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1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Work Paper on Sarah's Death

31 March 1898

Following Sarah's death, J. T. Wilder, the pension agent, reported her death to the pension agency. According to an undated paper (see below), he was notified 1 February 1898, but this document appears to be dated 31 March 1898 based on a stamp from his office that covers the preprinted blank for a date. Much of the document is preprinted; handwritten portions are in italics.

[stamped:] Widow
[stamped:] War of 1812
[handwritten:] 99/161 [this appears to be the calculation for the final payment]
[round stamp, reformatted:] U. S. Pension Office, F, Apr 2 1898
[round stamp over date blank, reformatted:] U.S. Pension Agency. Mar 31 1898, Knoxville, Tenn.
[written vertically on left side:] 26949

(Pensioner Dropped.)

U. S. Pension Agency,
_____, 189___
[Although the above blocks are not filled in, the Knoxville date stamp is placed over them]

[apparently stamped:] Hon. H. Clay Evans,
Commissioner of Pensions.


I hereby report that the name of Sarah Walker - widow of Edward pri Cap John Slattons Co Tenn Mil, who was a pensioner on the rolls of this Agency under Certificate No. 26949 [with check mark], and who was last paid at $12, to 4 Nov, 1897, has been dropped because of death

Very respectfully,
J. T. Wilder
Pension Agent. [A code or letter appears underneath the signature]

Every name dropped to be thus reported at once.

[back is stamped:]
U. S.
Certificate Div.
Apr 2 1898
P. B.

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