JJElder Pamphlet

JJ Elder

Transcribed from (photocopies of) a pamphlet prepared by J J Elder of New Brunswick in 1890.

Page A (Coloured chart) Pages 1 & 2 Pages 4 & 5 Pages 6 & 7 Pages 8 & 9 Pages 10 & 11 Title page and page 3 were not provided.

Assessment : where the data could be checked, it was found to be very good. Some offspring are known to be missing. As noted, order of birth of offspring may be incorrect.

Corrections and additions : all data transcribed as listed. Submitted corrections will be added when a transcription error was made - all other corrections will be listed in the Notes. Only addition was parents of Hannah Allen. No further additions will be made to this set of data (although a separate web page with additions may be considered). Comments welcome.

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