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10/23/99 Chinatown visit Ed and Fred at Work
10/27/99 Ed and Deb's 25th Anniv. 10/28/99 Deb bought Oriental Dress
  10/31/99 Brandon  Birthday/Halloween Thanksgiving 1999 11/25/99
Hawaii Vacation 25th Anniv. Vacation New Study for Ed 12/5/99
6/10/00 Visit to Eddie's place 4th of July Trip to MN  7/4/00
SummerFest 7/8/00 Ed Jr.'s Place, Ken, Cori 7/15/00
Nick's Birthday Party 8/12/00 Ken and Cori 8/31/00
10/02/00 Remodeling at Fred's place 10/02/00 Door County
10/13/00 Finishing up Fred's
Living and Dining rooms
10/22/00 Visit to Ken and Cori
and Aunt Verda
4/07/01 Alexandrea's Birthday party 7/24/01 Fred's Housewarming
7/29/01 2001 Pacific NW Vacation 7/29/01 Our Bath Remodel
8/10/01 Grandma Dupont 9/22/01 Bath Remodel Finished
9/30/01 Visit Ken and Cori
And Visit Greenfield Village
10/20/01 Grandma Conard
Fred's Kitchen Remodel is done!
Ed and Deb 27th Anniversary
Ed and Deb at the Edgewater

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Click here for Fred's Picture Collection Updated 1/10/00

Click here for my sister, Christine Coffman's Wood Carvings. 3/4/01

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