King Egbert, the Man and His Times
King Egbert, The Man and His Times

Table of Contents

Historical Time Line A.D.600-900

The Making of Kings
The Army and Warfare

Events before King Egbert’s Time
Beginning in Europe
The 7 Kingdoms and the Church
King Egbert's Lineage
Ancestors and Parentage

The Life of King Egbert
The Early Years of Egbert (775-802)
The Kingship  (802-839)
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Excerpts
Reasons for King Egbert's Success

The People and Places Important to King Egbert
The People
The Places

Anglo-Saxon Society in King Egbert’s Time
Part 1   -Government, Royal Household, Personal Allegiance, Finances
Part 2   -The Great Hall, Cooking and Eating Habits, Food, Feasts, Christmas
Part 3   -Crafts and Trades, Clothing and Appearance, Hygiene, Medicine
Part 4   -Peasant Life, Farming , Gardens and Plants, Peasant Tasks, Home, Village
Part 5   -Art and Architecture

Sources and References

The Egbert Family History
There is a legend common to the many branches of the Egbert family about being descended from King Egbert. Some have stated they made the connection, but so far no information has been found to confirm it. As much information as possible of the Egbert Family has been included.

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