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Samuel Ealy Jr. Johnson

Politician, lawyer, farmer, real estate dealer, and member of the Texas
Houseof Representatives, 1904-1909, 1917-1925.

Walter Raleigh Sir

Sir Walter Raleigh.
He was born in 1552, during a time when his father leasedHayes Barton
from the Duke family of Otterton. He was half brother to Sir Humphrey and
Sir John Gilbert, from his mother's first marriage. He had a brother,
Carew, and sister, Margaret.
The spelling used in those days was rathererratic and thus "Raleigh" is
just one of the (over 40) ways in which his surname was written. He used
numerous of these spellings, with "Rawleigh", "Ralegh" and "Rawley" being
more often used than the currently accepted version. His name was
pronounced "raw lie" and it is said he is never known to have used the
modern "Raleigh" spelling.
He is known to have attended church in East Budleigh. The nearby sea-side
town of Budleigh Salterton is the setting forthe painting "The boyhood
of Raleigh" by Millais (on show at the Tate Gallery, although from May
20th. to September 30th., 2000 it will be in an exhibition about Raleigh
at the Fairlynch Museum, Budleigh Salterton). Since it was painted in
1870 it's not surprising that the wall still exists.
He was quitetall (six foot) considering that the average height was
lower then than now.He is said to have retained his strong Devonshire
accent during all his timeat Court. In those days a regional accent was
not such a disadvantage as ithas been of late.
During his early life, from 1553 to 1558, Queen Mary I wason the throne.
This was a time when the Roman Catholic church was in favour.Although a
large part of the population had previously become Protestants, those who
were most open about it were persecuted. To quote from the "Five English
Reformers" by J.C. Ryle in 1890 "Mary was not called "Bloody Mary"
without reason.....during the last four years of Queen Mary's reign no
less than288 persons were burnt at the stake for their adhesion to the
Protestant faith".
Raleigh's parents knew one woman, called Agnes Prest, who was martyred at
His father narrowly escaped being killed by taking refuge in a church
Riots were common, with one at Exeter illustrated here.
It is understandable that Raleigh grew up with a hatred of the Catholic
Church and, when Elizabeth I came to the throne in 1558, he was open to
express it.
In 1581, after seeing action on a number of occasions, he became a
favourite of Queen Elizabeth the first. There is little to confirm the
famous story of how hespread his cloak across a puddle so that the Queen
could walk over it, except for the cloak included in his coat of arms.
He became Captain of the Guardand his part in foiling the "Babington"
conspiracy ended up with him owning a42,000 acre estate in Ireland. The
"Babington" conspiracy was aimed at replacing Queen Elizabeth with Mary,
Queen of Scots. Since she was implicated in it, this led to Mary's
Raleigh replaced the chimneys of his Youghal home, with some more like
those at his birthplace, Hayes Barton.
In 1585 he was made Governor of Jersey. While there, he built "Elizabeth
Castle" ona rocky islet, in the 1590s. Other records say he was
Governor there between 1600 and 1603 and merely arranged an extension to,
and renaming of, the castle. There is another page available with
information prepared by local children.
Missing the Armada.
Raleigh arranged for the construction of one of theships involved in
fighting the Armada. "The Ark Royal" weighed 800 tons andwas completed
in 1587. It had four masts and a normal crew of 270. The Treasury was
very short of money to finance a fleet to fight the Armada. Thus Raleigh
donated the ship in exchange for an I.O.U. of £5,000. The "Ark Royal" was
chosen to lead the English fleet against the Armada in 1588. It was
rebuiltin 1608 and renamed "Anne Royal". It was finally sunk due to an
accident, in1636.
In 1588 Sir Richard Grenville) and Raleigh took over the joint defenseof
Devon and Cornwall against the expected Span

Walter Rawleigh

Alias:<ALIA> of /Fardell/

Carew Rawleigh Sir

Alias:<ALIA> of /Fardell/