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1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Sarah (Crumley) Walker Applies

7 October 1878

Sarah starts the process to apply for a pension by submitting a preprinted form; handwritten elements are in italics. Sarah herself was illiterate, so actually person filling out the application in not entirely clear but may have been the justice of the peace.

Some of the details that she gives of Edward's service are incorrect, although the government is able later to get the correct information. These problems could potentially signal identification issues, but other evidence is conclusive, leading to the conclusion that she knew little about the service; she was only one year old when he was drafted.

In particular, she states that he volunteered when, in fact, he served in a drafted regiment. While Tennessee earned its nickname as the "volunteer state" during this war, that name came from very early enlistments; most people who served were drafted. She also has the dates of service wrong; he actually served from 13 November 1814 to 2 June 1815.

In addition, she states that he mustered in at Bluntsville (presumably Blountsville) in Sullivan County, when, in fact, he mustered in Hawkins County. His brother Joseph mustered in at Sullivan County, so she may have gotten that information from Joseph's widow, who lived nearby.

The names she gives for the officers seemingly apply to neither's service in the war. Edward's own statements, specifically Captain John Slatten under Colonel Edwin Boothe, are correct, but Sarah may have been more on track than seems immediately apparent. According to his biography in Sketches Of Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers, Joab had been a Lieutenant Colonel under Booth, and may have been arrested at one point. Some family sources claim he was later made a full colonel. In addition, a Mathias Click was in Edward's unit; he was mustered out as a private but at one point may have had a higher rank, although not captain, as Slatton served the entire time of Edward's enlistment.

There are additional errors, and, since Edward's earlier deposition gives the same details which do match the regimental history, his version should be taken.

The various other people who signed in various places appear to be farmers living in the area based on census data, although the curiously scratched-out signature of J. H. Lignon (or possibly Tignon) cannot be placed nor can Lewis Trent if that name is being read correctly.

Line breaks have been added for clarity.

War of 1812.
Claim of Widow for Service Pension,
Under the provisions of Sections 4736 to 4740, inclusive, Revised Statutes, and the Act of March 11, 1878.

N.B. - All the blank spaces in this form must be carefully filled up in accordance with the instructions on the back hereof; and from the best information possessed, or obtainable, by the applicant.

On this 7 day of Oct A. D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight, personally appeared before me, R. D. Greene Clerk, the same being a court of record within and for the County and state aforesaid, (1) Sarah Walker, aged 62 [she was probably 65] years, a resident of Hancock Co, Mulbery [sic], in the state of Tennessee, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of (2) Edward Walker deceased, who was the identical (3) Edward Walker, who served under the name of (4) Edward Walker as a (5) private in the Company commanded by Captain Click in the __ regiment of ___, commanded by Joab Hill in the war of (6) 1812; that her said husband (7) volunteered at Bluntsville, Sullivan Co. Tennessee on or about the 26 day of July A.D. 1814 for the term of ___, and continued in actual service in said war for the term of 6 months & 22 days and whose services terminated, by reason of (9) Discharge at Mobeal [sic] Bay on the ___ day of February A.D. 1815.

She further states that the following is a full description of her said husband at the time of his enlistment, viz: (10) hith [sic] about 5 ft 9 in. Complectinon [sic] Dark heir [sic] Dark Eys [sic] blew [sic]

She further states that she was married to the said Edward Walker, at the city (or town) of Mulberry Gap, in the county of Hancock, and in the State of Tennessee, on the 25 day of June A. D. 1848 by one (11) John Crumley, who was a (12) Justus [sic] of the pease [sic]; and that her name before her said marriage was Sarah Crumley; and she further states that (13) that her husband had been marid [sic] & his said wife died at my present resedents [sic] on the 28 of December 1842 and that her said husband (14) Edward Walker, died at near Mulberry Gap, in the State of Tennessee, on the 9 day of Aprile [sic] A.D. 1860; and she further declares that the following have been the places of residence of herself and her said husband since the date ["of his discharge from the Army" scratched out], viz: (15) from the date of our marige we lived near mulbery [sic] gap up to his Death & I remain at the same plase [sic] at present.

She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Pension to which she may be entitled under Sections 4736 to 4740, inclusive, Revised Statutes, and the Act of March 11, 1878, and hereby appoints J. S. Kellogg of Wasington [sic] D. C., her true and lawful attorney, to prosecute her claim.

And she further declares that she has heretofore made no application for (16) pention [sic] the said Edward Walker did draw a land warrant I don't remember the number or act of Congress and that her residence is No near Mulbery Gap street, city (or town) of ___ county of Hancock State of Tennessee, and that her post office address is Mulbery Gap Hancock Co Tennessee

(Two attesting witnesses who can write their names.)
Joel C. Gillenwaters
J. H. Standifer
J. C. Gillenwaters
[appears to be same as above]
[The signatures of J. H. Lignon and George Coleman are crossed out.]

Sarah Walker her mark
Signature of Claimant.

Also personally appeared J. H. Standifer, aged 50 years, residing at No. Mulberry Gap ["street" crossed out], in Hancock County; and Tennessee G. W. Coleman, aged 59 years, residing at No. Mulberry Gap street, in Hancock County, persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who being by me duly sworn, say that they have known the said Sarah Walker for 30 years and for ___ years respectively; that they were present and saw her sign her name (or make her mark) to the foregoing declaration; that they have every reason to believe, from the appearance of said claimant and their acquaintance with her, that she is the identical person she represents herself to be; and they further say that they are able to identify her as the person who was the wife of the identical (17) Edward Walker, who rendered the service alleged in the above application (in the company of Captain Click, in the regiment of Joab Hill in the war of 1812) by the following named facts and circumstances, viz: (18) we have ben [sic] personaley [sic] acquainted with her 30 years and have lived near her since the death of her said husband and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.

If affiants make mark, two witnesses who write sign here:
[though both write, witnesses sign anyway:]
J. C. Gillenwaters
Lewis Trent [? or French or other possibilities]

[signed by:]
J. H. Standifer
G. W. Coleman

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7 day of Oct, A. D. 1878; and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration, &c., were fully made known and explained to the applicant and witnesses before swearing including the words ___, erased, and the words ___, added; and that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

R. D. Greene Clerk
Official Character: Clerk of the county court

[L. S.]


1. Here allege full name of applicant. 2. Hear allege full name of soldier. 3. Here allege again the name of soldier.
4. Here allege the name under which the soldier served.
5. Here allege the rank under which the soldier served.
6. Here allege the war in which the service was rendered.
7. Here state "enlisted," "volunteered," or "was drafted," as the case may be
8. Here state the number of days or months of service rendered by the soldier; fourteen days being the shortest period for which service pension is by law allowed, unless the soldier was actually engaged in a battle. If the claim is made for battle services, the blank should be so varied as to allege such service in addition to the allegation of term of service.
9. Here insert the words "an honorable discharge," or "death," as the case may be.
10. Here let a full description of soldier follow, giving age, occupation, birth-place, height, color of hair, eyes, and complexion, and any other particulars as to description.
11. Here allege the name of the person who performed the marriage ceremony.
12. Here state the official character of the person who performed the ceremony, i.e., whether a minister of the gospel or a justice of the peace, &c.
13. Here state whether the claimant or her husband (the soldier) had been previously married; and if either had, the name of the former husband or wife should be states; and the date and place of the death of, or divorce from, the former consort should be alleged.
14. Here insert the name of the husband on account of whose service and death the claim is made.
15. Here state the places of residence; if in a city, giving street and number; and from and to what dates he resided at each place.
16. If any application for bounty land or pension has previously been made, state the fact here, giving the date, and number of possible, and the act of Congress under which the claim was mad; and designating whether it was a claim for bounty land or pension, and whether a warrant for the land or certificate for the pension was ever issued.
17. Here insert the name of the soldier.
18. Here name all the facts and circumstances which enable the witness to swear, from personal knowledge, that the claimant is the widow of the identical person who rendered the service alleged in the claim.
All services rendered by the soldier in the war for which claim is made, or in any other war, with the names of officers in each service, must be given in the application.
If the service was rendered as a substitute, the name of the principal, for whom this substitute served, should be given.

[stamped:] Department of the Interior, Oct 18 1878, Received

[on the fold:]
War or 1812.
Application for Service Pension.

Sarah Walker
widow of
Edward Walker
of Capt. Click
Co. ___ Regiment of Tenn

"No Dup. J.M.W."
Filed by
J. S. Kellogg
Attorney PO. Box 717
Washington DC

Printed and sold by W. H. Moore, 511 11th st., Washington, D.C.

x Died 9 April 1860

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