Signature of Edward B. Walker Genealogy of Edward B. Walker
1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Work Paper on Approval

About August 1879

This document is a two-sided sheet with the basics of Sarah's application including approval information. Text in italics was handwritten. The service that Sarah reported was not quite correct.

Included is a calculation of service which may appear odd at first, as Edward's service is calculated as only 97 days, specifically to 17 February 1815; Edward did not leave the militia at that point. Instead, 17 February 1815 was the date that the ratifications of the peace treaty, The Treaty of Ghent, were exchanged, and President James Madison declared an end to the war. The service period and pension law applied only to service before the war officially ended, not total service.

Service Pension,
War of 1812.
Widow's Brief.

Claim No. 32556
Act of Mch 9, 1848
Cert No. 367949
[Written in the margin nearby is Knoxville]

Original Case,
Reopened from [last two words crossed out]
Act of ___

Sarah Walker, widow of Edward Walker, Rank: Private, Captain Jno Statton, Regiment: Mil, State: Tenn

Post Office: Mulberry Gap, County of Hancock, State of Tenn Attorney: J. S. Kellogg P.O.: Washington City, D.C County, State of Apl pay no, Fee __,__ Contract ____

Application filed Oct 4, 1878.

Alleged service. As a private in Capt Clicks Co. of Tenn Mil and served 6 months and 22 days

Record evidence of service. Nov 12, 1851. Auditor reports Edward Walker served under Capt Jn Slatten from Nov 13" 1814 to June 2, 1815

Parol evidence of service.

Length of service. 97 days to Feby. 17. 1815 [a column of numbers adding each month is at left]

Proof of identify. By identifying witnesses and the claimant gving name of an attorney in B L case. General correspondence with B. L. case of the soldier.

Proof of loyalty.

Admitted August 12, 1879, to a pension of Eight Dollars per month from March 9, 1878 the date of the act

No pension previously applied for

L. D. Stone
Pension Searcher

Bounty Land Claim No 7467-80-55 issued
N E Robinson
Bounty Land Searcher.

D R Bell

Approved August 20, 1879.
M. C. Fosnes,


Summary of Proof.

Marriage. Date June 25, 1848, of Edward Walker to Sarah Crumley as shown by the affidavit of officiating magistrate

Proof as to capacity to marry. Death of former wife alleged by claimant in 1842

Death of soldier. Date April 9, 1860 alleged and show by testimony of David N. Louthen and Francis J. Luthen [sic]

Widowhood. Shown by testimony of the last named witnesses.

Incidental matter.

[on fold:]

Service Pension,
War of 1812

Widow's Brief
Claim No. 32556
Certificate No.
Act of March 9, 1878
Claimant Sarah Walker
Soldier Edward Walker
Action, Admitted
Examiner, D R Bell

Admitted, Aug 20, 1879.
M. C. Fosnes

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