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Village of ENDERS (Ust-Karaman)

Kanton Marxstadt

Samara, Volga, Russia

     A German Village located on the Wiesenseite (meadow side) of the Volga River, along the Bolshoi Karaman River.  Properties of the colony were bordered by lands of Fischer, Stahl am Karaman, Schwed, and Rosenheim, and by vacated wasteland belonging to the colonists of Schwed, Nieder-Monjou, and Schuck, which was unsuitable for farming and used to pasture their livestock.  They farmed in the state-owned steppe opposite the colony of Reinwald.  All villagers were engaged in farming.  Of the skilled trades, they had three: a cobbler, a weaver, and a blacksmith.  There were gardens behind every home, where they planted vegetables and tobacco.  There were also a few orchards.  The original settlers totaled 186 persons comprising 35 families, all of the Lutheran faith.  They belonged to the parish in Rosenheim, where they had a pastor and parish church.  There was a prayer house in Enders. A schoolmaster taught small children in his own house, because there was no school building.

Enders (Ust-Karaman), Volga, Russia

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