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Corilda Catherine (Owen) Walker Diaries: 1922

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Miscellaneous entries
Ada M. granddaughter Ada Opal (Walker), daughter of Ballard, married to Andy J. Miller
Alex son-in-law, Charles Alex Ridenour, married to Ida Mae
Alex Stout unknown
Allie Sexton unknown
Andy Miller grandson-in-law, husband of Ada Opal (Walker), Ballard's daughter
Anna Acres unknown
Austin Austin Peay
B., B.I. her son Ballard
B.W.H. her daughter Birdee
Ballard her son, Ballard Ira Walker
Berry Duncan unknown
Big Linsey Newport unknown
Billie Washam unknown
Birdie her daughter, Birdie Bibee (Walker) Humphrey, married to Elmer Lee Humphrey
Birt nickname for her daughter Birdie
Chloe granddaughter Chloe Walker, daughter of Ballard
Coker unknown family
Columbus Grant son of James Hamilton Grant and Catherine Comers
Cooper unknown family
Cross unknown person or family
Dan Chambers unknown
Dana Bolinger unknown; may have been related to her son-in-law William Herman Bolinger
Deck her brother, Rev. Dexter Snow Owen
Della grandaughter Della Harriet Ridenour, daughter of Ida
Della Humphrey unknown; may have been related to her son-in-law Elmer Lee Humphrey
Dester S. Carlos Dester Sexton, widower of her late daughter Lula O.
Dewey grandson-in-law John Dewey Pebley, husband of Verlie Vivian Walker, Ballard's daughter
Dock, Dr. nickname for her husband, Dr. Andrew Calvin Walker
Dr. Goliher unknown
Dr. McGill unknown
Ebert grandson Harry Ebert Bolinger, son of Ina
Elmer her daughter Birdie's husband, Elmer Lee Humphrey
Elmer Brown unknown
Enoc Hamblin unknown
Esther Sexton unknown
Fran Butler unknown
Frank her son George Franklin Walker
Frank Kinney unknown
Freeman Sharp unknown
G.F.W. her son George Franklin Walker
Georgia Baker unknown
Grady unknown person or family
Hank unknown
Henry Coker unknown
Henry Cross unknown
Hiram Sharp unknown
Hugh Massie unknown
Hump C. unknown
Ida her daughter, Ida Mae (Walker) Ridenour, married to Alex and living nearby
Ida Loyd unknown
Ina her daughter, Ina Belle, married to William Herman Bolinger
Irene Simpson unknown
Isham Bolin unknown
Isham Chambers unknown
J.P. grandson James Parke Humphrey, son of Birdie
J.R. Hatfield unknown
Jackie Thompson unknown
Jake Butler unknown
Jennie Walker probably wife of Andrew's brother Silas Anderson Walker
Jessie unknown (Jessee Hicks?)
Jessee Hicks unknown
Jim unknown (perhaps Jim Eades)
Jim Carson unknown
Jim Eades unknown
Joe Hablen unknown
John B. unknown (perhaps John Newport or John Butler)
John Butler unknown
John Friar unknown
Julie unknown
Kezie Anderson unknown
Kirtie Pemberton unknown
Lamen Humphrey unknown
Laura C. Laura Click
Laura Click daughter of Andrew's sister Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Walker) Click
Lawrence Gaylor unknown
Lectie B. unknown
Leland Sexton unknown
Lester her grandson, Lester Roscoe Ridenour, son of Ida
Lillith Bebee married Corilda's son Ruby; actually "Lillith Beebe"
Lizzie Click Andrew's sister, Elizabeth (Walker) Click
Lmon (Lemon?) unknown
Loranga Robbins unknown
Lou York unknown
Louis Phillips unknown
Lu daughter-in-law Lu Vernia (Massingale) Walker, wife of Ballard
Luther Sharp unknown
M. D. Lawson unknown
Mabel Butler unknown
Manard Phillps unknown (probably Maynard Phillips)
Marcum unknown family
Marlie Sexton unknown
Margrate Sharp unknown (probably Margaret Sharp)
Marshall Smiddee unknown
Mary Ann Butler unknown
Mattie unknown
McCormick unknown family
Mr. Cross unknown
Mr. Engles unknown
Mr. Hammon unknown
Mr. McGhee unknown
Mr. Vermillion probably Douglas Irby Vermillion, who at least at one time was postmaster
Mr. Woods unknown
Mr. & Mrs. Lael unknown
Mrs. Akers unknown
Mrs. B. Mrs. Butler
Mrs. Butler unknown
Mrs. Engles unknown
Mrs. Harding Florence Kling Harding, wife of the late president
Mrs. Lee unknown
Mrs. Murley unknown
Mrs. Newport probably the wife of Bill Newport at New River Lumber Company
Mrs. Parks unknown
Mrs. Pemberton unknown; family mentioned too
Mrs. Saxton unknown
Mrs. Smithers unknown
Mrs. Walden Kizzie (Hatfield) Walden, wife of Daniel W. and mother of Rosa Etta
Mrs. York unknown; perhaps Lou York
Nannie Walden unknown; may have been Rosa's sister
Nettie Hatfield unknown
Nora unknown
Novee Murlie unknown; perhaps Murley
Opal W. grandaughter Ada
Opal Newport unknown
Otis Sharp unknown
P son Paris Clyde Walker
Pa nickname for her husband
Paris her son, Paris Clyde Walker
Paul Raley unknown
Pearl granddaughter Pearl, daughter of Ida
Pemberton unknown family
Prof. Laxton unknown (perhaps Saxton)
R, R.E. son Ruby
Rab, Rabbit nickname for her son Ruby
Rob Sexton unknown
Rosa Walden daughter of Daniel and Kizzie Walden, became Corilda's daughter-in-law in 1920, marrying Frank
Roy grandson William Roy Bolinger, son of Ina
Ruby Ruby Emmit Walker, her son
Russel Bird unknown
S.A. Silas Anderson Walker (same as Silas W.)
Sam Ridner unknown
Shultz unknown
Sid unknown
Silas W. Silas Anderson Walker, Andrew's brother and a doctor in Walnut Grove
Spark Plug their horse
Taylor Alfred Alexander Taylor
Tim Laws unknown
Tim Murley unknown
Tom Butts unknown
Tom Overton unknown
Ulas Hatfield unknown
Verland grandson Verland Emmit Bolinger, son of Ina
Verlie Walker granddaughter Verlie Vivian Walker, daughter of Ballard, married John Dewey Pebley
Vermillion unknown family
Violet Laxton unknown
Wain Brown unknown (probably Wayne Brown)
Walter Jeffers murdered in Huntsville
Ward grandson Ward W. Walker, son of Ballard
Will Butler unknown
Winfred Winfred Sharp (male), best friend of her son Ruby
Dr. Andrew Calvin Walker and Corilda Catherine (Owen) Walker; photo courtesy Laura Robbie (Sneed) Stooksbury.

Entries at back of first book (through 1922):


Planted 1 row potatoes 6th April
1-8 rows - hickory King
Set bantum under floor with 2 eggs, April 6
[unreadable] hen house on 17 eggs.
Both hatch 27th, April 26
Set Old Yeller April 9th, 15 eggs - 19
Set white tail April 13 - 13 eggs.
Set rose comb (heavy) April 20th - 13 eggs.

January 1919

Snowing - ordered toweling S&R - big snow temp 6 below [below that, in a different handwriting:] Received toweling ordered from Chicago Mail Order Co. 10 yds @ 12½ yd=$1.25 on Jan 5th, 1921

February 1916

Paris come Home April 19th [1919]
Frank May 20 [1919]


Mrs. Butler died Sep 19
Mary Ann B died Oct 20
Will Butler died 21
Mabel Butler died Dec 3'd
Virginia Butler d Jan 12
Mr. Butler married again March 19th 1921

From second book:
Ruby went to California January 13, 1924. Married July 25, 1924. Robert Emmit born August 5, 1925. Alan Jay born August 16, 1927. Ruby's children.

January 1925

1st… Oats-.25, Soap-.05, Beans-.25, Butter-.20, Lard-.08
3rd…Meat-.50, Coffee-.50, Sugar-.50, Oil-.20
10th…Thread-.15, Coke-.10, Ctgs-.30
12th…Meat-.50, Coffee-.50, Sugar-.50, Tob-.20
16th…Flour-1.35, Lard-1.00, Beans-.25, Oatmeal-.25, Tob-.15
17th…Dad got tob-.50, Cheese-.10
19th…Sugar-.50, Pot-.20
22nd…Coffee-.40, Tob-.65
26th… Tob-.15
28th…Sugar-.50, Coffee-.50, Matches-.10, Oil-.30, Gloves-.25
31st…Oats-.20, Butter-.20, Tob-.65

Deck's children [her brother, Rev. Dexter Snow Owen]

Cleo Caroll, married
Bula Myers, married
Virginia Nicely, married
Roy, Ethel, Katie, Hazel are single
Dot, Charlie married
Viola, Laura, Pearlie all married
Mrs. D. S. died Jan 1, 1925
Ethels married now.

Corilda died in 1931. The following entries were made by an unidentified person or persons. Most people here not particular known other than Lester, her grandson.

July 17, 1933 Mr. Frank Stout died.
July 20, 1933 Sheriff Daugerty got shot. Johnnie Stout died in March, 1936. His wife Mary died 1938. [Sheriff Cleve Daugherty was actually killed on 19 July 1933 apparently; he served in Anderson County, Tennessee]
May 19, 1936 Mr. Whitten died. [Per a close relative, William Birdwell Whitten son of Cyntha Pyles]
June 9, 1936 Julia Ward was buried.
Sept. 17, 1936 Uncle Nick Grant [Per a close relative, Nicholas Biddle Grant, son of Rufus Grant and Lucy Parker]
July 28, 1936 Hammie Ridenour
July, 1933 Harvey was here. He died Oct or Nov 1934
Oct. 22, 1938 Margaret died.

Lester got his products - Quit selling in 1934 and went to the CC's

November 1930 Joe Ridenour died
June 28, 1937 Emma Heatherly died.
Feb. 9 or 10, 1949 Eunice Wilson died.
October, 1938 Little Birtie Pyles died [Per a close relative,, Birtie Pyles, nephew of Jesse Ernest Pyles; he had scarlet fever]
October, 1938 George Baker died
Oct 23, 1938 Cliff Wilson died
Dec. 12, 1938 Mrs. Reynolds died.
Dec 15, 1938 Mrs. Pyles died. [Per a descendent, Sarah Jane (Grant) Pyles, mother of Jessee Ernest Pyles]
April 10, 1940 Mrs. Cleve Reid died


Paul Ledford, Cora Lea Chitwood, Mr. Willoughby, Mary Chitwood, Esco Stevens, Irene Sharp, George Trowbridge, Gladys Willoughby, Bob Lane, Estelle Farister, Charles Gibbons, Lottie Lewallen, Thelma Stephens, Edna Shaun, John Milton, Anne Doapper. [There is no indication as to why these names are listed..]

Marriages since 1936

Melvin Heatherly and Myrtle Perkins 1937
Albert Overbay and Georgia Tidwell Dec. 1936
Ed. Overbay and Josie Bell Morton 1936
John Hicks and Bertha McCullah 1937
Millard Nelson and Edith McCullah 1937
Eugene Heatherly and Novella Sharp 1937
Walter Thompson and Ella Marie Miller 1937
Steve Ford and Lillie Moffet Sept
Ab Shepherd and Miss Landrum 1937
Walter Ridenour and Esther Weaver 1937
Evalyn Weaver and Charles Lea
Claud Love and [unreadable] Robbison
F. R. Kidwell and Grace Tidwell 1939
Carl Wilson and Clara Hatmaker
Roscoe Lee and Nora Tidwell 1939

January 23, 1940

Snowed 10 Inches

March 24, Easter

Snow 8 Inches [Easter in 1940 was on March 24 although year is not specified.]

Monday, October 20, 1941

Hottest day on record here, this late in the year. Thu 86 high. The only time it was ever recorded at this time of the year was in 1887. It registered 87 on Oct. 16.


Francis Born Jan 23.
Troy born April 1932
Blanche born July 14, 1933
Pearl went home with them Sept 24, 1933

Perry Patty Monday, June 14, 1926, 7 1/2

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