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Elizabeth 1828 - the book: An Addendum

1. Catherine Dowling

2. Mary Griffin

3. A Tale of Two Ladies

3A. Mary Gibbon

3B. Mary Anne Gibbons

4. Hannah Quigley

5. Eliza Kenny


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The following information has been provided by her descendants:

* Heather Neilson - [email protected]

* Gavin Betts - [email protected]

Correction - Marquis of Huntley arrived 30th January, 1828.

On James' convict indent there is a notation that he was sentenced to time on an iron gang. The writing is faded and it could have been either 3 months or 32 months.1

Catherine formed a relationship with William Cox and they had four children.

Their children were:

* Elizabeth born 12-12-1835, baptised 7-5-1837 parents William and Catharine (sic) Cox2.

* Mary born 1-7-1837, baptised 20-10-1839, parents William and Catherine Cox3.

* Sarah Ann born 15-6-1840, baptised 9-8-1840, parents William and Catherine Cox4.

* John Robert born 5-9-1842, baptised 28-9-1843, parents William and Catherine Cox5.

William and Catherine didn't marry until the 19-2-1846, at St James Church of England, and she was recorded as Catherine Dowling. This was the same church where all their children were baptised.

William died on 12-4-1843 and was buried on 13-4-1843. His funeral left St James Church of England. The entry in the register shows his names as Robert William Cox7.

Catherine remarried on 1-4-1844 to William Shaw at the Scots Church by the Reverend Dunmore Lang8.

Catherine died in 1858 at Glebe and was buried from St Marys Roman Catholic Church. The index shows the name Catharine and her father was James. The death was registered at Glebe9.

The complete family story can be obtained from Gavin Betts.

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The following information was provided by her descendant:

Judith Greenfield - 95/150 Tall Timbers Rd., Doyalson North. 2262

Email: [email protected]

Mary GRIFFITHS and James Harris applied to have marriage banns read at St James Church of England, Sydney. The first was announced on the 19th May 18391 and their marriage took place on the 10th June 1839.2

The marriage banns application showed that Mary was free by servitude, had been sentenced to seven years transportation and had arrived per Elizabeth 1828.

Four children have been identified for Mary and James:

1. Mary Ann born 18th October 1840, baptised 10th November 1840 at St Johns, Parramatta. Their abode was Bathurst Rd and James was an innkeeper.3

2. George, born 5th December 1841, baptised 18th December 1841 in the parish of Bathurst, abode Pulpit Hill, innkeeper.4

3. James Thomas, born 7th May 1843, baptised 29th June 1843, abode Pulpit Hill, publican.5

4. Charles Henry, born 1st June 1844, baptised January 1845 at St Phillips, Sydney, publican.6

To date no death records have been found for either Mary or James.

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On the ship Elizabeth 1828, there were a number of women who shared the same name with either a fellow ship mate or another convict woman.

Two of these women were Mary Gibbon aged 20 years from Westmeath and Mary Anne Gibbons aged 17 years from Mayo. The Mayo Mary and her mother Bridget, were convicted of stealing money and each sentenced to seven year's transportation.

Even though the two Mary's names at first appear to be quite distinct, their names were mixed up by the authorities and in a short period of time, Mary of Westmeath was referred to as Mary Ann(e) in the Colonial Secretary's correspondence and Darlinghurst Gaol records.

Unfortunately, my original assessment of the information was incorrect mainly due to the gaol records showing the name Mary Anne and there was no record of a marriage between Mary Anne Gibbons and John Brennan. However, with the help of family historian, Judy Ganley, the situation is becoming clearer, even if it is not the result that the family originally believed. The family historians were of the opinion that John Lawless had married Mary from Mayo.


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The following information has been provided by her descendant:

Judy Ganley - [email protected] -- 5A Morrison Ave, Devonport NZ 0624

Aged 20 years, from Westmeath.

Mary's convict indent details are correct.

In August 1828, Richard Day per Dromedary 1820 applied for permission to marry her. Her name was recorded as Mary Ann Gibbons. Richard was free by servitude1. When the first of the banns were announced at St James CE, Sydney, a Peter Fitzgerald, constable of Sydney, declared that Mary Ann had been married to John McDermott at Mullingar, Ireland. He claimed they were married by the Reverend John McCormick, the year was 1822 and other people would verify this2. However, within the week he retracted his statement. He addressed a letter to the Reverend Robert Hill, saying that;-

I humbly beg pardon for having on Sunday last forbid the Banns of matrimony between Richard Day and Mary Ann Gibbons - as I did the same from a knowledge of her having lived at home with a man and cannot say for a truth whether she were married or not.

And am Sir, your obedient servant

Peter Fitzgerald.

This letter from Peter Fitzgerald was sent with a covering letter from Richard Day, where he describes Peter Fitzgerald with a weakness and blackness of mind. And also how Peter, wished every success to our marriage.

The Reverend Richard Hill forwarded both letters to the Colonial Secretary on the 14th August 1828. The Reverend questioned Mary Ann and she positively denied having ever been married. She explained that Peter Fitzgerald had previously asked her to marry him. She refused because he was a prisoner under a long sentence. Also the Reverend Hill raised some doubt as to whether Peter Fitzgerald actually signed the letter.

As a result of this situation Mary Ann's master Mr Jackson, declined to retain her and she was sent to the 1st class of the Female Factory3. She was then charged with telling a lie on the 18th August4.

There was no record of a marriage between Richard Day and Mary Ann Gibbon and she was still at the Female Factory during the 1828 Census. On the 25th November 1828, she was sentenced to three months in the 3rd class of the Female Factory for disobedience, drunkenness and incorrigible in service, then on 29th January 1829 another month in the 3rd class factory for absconding5.

Between January and March 1830, Thomas Smith per Baring, aged 32 years and a widower, applied for permission to marry her. Her master, J Cooper gave his consent, however there is no record of the marriage6.

During 1830 Mary was confined in the 3rd class of the Female Factory on a number of occasions. On 2nd February 1830 for one month for being absent from her service; on the 15th April she was charged with being absent from her service and confined for one month7 and then on the 19th May, was returned for two months for refusing to work 8.

Then on 25th May 1831 she was returned to the 1st class Female Factory, as there was no further use for her service9, and almost immediately she was assigned to the service of Mrs B Wilson10.

In September 1831 John Lawless per Prince Regent, aged 32 years applied for permission to marry Mary. He was free by servitude and considered an industrious and sober character by John Robertson who provided a personal reference. Mary's mistress, Mrs Wilson stated that she was a well conducted character and gave her permission11. They were married at St Phillips, Sydney.

Mary received a Certificate of Freedom no. 34/327 with the notation that she was the wife of John Lawliss (sic).

Mary Lawless' death has not been verified, however John remarried, as a widower, on 27th September 1847, to Margaret Allums at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Sydney12.

Mary and John Lawless' daughter Mary, married William Riely (sic) on the 6th November 1848 at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Sydney13. They died in Perth, Western Australia and are buried in the Karrakatta Cemetery.


John Lawless 5th October 1831, CE St Phillips, Sydney14.



First name Father's Surname Born Reference Baptism Religion
Mary Lawless 2-2-1833 V1833 114 12615 30-2-1833 RC St Marys


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Page 187.

Aged 17 years, from Mayo.

Mary Anne's convict details are correct.

During the voyage Mary Anne was a well conducted woman. Mary and her mother Bridget had been convicted of the same crime and each sentenced to seven years transportation.

On the 1st August 1828 she was transferred to the service of Mr and Mrs Foster of Pitt St, Sydney1.

On the 29th April 1829, John Brennan, aged 26 years and free by servitude applied to marry Mary. The notations on the application stated that John was a tailor by trade, able to support a wife and was employed by Mr Pamingtons at 99 Pitt St, Sydney2.

The banns were declared in the St Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel but there is no record of the marriage taking place.

Mary's mother Bridget was assigned to her husband John, on the 15th April 18313.

However, on the 16th April 1836, Mary Brennan was buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Maitland. The entry in the church register reads,

Mary Brennan, aged 25 years old, per the ship Elizabeth and she was the wife of Jno Brennan, a tailor4.

There are no recorded births for children of John and Mary Brennan.

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The following information was provided by her descendant:

Carol -  

Web: www.heavenandhelltogether.com

Carol is researching bushrangers from Van Dieman's Land. Before marrying Hannah Quigley in 1832, William Johnson had quite a reputation. The full story of William Johnson, the bushranger, can be found at William Johnson and Michael Howe page at the Heaven and Hell website.


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The following information was provided by her descendants:

1. Joan Bailey   Email: [email protected]

2. Narelle Bartlett   Email: [email protected]

Eliza Kenny who married William Yateman arrived per Elizabeth 1836.

Eliza Kenny per Elizabeth 1828 married James Wright on 31st December 1838 in the Presbyterian rites by John Dunmore Lang1.

Their children were:

  • Margaret born 15th February 18312.
  • Mary born 10th August 18323.
  • Catherine born 24th December 18344.
  • John Duncan born 18th February 18375.
  • James born 11th October 18396.
  • Peter born 9th January 18427.
  • Thomas born 23rd March 18448.

A death for Eliza Wright aged 42 years is recorded in 18479.

There is the death of an infant named Elizabeth J Wright in 184810 but no connection has been proven.

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