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Walker's Ford/Hickory Valley South, Union County, Tennessee

Map of Straight Creek, Claiborne County, Tennessee
Walker's Ford/Hickory Valley area south of Flint Creek, north of Lone Mountain in Union County, Tennessee, before Norris Dam was built. Click the map above for a larger version. (TVA Stage D Map 81)
Area: Bear Creek (Claiborne, #85)
Big Barren Creek (Claiborne, #79)
Straight Creek (Claiborne, #86)
Walker's Ford North (Union, #80)
Walker's Ford South (Union, #81)
Area: Bear Creek
Big Barren (Claiborne Boat Dock)
Big Barren (Head of Barren)
Straight Creek (Church Road)
Walker's Ford North
Walker's Ford South
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Norris Dam
Wikipedia: Clinch River
Norris Dam
Ford (crossing)

Walker's Ford existed on the Clinch River between Claiborne County and Union County in Tennessee; the Walker's Ford article covers the history of the area in more detail. The current article provides TVA's Reservation Map (at right), and property owners below who lived south of Flint Creek and north of Lone Mountain on the Union County side. A separate map shows the area north of Flint Creek.

While little of the area was actually flooded when Norris Dam was built, TVA purchased a few lots near the river which are still owned by the utility. TVA produced a series of what they call Stage D maps of the area and the landowners they bought out. The maps can be purchased on TVA's site, and detailed maps of each individual lot can also be purchased through that site.

Property Owners and Landmarks on the Map

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