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Claiborne County, Tennessee

County seat: Tazewell (map)
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Claiborne County was formed in 1801 from parts of Hawkins and Grainger Counties and later lost parts of its territory to Hancock and Union Counties and others. The Edward B. Walker clan began settling the northeastern corner of the county sometime around 1817, including areas that became Hancock County in 1844.

Until the early 1840s, most of the Walkers in the area of Mulberry Creek, Little Sycamore Creek, and Hoop Creek in the valley between Powell Mountain and Little Ridge [topographic mapoffsite link graphic]. Currently, the post office names for the area seem to be Tazewell for the Claiborne County side and Sneedville across the Hancock County border, but other names in the area include or have included:

Beginning in the 1840s, many of the Walkers remaining in the county followed the valley down to the Clinch River, about 20 miles away, settling in the area of Walker's Ford or nearby locations. By the close of the Civil War, there were only a handful of relatives living in the Mulberry Creek area. Today, there are still living relatives in both locations. The area once known as Walker's Ford [topographic mapoffsite link graphic] included or was near locations on the Claiborne County side such as:

  • Bear Creek
  • Straight Creek
  • Lone Mountain
  • Head of Barren (somewhat northwest)
  • Sandlick (extreme western side)

The modern post office name for the area is New Tazewell. On the Union County side, the modern post office name is Maynardville, and location names included:


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