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genealogy - an account of the descent of a person or family from an ancestor, pedigree or lineage

So simple a word, but one everyone should know. For ours is a great duty to find out more about ourselves by learning more about our ancestry, preserving that which we know, and passing on our knowledge to the next generation. For we are not alone, and cannot function as such. We follow in the footsteps of those who have come before and shape the paths of those who follow us into the future. Thus to learn about our ancestors is to learn about ourselves. Through understanding of the past and those who have come before us, events become meaningful and not just a group of dates. We learn that every event effects not only our ancestors, but both the current and the future generations. In short it connects the past with the future and helps us understand our place in the present world and how we came to be there.

Disclaimer: Information on these pages was contributed by several dozen people, as well as being gleaned from many other sources, such as books, web sites, e-mail and snail contacts, etc. Wherever possible sources have been provided however final validity is left for the user to verify by their own means. If an error is found, you have questions or possess further information concerning an individual, please email me and I will fix errors, add information, or answer questions to the best of my ability. Whenever possible living individual's dates have been witheld, if you believe that an individual is still living and has dates listed in the reports, please email me so that I can fix this as soon as possible.

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My Patriots

Maternal Surnames


Odell / Odall / O'Dell / Odle

Pickerell / Pickrell

Great Grandparents


Wilcox / Wilcock

Great Great Grandparents


Windlandt / Windland / Winland



Other Maternal Surnames:

Bacon, Baker, Ballah, Bawle, Beall / Bell, Beale, Birkenhead, Brown, de Brugh, Buckley, Calverly, Caunton, Chilton, Christal, Clark / Clarke, Clercks, Clifton, Conant, Cook / Cooke, Corbart, Cortney, Cuntze, Curtin, Davenport, Davis , Day - Pace, Dragoo / Dragaud, Dreiss, Dyes, Dymoke, Fitzwilliam / Fitzwilliams, Garnier, Gascoigne, Gedney, Griffith, Griffin, Guyban, Guyon, Haines, Halstead, Harris, Hartley, Henchman, Hesketh, Hitt, Holand, Horton, Hurlton, Hyde, Keyes, Kingsmill, Latham, Lathrop, Legh, Logue, Long, Mahieu, Manley, Mansfield, Martain, Mayce, Mays, McCarty, McElroy, Merriken, Millburn, Mitchell, Moore, Morgan, Mortimer, Muncy, Mytton, Newport, Nuthall, Owings, Packard, Painter / Bender, Patterson, Pearce, Peck, Percy, Plantagenet, Poynings, Rader / Reader / Roeder, Ramsey, Randall, Rayburn / Reaburn, Reade / Reed / Read, Rehbach, Ridgely / Ridgley, Satchfield, Saunders, Sneyde, Snyder, Sotherton, Sparrow, Speth, Spillman, Sprigg, Stanley, Stinchcomb, Straight, Stream, Talbot, Tauber, Tavaude, Taylor, Telboise, Timbrell, Townley, Varner, Vaughan, Waggoner, Walton, Warburton, Warner, Warren, Washburn, Weaver, Weston, White, Whitman, Whitten, Williams, Wilson, Windebank, Winslow, Wither / Wyther, Wood, Zerkel, Zimmerman

Paternal Surnames


Howell - Now being Updated

Akers / Acres

Great Grandparents



Great Great Grandparents





Other Paternal Surnames:

Abrell, Adams, Alcock, Alleine, Arches, Askew, Barr, Baskett, Batte, Beach, Bertrand, Black, Blackburn, Bloomfield, Blossom, Bourchier, Branham, Brereton, Campbell, Caudill, de la Cheire / le Cheire, le Clerce, Conley / Connelly, Cott, de Countemant, Crace, Curtis, Demorest, Deuce, Dinham, Drury, Dunn, Edgefield, Fairchild, de Felbridge, Fell, Felton, Fitch, Fitz - Randolph, de Fourgeard, Fourney, Franklin, Fugett / Fugate, Goble, Godfrey, Goodbread / Gutbrodt, Goodspeede, Green, Grossainne, Hagar, Hankeford, Harrison, Hedford, Hill, Houston, Hovelbauer, Huff, Hunt, Hutchinson, Jenny, Johnson, Joynes, King, Kyme, Layne, Leventhorpe, Loudham, Lound, MacAlpine, MacGregor, Martin, Maynard, McKnight, Meade, de Moru, Mosell, Moss, Noblett / de Noblet, Noelle, Porter, la Portes, Purrye, Raines, Rhea, Rhodes, Roberts, Robertson, Rokes, Rutherford, Salyer / Sayler / Sallier, Sampson, Say, Scarborough, Schaefer, Schickner, Seabrook, Seckford, Shannon, Sherwood, Shippey, Smith, Spring, Stacey / Stacy, Stanhope, Staples, Tackett Thompson, Thurston, Tolson, Tye, Vance, VanHarlinger, Vaux-Buckley, Visdelou, Walker, Watts, Whitten, Williamson, Worrell, Young

My complete ancestry

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