Elderkin Family History & Genealogy

Elderkin Family
History & Genealogy


Civil War-Civil Union
Prologue:  1600s-1842
Chapter 1: 1842-1862
Chapter 2: 1862-1863
Chapter 3: 1863-1882 Chapter 4: 1883-1912
Chapter 5: 1912-on


Descendancy Chart  (to come)

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David T. Elderkin & Mary Jane (Finity) Elderkin circa 1888

Family photo of David & Mary Jane Elderkin and their seven children, circa 1888

Portrait of David & Mary Jane Elderkin and son Amos, circa 1888

Young Amos Arthur Elderkin, early 1900s

Amos Arthur Elderkin on bucking bronco, circa 1930s

The author, Susan Elderkin, in front of the National Archives, 2003.