Signature of Edward B. Walker Genealogy of Edward B. Walker
1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Hancock County, Tennessee

County seat: Sneedville (map)
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Formation of Hancock County began in 1844, but legal issues delayed the official formation until 1846. For the most part, the Walkers lived in one small sliver, the northwest corner of the county in the area of Mulberry Gap, and most of the history here is documented under Mulberry Gap. The Edward B. Walker clan began settling the area around 1816 or 1817, although friends and in-laws were there no later than 1802, and some Walkers may have moved earlier. Because of court house fires in 1885 and 1930, the early period in this county is very difficult to research; there are no marriages, for instance, recorded before the 1930 fire.

Although the Walkers were quite close to the famed home of the Melungeons, there is no evidence connecting them to the Melungeons at all.


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