Signature of Edward B. Walker Genealogy of Edward B. Walker
1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Conditions for Reuse of Information

Original information on this site is protected automatically under copyright laws. Obviously, I've put this information here to share as widely as possible with as many family members and researchers as possible. But especially because I and others are still engaged in heavy research, I want to avoid having the information copied in many places and not updated as research reveals more about this family.

Facts and Transcriptions

Despite claims on many Web sites, facts and transcriptions of other documents cannot be copyrighted. You obviously don't need my permission to use names, dates, and other factual information about people. Likewise, just because I transcribed a public record such as a pension or book, I did not create it and cannot claim copyright. In some cases, substantial portions of the books of others are reproduced here; in all cases, such books appear to be in the public domain and not under copyright unless explicitly stated.

Reprint Permission

If you are preparing a family history that includes some of the people here and want to use some of the original material (the material that I actually wrote instead of copied), I generally grant all such requests automatically, but contact me first so that I can make sure you get the right information and so that I know what's going on in Walker family research.

Reuse on the Web

Reproduction on the Web is a bigger concern to me. You can use short quotes, of course, but please link back to the page where you found the material so that your visitors can find changes and the latest version. I generally will not grant permission to reproduce whole pages or stories on the Web, however; please link to them instead.

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