jean Machon).
         iii Catherine Messervy b. __ ___ 1539, m.
             Richard Asplet, d. __ ___ 1539.
         iv  Jeanne Messervy m. Fran�ois Besnard.
             Jeanne died __ ___ 1584.  Fran�ois: Fran�ois was
             of Grouville. They died without issue.
         v   Laurense Messervy m. Thomas Le Sebiiel,
             b. __ ___ 1540.  Betty Meserve Dodge lists Thomas
             as a ? husband.

Second Generation

     2. Richard Messervy (1.Gregoire1 ) b. ABT __ ___ 1511, St.
   Martin, Isle of Jersey, England, m. __ ___ 1527, Marie de
   Gruchy, b. __ ___ 1515, de La Tinit�, (daughter of
   Robin de Gruchy) d. __ ___ 1556.  Richard died __ ___
   1554.  Richard was born in Anneville, St. Martin. John
   Willis Meserve states (p. 1) that Richard was born in 1524.
     3.  i   Thomas Messervy b. ABT __ ___ 1530.
         ii  John Messervy b. St. Martin, Isle of Jersey,
             England, m. ABT __ ___ 1552, Peronelle Bertram,
             (daughter of John Bertram). John died
             __ ___ 1562.  John was born in Anneville, St.
             Martin. Peronelle: Perronelle was the second
             daughter of John Bertram.
         iii Marie Messervy m. __ ___ 1564, Regnauld
             Guille.  Marie died __ ___ 1621.
         iv  Guillemette Messervy. Guillemette was living
             in 1564. Probably ob. innupt.
         v   Guille Messervy. Guille was living in 1562.
             Ob. innupt.
         vi  Catherine Messervy m. George Dutot.
             Catherine died __ ___ 1591.

Third Generation

     3. Thomas Messervy (2.Richard2 , 1.Gregoire1 ) b. ABT __ ___
   1530, Gorey, Grouville, Isle of Jersey, Engl., m. (1)
   Elizabeth Falle, (daughter of Jean Falle) d. __
   ___ 1570, m. (2) (Unknown) Le Bastard, (daughter of
   Henri le Bastard) d. __ ___ 1577/8.  Thomas died ABT
   __ ___ 1580.  They had four children.
             Children by Elizabeth Falle:
     4.  i   Thomas Messervy b. __ ___ 1559.
         ii  Rachel Messervy m. Cl�ment le Guevain,
             d. __ ___ 1614.  Rachel died __ ___ 1645. 
             Cl�ment: Cl�ment was of Grouville.
         iii Sara Messervy m. __ ___ 1616/7, Pierre le
             Sueur, d. __ ___ 1624.  Sara died __ ___
             1628.  Pierre: Pierre was of St. Helier.
                  Children by (Unknown) Le Bastard:
         iv  Jean Messervy b. __ ___ 1574, d. __ Jan
             1638/9.  Jean lived in St. Laurens and Grouville.

Fourth Generation

     4. Thomas Messervy (3.Thomas3 , 2.Richard2 , 1.Gregoire1 )
   b. __ ___ 1559, Grouville, Isle of Jersey, England, m. __
   ___ 1584, Elizabeth Payn, (daughter of John Payn)
   bur: __ ___ 1615.  Thomas died __ Nov 1623.  Thomas
   and Elizabeth had nine children.
         i   Thomas Messervy b. 25 Jun 1589, Gorey,
             Grouville, Isle of Jersey, Engl., m. Perronelle
             de le Rougetelle.  Thomas died __ ___ 1621.
         ii  Elizabeth Messervy b. __ ___ 1591, m. __
             ___ 1615, Jean Payn, (son of Julien Payn).
             Elizabeth died __ ___ 1637.  Jean: Jean
             was of Marais.
         iii Aaron Messervy b. 20 Aug 1594, m. __ ___
             1622, Maguerite Baudains, (daughter of
             Fran�ois Baudains and Marguerite Nicolle).
             Aaron died __ ___ 1633.
     5.  iv  Clement Messervy b. __ ___ 1595.
         v   Marie Messervy b. __ ___ 1596, m. __ ___
             1629, Servais Roissier.
         vi  Marie Messervy. ob. juv. Married 1585?
         vii Rachel Messervy b. __ ___ 1597, m. __ ___
             1618, Jean Nicolle.  Rachel died __ ___
             1623.  Jean: Of la Qu�ru�e of St. Martin, Isle of
         viii Charles Messervy b. __ ___ 1599, Le Buttes,
             St. Martin, Isle of Jersey, m. __ ___ 1629,
             Cl�mence le Maistre, (daughter of Phillippe
             le Maistre). Charles died __ ___ 1633.
         ix  Jean Messervy b. __ ___ 1601, d. __ ___

Fifth Generation

     5. Clement Messervy (4.Thomas4 , 3.Thomas3 , 2.Richard2 ,
   1.Gregoire1 ) b. __ ___ 1595, Grouville, Isle of Jersey,
   England, m. __ ___ 1614, Susanne Perchard, (daughter
   of Jean Perchard and Marguerite Renault) d. __
   ___ 1659.  Clement died __ ___ 1631.  Clement and Susanne
   had three children.
     6.  i   Jean Messervy b. 21 Jun 1615.
         ii  Thomas Messervy b. 16 Feb 1619, Gorey,
             Grouville, Isle of Jersey, Engl., m. (1) Sara
             Mollet, d. __ ___ 1682-3, m. (2) Jeanne
             (Messervy), d. __ ___ 1710.  Thomas died __
             ___ 1685.  Sara: Sarah died without issue.
         iii Cl�ment Messervy b. 04 Jun 1623, d. __ Jun

Sixth Generation

     6. Jean Messervy (5.Clement5 , 4.Thomas4 , 3.Thomas3 ,
   2.Richard2 , 1.Gregoire1 ) b. 21 Jun 1615, Grouville, Isle of
   Jersey, England, m. __ ___ 1653, Marie Machon,
   (daughter of Clement Machon and Sara Maistre) d.
   __ ___ 1674.  Jean died __ ___ 1664/5.  Jean is the French
   spelling of John. Marie: Machon may also be spelled Mechon.
   Marie was the second daughter of Clement and Sara (Maistre)
     7.  i   Clement Messervy b. 13 May 1655.
         ii  Jean Messervy b. 07 Aug 1658, d. __ ___
             1782.  ob innupt.

Seventh Generation

     7. Clement Messervy (6.Jean6 , 5.Clement5 , 4.Thomas4 ,
   3.Thomas3 , 2.Richard2 , 1.Gregoire1 ) b. 13 May 1655, Gorey,
   Grouville, Isle of Jersey, Engl., occ: Herdsman, m. (1) __
   ___ 1675, in Scarborough,,Cumberland,ME, Elizabeth (Meserve),
   d. BEF __ ___ 1721, Newington, Rockingham, NH, m. (2)
   __ ___ 1674, Jeanne (Messervy).  Clement died BEF __
   ___ 1721, Newington, Rockingham, NH.         The "Armorial de
   Jersey" gives the origin of the surname. It is the participle
   of the old French verb "Messervyr", meaning ill-treated. This
   epithet was given to an ancestor at the time of the cession
   of Normandy to France in 1207. The family supplied many civil
   officials to Jersey, many of whom held offices in the law
   courts. The arms of the family, registered in 1665 are:
   "Messervy: Or, three cherries gules, stalked, vert. Crest: A
   Cherry tree proper. Motto: Au valeureux coeur rien
   impossible" - to the valiant heart nothing is impossible.
   Most of the members of the family were engaged in agriculture
   and mechanic arts, though it had its share of professionals,
   lawyers, clergymen and doctors, while the name figures
   slightly in court records either as defendants or criminals,
   showing honesty, integrity and uprightness in the race.
   Clement was a taxpayer in Portsmouth in 1673(Genealogy of
   Maine, George Thomas Little, p. 1236). In 1693, he had a seat
   in the meetinghouse. On August 6, 1710, he conveyed the
   homestead in Newington to his son Clement. Clement mentioned
   his sons Clement (2) and John(2) in deeds in 1705 and 1710 as
   well as other sons and daughters, not mentioned by name.
   There were three branches of the family, one each in Maine,
   New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The following were probably
   all his children: Aaron, Clement, Daniel, John, Elizabeth,
   Mary and Jamison.  The Isle of Jersey is part of the
   Channel Islands, off the coast of Normandy. Clement
   immigrated to Strawbery Banke (the Portsmouth/Dover, New
   Hampshire area about 1670 (Turk, 1983). The place where he
   lived became known as Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He took the
   Oath of Allegiance in 1685. The family later moved to
   Newington, New Hampshire. All their children except Aaron
   changed the spelling from Messervy to Meserve. They moved to
   Scarborough, Maine, soon after the second settlement.      
   Clement was a farmer and raised cattle with his father. He
   arrived in Strawberry Banke (now Portsmouth, New Hampshire)
   in 1670 and worked as a herdsman for Richard Cutts. He took
   the oath of allegiance in 1685.
        Clement owned land at Bloody Point in 1714. This is now
   at the end of Pease Air Force Base. He left the land to his
   son Daniel who sold it to a Moody. Clement's wife Elizabeth
   died about a year before he did.
        He conveyed his homelands, house, orchard, etc., to his
   son Clement in exchange for his son providing for him and his
   wife in 1710. Newington was then called Welch Cove (Colonial
   Era History of Dover, NH, p. 418).
        Clement was an immigrant ancestor. Elizabeth: Elizabeth
   was from Welch Cove, Kittery, Maine, at the time of their
             Children by Elizabeth (Meserve):
         i   Aaron Meserve  b. __ ___ 1676, Portsmouth,
             Rockingham, NH, m. 20 Nov 1695, Susanna Sawyer.
             Aaron died __ Jan 1705.  Aaron and
             Susanna lived in Salem, Mass. Susanna: Widow
             Susanna (Sawyer) Meserve maried John Batten.
         ii  John Meserve.
         iii Elizabeth Messerve b. ABT __ ___ 1678, m.
             06 Jan 1694, Michael Whidden.
     8.  iv  Clement Meserve b. __ ___ 1678.
         v   Tamsen Meserve b. ABT __ ___ 1678, m. __ Aug
             1704, Joseph Ham.
         vi  Daniel Meserve b. ABT __ ___ 1679, d. __ Jun
             1758.  He married Deborah Otis in Oyster River,
             New Hampshire. Daniel devised 30 acres on the south
             side of Oyster River to his son John (p. 419,
             Colonial Era History of Dover, NH).
         vii Mary Messervy b. ABT __ ___ 1680.
         viii Edward Messervy b. ABT __ ___ 1681.

Eighth Generation

     8. Clement Meserve (7.Clement7 , 6.Jean6 , 5.Clement5 ,
   4.Thomas4 , 3.Thomas3 , 2.Richard2 , 1.Gregoire1 ) b. __ ___
   1678, Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH, occ: Carpenter, m. (1) 24
   Sep 1702, in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH, Elizabeth Jones, b.
   ABT __ ___ 1676, (daughter of Jenkin Jones and Abigail Heard)
   d. 24 Jun 1730, Scarborough,,Cumberland,ME, m. (2) 14 Aug 1738,
   in Scarborough,,Cumberland,ME, Sarah Stone.  Clement died
   __ ___ 1745, Scarborough,,Cumberland,ME.
        He was in William Redford's Company of Militia in 1696.
        Clement and Elizabeth Jones were married by Rev. John
   Pike. They both owned the covenant. He and Elizabeth Jones
   (his first wife) had nine children. All his children were
   probably born in Portsmouth or Newington, New Hampshire.
        He came to Scarborough in 1725 (History of Cumberland
   County, p. 366). He had one hundred acres of land at Black
   Point, Scarborough, Maine, and in 1729 they bought one
   hundred fifty acres more adjoining. His "creaturs mark" was a
   crop of the right ear and two slits in the end of the same.
   This was recorded in Vol. 1 of the Scarborough Town Records
   on July 27, 1727.
        Clement Meserve joined the First Congregational Church
   of Scarborough on August 11, 1728 (The Maine Historical and
   Genealogical Recorder, Vols. 1-3, Genealogical Publishing
   Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1973, p. 53).
        His will, dated February 18, 1740, describes him as
   "Joyner, aged of body." His will was proved on November 5,
   1756 (Meserve Genealogy, p. 8). The inventory returned by
   Elliot Vaughan, Daniel Fogg and Samuel Sewall, appraisers,
   amounted to �896 15s. 7d. His will appears on p. 5 and 6 of
   John Willis Meserve by Laughlin. It is also in Maine Wills,
   p. 529-532, probate office 7, 18. Saco Valley Settlements,
   Ridlon (p. 948) says he died in 1745. Elizabeth: On December
   1, 1793, Anna, Elizabeth, Harriett, Jonathan Philbrick, Mary
   and Sarah Jones, children of Ephraim and Judith Jones, were
   baptized in the First Church of Christ, Pearsontown. Thus,
   Ephraim and Judith Jones may have been the parents of the
   Elizabeth Jones who married Clement Meserve. Sarah and
   Clement were married at the North Church by Rev. John Pike
   (NH Gen. Record, 3:12). Verify her parents line (DEBUG)
   Sarah: There was a Sarah Stone, wife of Benjamin Libby. She
   had 4 children by him. The date of death is not known.
             Children by Elizabeth Jones:
         i   Clement Meserve b. ABT __ ___ 1703,
             Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH, m. (1) 12 Oct 1726, in
             Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH, Sarah Decker,
             m. (2) Sarah (Stone).  Clement Meserve lived
             in Newington, N.H., Scarboro, Gorham, Standish and
             Bristol, Maine. He was a stalwart man, active and
             fearless. Clement was a Selectman, Commissioner of
             Safety, Delegate to Conventions, Representative to
             the General Court (legislature) and Ruling Elder of
             the Congregrational Church. His will is on p. vii
             and viii of the Meserve Genealogy. Meserve
             Genealogy, p. 8, says Clement and Sarah were
             married October 13, 1726.
         ii  Nathaniel Meserve b. ABT __ ___ 1705, m.
             (1) __ ___ 1725, Jane Libby, b. ABT __ ___
             1699, d. 18 Jun 1749, bur: Portsmouth,
             Rockingham, NH, m. Mary Riorne Jackson, b.
             ABT __ ___ 1712, d. 08 Aug 1759.  Nathaniel died
             __ ___ 1758, Louisburg, Cape Breton, N.S.,
                       His son George Meserve married Miss Newmarch.
             Colonel Nathaniel Meserve died at Louisburg on Cape
             Breton Island, Nova Scotia in 1745, of smallpox.
                       Nathaniel Meserve of Portsmouth willed
             property to his wife Mary. She was to bring up the
             children under age. It is said that his last words
             to his wife on leaving were - "Don't break my
             will." She did break it, however, and the story is
             that his apparition harshly upbraided her in the
             entry of her place of residence (the Boyd house by
             the mill). It appears that she died the next year
             (Rambles About Portsmouth, Second Series, p. 72).
             Jane: She lived 50 years. Jane Meserve, wife of
             Col. Nathaniel Meserve, is buried in The Point of
             Graves Cemetery in Portsmouth. (ME Hist Gen
             Recorder, Vol. 3, p. 46). Mary: She was the
             daughter of Judge Jotham Odiorne. Mary lived 47
         iii Elizabeth Meserve b. ABT __ ___ 1707, m. 23
             Dec 1725, in Newington, Rockingham, NH, James
             Libby, b. 23 Nov 1700, Portsmouth, Rockingham,
             NH, (son of James Libby and Mary Hanson)
             d. __ ___ 1770, Scarborough,,Cumberland,ME. 
             Elizabeth died ABT __ ___ 1790.  Sister of John
             Meserve. James: James lived in Scarborough,
             ME. He was a post rider between Portsmouth, N.H.
             and Portland, ME, for 6 years. He was married in
             the Newington Church.
         iv  John Meserve b. 21 Mar 1708, Newington,
             Rockingham, NH, bp: 13 Oct 1728, Newington,
             Rockingham, NH, AFN: AFN K6LW-1Q, occ:
             Carpenter, m. 27 Dec 1732, in Salisbury, Essex,
             MA, Mar Int.: 02 Sep 1732, Jemina Hubbard, b.
             03 Mar 1711/12, Salisbury, Essex, MA, (daughter
             of John Hubbard and Jane Follansby) AFN:
             AFN K6LW-2W, d. 08 Dec 1768.  John died 09 Mar
             1762.  John was the brother of Elizabeth Meserve.
             Lived in Scarborough. John and Jemima
             Meserve joined the First Congregrational Church of
             Scarborough on January 3, 1742. The Meserve
             Genealogy (p. 8) says he was born in 1715. The IGI
             says John and Jemima were married in Kingston, NH
             (Rockingham County). Jemina: Jemima Meserve and her
             husband, John Meserve, joined the First
             Congregational Church of Scarborough on January 3,
             1742. The Quiet Adventurers, Marion Turk, p. 461,
             says Jemima was born in 1712.
         v   Abigail Meserve b. ABT __ ___ 1710, m.
             Samuel Libby, b. 06 Jul 1689, (son of Henry
             Libby and Honor Hinkson) d. 01 Jan
             1770.  Abigail died 10 Nov 1734.  Samuel: He
             was taken to Lynn, Mass., when his family fled
             Scarborough in 1690 due to the Indian attacks. Lt.
             Samuel must have received his education there,
             which was much superior to that of most of the
             second settlers of Scarborough. He was present at
             the first town meeting, and was chosen clerk.
             Samuel was a skilled land surveyor. He laid out the
             lots for the Proprietors of Scarborough. His
             descendancy number in the Libby Family in America
             is 5-2.
         vi  George Meserve m. 17 Feb 1737, Elizabeth
             Ham.  Elizabeth: Mrs. Meserve, wife of George
             died October 10, 1788, p. 87, Second Cong. Church
             in Scarb. was probably this Mrs. Meserve.
         vii Peter Meserve m. __ ___ 1737, Sarah Loud,
             bp: 19 Apr 1719, Portsmouth, Rockingham,
             NH.  Sarah: IGI gives her surname as Loud. Sarah
             Loud daughter of William and Abigail Loud, baptized
             April 19, 1719 at South Church, Portsmouth, NH
             (NEHGR Vol. 81, Oct 1927 p. 430).
         viii Joseph Meserve. Joseph was living in Standish
             in 1740.
         ix  Daniel Meserve b. __ ___ 1715, m. 24 Jan
             1737/8, in Scarborough,,Cumberland,ME, Mehitable
             Bragdon.  Daniel died 13 May 1803,
             Scarborough,,Cumberland,ME.  He was a deacon.
             Daniel lived 88 years.
                  Children by Sarah Stone:
         x   Joseph Meserve b. 03 Dec 1738.

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