King Egbert Sources and References

Sources and References

When I started working on the Egbert Family History, there were many parts of the family with legends that they were descended from King Egbert of England. So, being a curious person, I started studying the king and his family. There were only brief mentions of him in books, none that I found were focused on him. That was when I decided to put together whatever I learned about King Egbert.  During this research there were several computer crashes, and a few hurricanes, besides the usual distracting situations that life throws my way. As a result there was some loss of source information needed for this list. There were other websites, books, periodicals, journals, and dissertations studied, and other graphics found. While it may not all be listed here, it was all a benefit to this study. To all the contributors,  thank you.

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Historical Time Line
The Making of Kings- Kingship, The Army and Warfare
Events before King Egbert's Time- Beginning in Europe, The 7 Kingdoms and the ChurchLineage, Ancestors and Parentage
The Life of King Egbert- The Early Years (775-802)
The Kingship- Chronicle Excerpts, 802-824, 825-829, 830-839, Reasons for Success

The People and Places Important to King Egbert - The People, The Places
Society in King Egbert's Time- Part 1 (Government, Household, Allegiance, Finances) Part 2 (Great Hall, Cooking & Eating, Food, Feasts, Christmas)
Part 3
(Crafts & Trade, Clothing and Appearance, Hygiene, Medicine) Part 4 (Peasants, Farming, Gardens & Plants, Common Tasks, Home, Village) Part 5 (Art)
Sources and References