Edgecomb/Harnden Tablecloth

Edgecomb/Harnden Tablecloth

        [Lorelei has a tablecloth with many family signatures. She wants 
fo find out how the Harndens are related to the others. If you can help, 
please email  Lorelei Gustafson.]

        The tablecloth is probably dated 1900-1902 (based on my grandfather's 
childish cursive handwriting).  The names are all of Bath [Maine] residents.
The names are embroidered signatures.

The Edgecombe and Harnden names on the tablecloth are:

1. Elizabeth J. Harnden
2. S.J. Edgecomb
3. Margaret E. (Edgecombe) Carter
4. Sarah A. Edgecombe
5. Edna F. Edgecomb
6. Lydia A. Edgecombe,
7. Robert D. Harnden
8. S.T. Edgecombe
9. F. M. Harnden
10. Florence A. Harnden

Now, I can identify these: 3, 4, 6, and 8. Plus there are Carter signatures who are 
the husband and children of Margaret E. Carter (dtr. of Samuel T. Edgecombe #8,
my g.g.g.grandfather).  But, not the others.  Most of the other "unnamed here"
signatures I also can place.

I figure that those with the Edgecomb spelling are descendants of Pendleton's brother,
John.  But, those Harndens. . .

Yours, Lorelei

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