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Straight Creek, Claiborne County, Tennessee

Map of Straight Creek, Claiborne County, Tennessee
Straight Creek, in Claiborne County, Tennessee, before Norris Dam was built. Click the map above for a larger version. (TVA Stage D Map 86)
Area: Bear Creek (Claiborne, #85)
Big Barren Creek (Claiborne, #79)
Straight Creek (Claiborne, #86)
Walker's Ford North (Union, #80)
Walker's Ford South (Union, #81)
Area: Bear Creek
Big Barren (Claiborne Boat Dock)
Big Barren (Head of Barren)
Straight Creek (Church Road)
Walker's Ford North
Walker's Ford South
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Norris Dam
Wikipedia: Clinch River
Norris Dam
Ford (crossing)

Straight Creek runs along the northwest side of Wallen's Ridge to the Clinch River in Claiborne County, Tennessee; Bear Creek runs along the other side of the ridge. Depending upon their exact location along Straight Creek, residents at one time or another probably considered themselves residents of Sandlick, Lone Mountain, Walker's Ford, or of Straight Creek itself. The U.S. Postal Service currently includes the area under New Tazewell.

While many of the Walkers were on Bear Creek, some, including Jacob Shuff Walker and Isaac Walker and some of their descendants, lived on Straight Creek.

As in most of Claiborne County, road names have changed, especially since the advent of 911 emergency service. Today, Straight Creek can be reached from Highway 33, turning onto Lone Mountain Road, although, in earlier times, that segment of Lone Mountain Road was often called the Sandlick Road and may have had other names as well. It can also be reached by turning onto Lone Mountain Road from US-25E, although the trip is much longer.

A short distance to the east of the creek is a road called in modern times Straight Creek Road, although it has also been known as Upper Straight Creek Road in the past and perhaps by other names. It does not actually come near the creek but leads into New Tazewell.

While little of the area was actually flooded when Norris Dam was built, TVA purchased many lots at the lower end of the creek which are still owned by the utility. TVA produced a series of what they call Stage D maps of the area and the landowners they bought out; such maps can be purchased through the link at right.

Some notes about the map: Jacob Shuff Walker lived just to the east of and behind the Straight Creek Church and is buried on his old property. His brother Isaac lived on what is called Sandlick Road on this map just to the west of the area shown on the map. A small portion of Bear Creek is included, but a more extensive map of Bear Creek is available.

Property Owners and Landmarks on the Map

  • Blake Brooks (NR-5280F)
  • Jehu Brown
  • Burch Cemetery (Trustees, XNR-575)
  • Charlie Campbelloffsite link to WorldConnect (XNR-330, XNR-331)
  • Clay Campbell (XNR-329)
  • Mrs. George M. Campbelloffsite link to WorldConnect (NR-1594)
  • H.B. Carter (NR-1521)
  • Reba Carter (NR-1595)
  • Harvey F. Cole (NR-1597)
  • Robert H. and Catherine Cole (XNR-321)
  • Frank Cupp
  • Walter Davis
  • Mrs. J.E. Day and Rachael Fugate
  • G.E. Ellison (NR-1476)
  • G.S. Ellison Cemetery
  • Mrs. Lizzie E. Flack (NR-384)
  • Sterling P. Goseoffsite link to WorldConnect (NR-1442)
  • Henry Hipshire (NR-203)
  • Mrs. James Jessee (NR-2222)
  • Jellico Grocery Company
  • S.B. Jessie (and heirs, NR-5281)
  • Bassett R. Jonesoffsite link to WorldConnect
  • H.M. Keck (XNR-324)
  • Luke E. Lewisoffsite link to WorldConnect and Herbert Lewis
  • Clayton Loopeoffsite link to WorldConnect (XNR-323)
  • William H. Loopeoffsite link to WorldConnect
  • R.E. Minton (NR-351)
  • J.B. Mitchell (NR-5256)
  • John Munsey (not certain which John)
  • Mrs. J.H. Ousley
  • William Morgan and James Hilton. Ramsey
  • J.M. Reed (NR-5278)
  • T.J. Rose (XNR-327)
  • I.W. Rosenbalm
  • Skaggs Cemetery (on NR-5278)
  • Straight Creek Boat Dock
  • C.A. Torbett (XNR-326)
  • Paris Alzie Walkeroffsite link to WorldConnect (XNR-325)
  • Heirs of J. Wells (NR-2357)
  • Kyle Williamson (XNR-328)
  • Mark D. Wilson (NR-1477)


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