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Lizzie (Walker) Click Reunion Photo

Lizzie Click Reunion Photo map
Photo courtesy Laura Robbie (Sneed) Stooksbury from a collection that belonged to Lizzie (Walker) Click.

On 3 July 1921, a reunion was held at the home of Lizzie (Walker) Clickoffsite link to WorldConnect in Andersonville, Tennessee where at least 55 members of the extended Walker family gathered. A number of people have been identified, but many still are not. The photo above has numbers, while the one below does not; click and photo to see a much larger version; all of the people named (except the very few who are living), can be found in my Family Fileoffsite link to WorldConnect. At the bottom of this page is a second photo which was taken the same day and appears to include all the same people. As with most photos on this site, I have even higher-resolution versions too large to post should you have a need.

Lizzie Click Reunion photo 1

Known people in the photograph; if you can name any of the others or confirm any of the already-identified faces, please contact me.

1. Possibly Robert Walker [LRS], perhaps the son of Sterling Green Walker, a son of Jacob Walker and Martha Davis; believed that 24 and 9 were related to him.

2. William Charles (Charlie) Yadon [LRS, WL]. Husband of 18.

3. James Parke Humphrey [LRS], son of 38 and Elmer Lee Humphrey.

4. Kendell Dossett (maybe) [EEE], son of 26 and 25. LRS thought he could be a Harris.

6. Elsie Alice Yadon, daughter of 2 and 11 [WL]; later married William Brian Longmire.

7. Ben H. Walker, son of 28 [EEE].

9. Mattie Annie Grace Gose Simmons, daughter of 11 and 21 [MAL].

11. Sarah Alice (Hodges) (Atkins) Gose [WL], wife of 21 and widow of Albert Sidney Atkins (son of Dr. Samuel Atkins and Malissa Walker)

12. Possibly Alice Atkins Bateman [WL], married to Charles H. Bateman and daughter of Malissa Walker and Dr. Samuel Atkins.

13. Laura Robbie Stooksbury [LRS].

15. Elizabeth (Walker) Click (Lizzie), [LRS, us], host and daughter of Jacob Walker and Martha Davis.

16. Helen Harris [LRS], otherwise unknown.

18. Della Margaret Melissa (Atkins) Yadon [LRS, WL], wife of 2 and daughter of 11.

19. Margaret Ann (Houston) Walker [LRS, WJM, us], wife of 20.

20. Rev. John Davis Walker [LRS, WJM, us], son of Jacob Walker and Martha Davis.

21. Thomas G. Gose [WL], second husband of 11.

25. Harrison Dossett, maybe [EEE], husband of 25. Maybe a Harris [LRS].

26. Maggie Walker Dossett [LRS, EEE], Margaret H. Walker, daughter of 28, husband of 25.

28. Dr. Silas Anderson Walker [LRS, us, EEE], son of Jacob Walker and Martha Davis.

29. Helen Jean Walker, daughter of 28, later married Hamlin and Skarbeck [EEE]. Probably Paul Morris Walker, son of 28 [TCW].

30. Silas Hale, husband of 43 and father of 44 [LRS].

34. May be Lucy Coker (Hill) Walker [MAL].

36. John Gilmore Walker [TCW, us].

37. Opal E. Walker [LRS].

38. Birdie Bibee (Walker) Humphrey [us], daughter of Andrew Calvin Walker and Catherine Corilda Owen, son of Jacob Walker and Martha Davis.

39. Virginia Ann (Saint John) Walker, second wife of 28 [EEE].

40. Sarah Lucille Walker, daughter of 28 and 39, later married Guy Easterly [EEE]

43. Lura (Click) Hale, daughter of 15 and Andrew J. Click [LRS, us]

44. Mercedes Hale, daughter of 43 and 30 [LRS].

48. Sonny Irvins, otherwise unknown [LRS].

49. Possible James Frank Atkins, son of 11 and Albert Sidney Atkins [MAL].

50. Elmer Lee Humphrey, husband of 38.

51. Laura Click, daughter of 15 and Andrew J. Click [LRS, us].

55. Joe Atkins or Joe Baker [LRS], otherwise unknown; 54 apparently is his wife.

LRS: Laura Robbie Stooksbury, about 1992. Owner of picture and depicted in it. Daughter of Flora Ella Click and Nicholas Nicholby Sneed, granddaughter of Andrew Click and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Walker and raised by Lizzie from a very young age. Lizzie was a daughter of Jacob Walker and Martha Davis; Jacob of Edward Walker, Jr., and Mahala Tussey; Edward of Edward B. Walker and Jane Horn.

TCW: Timothy Claude Walker, grandson of Ballard, great grandson of Dr. Andrew Calvin Walker and Corilda Catherine Owen.

us: Phillip and/or Roma Elizabeth (Allen) Walker, mostly from other known and better labeled pictures. None of these people personally known to us except LRS and J. P. Humphrey. Descendant of Dr. Andrew Calvin Walker and Corilda Catherine Owen as above.

WJM: William Joseph (Joe) Mode, a descendant of Rev. John Davis Walker, a son of Jacob Walker and Martha Davis Walker.

WL: William Longmire, a descendant of Malissa Walker and Samuel Atkins, Malissa being a daughter of Rev. Henry Walker and Lucinda Doherty; Henry of Edward Walker, Jr., and Mahala Tussey.

MAL: Mary Alice LaRue, a descendant of James D. Walker and Mary Ann Campbell through daughter Lucy Jane (married Loope), Mary Jane (married Davis), Iona Gertrude (married Gose).

EEE: Eleanor (Easterly) Edwards, granddaughter of Silas Anderson Walker.

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