Elderkin Family History & Genealogy

Elderkin Family
History & Genealogy


Civil War-Civil Union
Prologue:  1600s-1842
Chapter 1: 1842-1862
Chapter 2: 1862-1863
Chapter 3: 1863-1882 Chapter 4: 1883-1912
Chapter 5: 1912-on


Descendancy Chart  (to come)

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In June of 2003, I completed a project to catalog and tell the story of my great-great grandparents, David Troop Elderkin and Mary Jane Finity. 

Information I located on the Internet helped me locate historical and genealogical records that I would otherwise have not known about. With this website, I hope to share my research and story with others who may have Elderkins in their families. 

The bulk of the information found here is a publication I wrote entitled, Civil War, Civil Union:  The Story of David and Mary Elderkin.  It follows David Troop Elderkin from his birth in Nova Scotia through to the lives of he and Mary Jane's seven children.  The Prologue ties his lineage to the larger Elderkin line who descends from John Elderkin and Elizabeth Drake.  The pages here include:

IntroductionOverview of the publication
PrologueThe Elderkin family in New England and Nova Scotia, 1600s-1842
Chapter 1
David T. Elderkin - Growing Up in Jackson's Grove, IL (1842-1862)
Chapter 2Civil War (1862-1863)
Chapter 3:  David & Mary Jane - Family (1863 - 1882)
Chapter 4:  Troubles Mount (1883 - 1912)
Chapter 5The Family Moves Forward (1912 - on)
     Mary Jane (Finity) Elderkin (1845 - 1934)
     William W. Elderkin (1867 - 1909)
     Silas David Elderkin (1869 - 1956)
     Louisa "Lulu" Rose (Elderkin) Setzer (1871 - 1960)
     Charles C. Elderkin (1873 - 1932)
     Lily M. (Elderkin) Butler (1875 - 1953)
     Belle M. (Elderkin) Gilbert (1878 - 1941)
     Amos Arthur Elderkin (1883 - 1951)

The report is extensively footnoted to help you track down the primary and secondary sources.  In addition, I include a few family photographs and a descendancy chart (still to come). 

Please let me know if you have any questions or corrections!