Egbert Family History


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This has been (and still is) an attempt to do several huge tasks. The first task has been to research and compile all the Egbert family members who could be found into a family history. The second task has been to try to discover if the Egbert family really is descended from King Egbert of England. The third task has been to gather as many stories and photographs as possible to make the history more interesting. The fourth task has been to decide where to stop and assemble all this material in an easy to use form. This was a much bigger project than I realized when I started.

The first task of gathering the information and grouping family members was fascinating, time consuming, and at times mind-boggling. Sometimes there was conflicting information, in which case I used the data from the most reliable source. Sometimes information was questionable but included because of the source. Some of these facts turned out to be right, others were corrected, and some still remain questions. A simple Harvard outline form was used because of the amount of information, and for the ease of reading. Rough drafts of family outlines were sent to family contributors for review and revisions. Saving and storing copied materials brought more challenges. The experience focused my organizing skills, to say the least.

The second task concerning the descendancy from King Egbert was given some credence but no direct proof by the research done. The story concerning the family and King Egbert being related seems to be a common one through many different branches of the Egbert family. The Egbert line was traced back to an Egbert who was said to be a Frisian. King Egbert was found to have a Frisian background as well. One Egbert family member was known (as read in a news article) to have traced her line back passed King Egbert to Adam and Eve. That research has not been located yet. So it is not proven but highly likely there exists a relationship. With the research instigated by Judith (Egbert) Schoder, we found the marriage listed of Paumelus Egbert that was a dead end since older church records there had been destroyed.

The third task of gathering stories and graphics was difficult in some branches of the family and just fell into place in others. There were Egberts who were mentioned and shown in books and news articles. Some families were generous enough to share their family’s stories and photocopies. There are many family members without any background data. You will notice the difference as you read the outlines. Information and/or graphics make for more 3-dimensional people as you read. I wanted to get a real feel for the family story, and not just link everyone together.

The fourth task, assembling the outlines, stories, and graphics was formidable. In the process of gathering Egbert material there was also information about families related by marriages. I don’t like to throw anything away, and some of the connections were interesting. A section was added to include these families. Between computer crashes, family health problems, and the sheer magnitude of the project, it was a long time getting this task this far. Dr. David Sparks has my special thanks for all his help and encouragement.

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