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1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Edward Walker, Jr., War of 1812 Pension

Edward Walker, Jr.offsite link to WorldConnect applied for and received bounty land; his widow, Sarah (Crumley) Walker, received a pension based on his service for about 20 years. The entire pension file is transcribed here.


September 28: Congress passes a law granting bounty land to some veterans of the War of 1812.


February 17:
Edward files for first bounty land


March 3:
Congress passes an additional law granting land to some veterans.
March 26: Edward applies for additional bounty land
April 7: Jacket for bounty land


February 14: Almost 56 years to the day after the end of the War of 1812, Congress passed a law granting pensions to soldiers and widows; it required that the widows be married to the soldier before the peace treaty was ratified and that the soldier had served for 60 days. Not surprisingly, most of the people eligible for this pension had already died, and Sarah certainly was not, having married Edward many years later.


March 11:
In 1878, Congress broadened the pension law to reduce the number of service days required to 14 or that the soldier served in a battle no matter what the length of service, and the marriage limitation was removed. Sarah was eligible 63 years after Edward left the service. The law benefited mostly widows and applied only to those who had not remarried; the soldiers themselves, in most cases, were already dead. The last soldier on the roll died in 1905 at the age of 105.
October 7:
Sarah starts the process for a widow's pension


February 13: Request for more information on marriage
Cover letter for lawyer
Request to Third Auditor
March 3: Louthan declaration
ca. March 10: Work paper
April 26: Third Auditor's report
May 9: Request for more information on service
July 24: Sarah answers on marriage question
John Crumley answers on marriage question
ca. August: Work paper on approval


January 11: Sarah (Crumley) Walker dies
March 31: Work paper based on Sarah's death


January-May: Annie Walker Burns correspondence


January: Charles Walker correspondence


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