The City of Lurton, Lots and Blocks


1929 Lot and Block Survey for City of Lurton

from Harry Sutton: " dad had filled in most of the property owner's names and the particular lots and blocks they owned at the time, which must have been in the early '30s. That old plot is too fragile to make copies of, so I have taken on the task to identify them by Name, Lots, and Blocks as indicated on the plot, also have attempted to add the ones that I remember that weren't written on the plot."


Lots....1, 2, 3........T. G. Jacklin
Lots....4, 5, 6, 7, 8........Fred Rosamond Lots....9, 10, 11, W1/2 12.........A. T. Thompson (Walter Light)
Lots....E 1/2, 12, 13........Church Acreage 2.14 A, East of 12........Ed Garrison (M Smith)
Acreage 1.94 A, E. of Garrison, Lurton School


Lots....1, 2........W. B. (Toad) Hefley
Lots....3, 4........G. B. Daniel
Lot.....5........Cliff Tidwell
Lots....6 thru 13........No homes
note: Some lots sold later, but I don't have their names.


Lots....1, 2........Methodist Church (Tri County Telephone Co.)
Lots....3 thru 9........No homes
note: John Monroe Hallum had a house on lot 6 that burned.
Lots....10, 11, 12.......downtown W. A. Thompson (Dr. Fraighly, I. C. Sutton Jr., Lola Dollar and Nolan Castleberry)
Lot....l3........first house of John Monroe Hallum
note: Burned, I.C. Sutton bought back the lot
Lot....14........Rent house
note: Cap Haynes lived here while in Lurton. Also many other families, including Ray Millard before Irving and Ruby Sutton bought it...many families after that, also. It changed owners several times, now belongs to 'Pete' Bristow.


Lots..1 thru 9........Elmer Hamm
note: H. W. Sutton, Luther Merriman and now belongs to the State of Arkansas
Lots..10 thru 17 Business Block, no buildings
Lots..18 thru 23........General Store
note: (New) Lurton General Store, built and first operated by W. A. Thompson, then sold to Irving and Ruby Sutton. Ruby later became Postmistress and a portion of the store was used for the postoffice which was moved from it's original location in Old store building located North and adjacent to Lot 35 in Block 4. When the I. C. Sutton Handle Factory was moved to Harrison, Arkansas the store wa sold to Miss Lola Dollar and she became Postmistress then also.
Lots..24 thru 28........Lurton Hotel
note: Built in 1930 by Harry Tatro operated by the Tatro family until they moved to California in the early 1940's. It was then sold to Mitchel and Lucy Smith and now belongs to their heirs.
Lots..29, 30, 31........Elmer Jason Sutton, brother to I. C. Sutton built a garage and restaurant in 1925.
note: This was before the survey of the Lurton town plot was made in 1929. They turned out to be on lots 30 and 31 when the survey was completed and were both under one roof and was located just South of T. G. Jacklin's Land Office. T. G. was also a Notary for the local area. In 1928 E. J. Sutton sold his garage to Andrew Smith and the restaurant to Joe (Big Joe) and Lizzie Hefley. The next year Andrew Smith sold the garage to his brother Mitchel and Lucy Smith and soon after that Mitchel bought the restaurant from the Hefleys and made that their home until they moved to California in the late 40's or early 50's.
Lot..32 or 33........Was the location of the little Forest Office building and was owned by I. C. Sutton and was on the former location of T. G. Jacklin's Land Office.

This completed the commercial buildings in the Business Block, Block 4. However, just North f Lot 35 was located the Original Lurton General Store and Filling Station where practically all of the community activity was carried out prior the construction of the Garage and Restaurant. It also was the location of the first Post Office when Lurton became a town and got on the Map. It was not inside of the town plot, but joined it on the North.


Lot..1........A corner lot in the form of a triangle and never had any buildings on it.
Lot..2........Rent house belonging to I. C. Sutton and housed many of the early families of Lurton.
note: Some that come to mind are Doug Shaddox family, a Forest Service Supervisor, Walter Gilmore, one of the early teachers of the New Lurton School, Eva, Marie and McFayette Meadows. Eva was one of I. C.'s first bookkeepers. The Nolens, an early employee of the I. C. Sutton Handle Factory. Then, there was the Duel Freeman family and several after that.
Lot..3........The original L. G. Spencer Summer home.
note: He was a Phrenologist...feels the bumps on your head and tells you what you are good for...and was a cousin of my mother. After Yvonne and I got married my dad remodeled the house making it modern with full bath and electric cookstove and that was our hom euntil we moved to Harrison in 1951.
Lots..4, 5, 6........No homes
Lots..7 or 8........Rent house
note: One of the earliest renters was Henry Nichols and his family. The Nichols, Henry, Delbert, and Jim were very early employees of my father I. C., working for him making chairs prior to the days of the Handle Factory. Even their mother and their sister Rosetta Mans and her husband Curgus Mans worked in the chair factory. After Henry moved away the house was used to house the family of the night watchman for the factory.
Lots..9, 10........No homes


note: The first family I remember living there was that of Simon and Bonnie Ricketts. It was later purchased by Luney Gilmore and used for his first fishing tackle factory.
note: The first family I remember living there was Ace Gilmore, one of the teachers of the Lurton School. Luny Gilmore purchased this property when the Gilmores moved to California.
Lots..3 thru 7........
note: Also belonged to Luney Gilmore and I suppose to his heirs now.
Lot..8........Rollie Cathers
note: Kenneth Hefley and others, then bought back by I. C. Sutton.
Lots..9, 10........No homes
Lot..11........Tom Bauer
Lots..12, 13........No homes


Lot..1........Lurton Furniture Factory
note: Later called the I. C. Sutton Handle Factory. The factory was moved to Harrison, Akransas in 1952 and kept the same name until 1958 when it was Incorporated with the sons Irving and Harry and was renamed Sutton Products Inc. It still operates under the same name today with Bobby L. Sutton, Irvings's son and the owner and has beenmoved to Bergman, Arkansas. It no longer makes handles as the primary product, but has reverted back to mostly bar stools and chairs.
Lots..2 thru 10........No homes
Lots..11, 12, 13........Charles and Ora Sutton

Harry Sutton finishes up by saying: "That completes the list of people according to the information I have and can remember at this time. I'm sure there are probably others that lived there but at this writing that is all that I can think of."...(November 6, 1993)

Well Harry Sutton, I think you did a real good job of remembering...Thank You!

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