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Johann Matkovič was born 6 October 1871 at Tanča Gora 35, Slovenia (Tanča Gora was named Tannesberg while it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). His ancestors and extended family lived on small farms and vineyards clustered on the hillsides west of the city of Črnomelj, slightly north of the border with Croatia and about 60 miles southeast of the capitol, Ljubljana. The house name was “Lilkov” (later numbered 35) as it was originally built by the Lilkov family. Johann’s father and grandfather were 1/4 farmers who had lived on the same farm since before 1817. A "1/4 farmer” had just one quarter of the usual property for a farmer and was supposed to pay one quarter of the taxes. The small farm could not support all the children as adults, so in 1890, at age 18, he emigrated to the United States and was later joined in northern Minnesota by his sister and five brothers as they reached similar ages.
Johanna Lovsin was born 24 April 1877 at Ribnica 15, Slovenia (Ribnica was named Reifnitz while a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). The city is in a valley about 24 miles southeast of the capitol, Ljubljana. Her house name was Betank (later numbered 15). She left home at about age 14 after the death of her father, Anton, and went to Ljubljana to live with a relative who was employed by the government. She was treated like a member of the family, learned to cook and keep house, and was quite happy. This ended with the death of one of the guardians, or perhaps as a result of the tremendously destructive earthquake that struck Ljubjlana in 1895. A distant relative, John Gouze arranged for her to emigrate to Ely, Minnesota in 1898. She traveled alone. She met John Matkovich in Ely and married him on 18 June 1899.
John and Johanna's personal data will be found at Home Card (above).
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