Kirkby Stephen Monumental Inscriptions, extract from Bellasis


The Monumental Inscriptions appearing in the Church and Churchyard of
Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland,
were included in Volume One of the above work.
Collected and arranged by Edward Bellasis,
Lancaster Herald, of Lincolns Inn, Barrister at Law,
they were published by T. Wilson, Highgate, Kendal, in 1888.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to
Sarah Reveley of Texas,

who, with her team of hard-working volunteers,
made these Inscriptions readily available to us all.


* Mr. Bellasis visited Kirkby Stephen Sept. 1874. and the late Canon Simpson, (then vicar,) with whom he stayed, gave him every facility in his work. He again visited it with Mr. E. R. Crump, Nov, 1888, and he has to acknowledge the help afforded him in his final inspection from Mr. Nathan Berry the obliging and intelligent sexton, to whom the Rev. H. J. Feilden, in the latter's own absence, kindly referred Mr.Bellasis. Nearly all the inscriptions lie south of the church, so it has not been deemed necessary to mark the southern sites of the tombstones. Some few of the inscriptions could not be properly deciphered. Thus one read thus much "Departed this . . . 1789, father of 9 children . . . da. who were all the . . . the fever." Or again "Here lies . . . dy of Ph . . . of Kirk . . . who d. the . . . " Lastly, "In m. . . d. Nov. 2 . . . aged 25 y." A long low stone is to a da. of Mr. Margetson, &c. (Mr. Berry).
In m. William Addison, who d. February 23rd 1822 aged 88, also Ann his wife who d. March 19th 1803 aged 66, also Isabella Addison their da. who d. February 23rd 1824 aged 56, also John Addison their son who d. April 5th 1851 aged 81.
In m. Alice Alderson (widow of John Alderson of Harker House, Swaledale;) who d. January 27th 1845, aged 81 y. also of Ann Armstrong da. of the above who d. on the 18th day of November 1855 aged 50 y.

In m. John Alderson, clogger, late of Kirkby Stephen who d. February 28th 1837 aged 78, also of Jane his wife who d. September 13th 1856 aged 79, likewise Isabella Alderson their da. who d. August 24th 1860 aged 61 y.

John Armstrong d. March 20th 1820 aged 59. Elizabeth his wife d. Decr. 20th 1844 aged 88.

In m. Joseph Atkinson late of Winton, who d. January 20th 1817 aged 56, also of Margaret his wife who d. November 1st 1825 aged 63, also of Thomas their son who d. August 30th 1831 aged 36.

In m. Thomas Atkinson late of Rookby Garth, who d. Feb. 6, 1791 aged 67 y. of Ann his wife who d. Dec. 21, 1802 aged 74, of David their son who d. June 29, 1791 aged 81, of John their son who d. April 3, 1812 aged 60, of Thomas their son who d. Oct. 17, 1812 aged 57 & of Margaret their Grand-da., the da. of Joseph & Margaret Atkinson who d. June 24, 1812 aged 13 y. (Other side). Mary the da. of Thomas & Ann Atkinson d. at Crosby Garret October 24th 1837 aged 83. Sarah Atkinson her sister d. July 5th 1844 aged 69.

In m. Thomas Atkinson of Mallerstang, who d. Jan. 23, 1802 . aged 61, & of Isabella his wife who d. Nov. 9, 1781 aged 42, also of Agnes the second wife of Thomas Atkinson who d. Septr. 12th 1824 aged 67.

In m. Wm. Balmer of Kirkby Stephen who d. on the 9th June 1861 aged 56. Erected by friends in affectionate remembrance of his long & faithful service.
(Flat tomb.) John Barnett d. January 6th 1762 aged 85.

(Brass). Near this place is interred the Body of Leonard Barnett of Kirkby Stephen who d. L. the 4th Day of Decr. 1782 aged 69.
(In. N. on wooden case for the dole of bread). The Gift of Mr. Robert Barnett of London, Gunmaker, Son of William Barnett, late of Kirkby Stephen 1780.
BRADLEY. Bradleyplaque
(In. chancel N). Alice Georgiana, wife of the Rev. R. R. Bradley d. at Cape Coast on the xxix day of July mdccci Aged xxii y.
BRADLEY.   Bradleyheadstone
In m. Robert Bradley of Kirkby Stephen who d. 28th March 1789 aged 75 y. also Ann his wife who d. 28th July 1785 aged 61. Isabel their da. who d. October 11th 1783 aged 35 y. Robert Bradley their son, who was buried on the 22nd February 1803 aged 53 y. also Isabel his wife who d. March 11th 1785 aged 38 y. John their son who d. June 27th 1808 aged 27 y. also Orton Bradley of Eden Place, eldest son of the last named Robert Bradley & Margaret his second wife who d. March 28th 1857 aged 69 y. In m.Mary the third da. of Orton & Mary Bradley of Eden Place, who d. 14th May 1834 aged 18 y. Mary Bradley widow of the above named Orton Bradley who d. at Watford, Herts, the 3rd July 1865 aged 77 y.
(In. N. floor). E. B., J. B., i.e. Elizabeth & James Brougham. (& prior to memorial tablet, infra).

(In. W.S. aisle). S. m. James Brougham of Kirkby Stephen, gentleman, who d. l. Ocober 21st 1837 aged 87 y. also of Elizabeth his wife who d. l. January 5th 1834 in the 68 y. of her Age. They lived universally respected & beloved & d. unfeignedly lamented. Their private lives were adorned by every Virtue becoming good Christians.

In m. Matthew Brunskill surgeon (late of Kirkby Stephen) who d. May 4th 1841 aged 34.

In m. Thomas Campbell (late of Winton) who d. December 12th 1825 aged 69 y. also of Mary his wife wife who d. March 9th 1828 aged 64 y.
In m. John Cleasby of Kirkby Stephen who d. November 17, 1836 aged 88 y. Hannah, the wife of Robert Alston d. Febry. I5th, 1848 aged 60.

(Over entrance to belfry). Arms on 5 shields, (over arch). i Chequy, fess (Clifford); (dexter) ii. fess between 6 crosses (Beauchamp) impaling 6 annulets 3, 2, I, a crescent for difference (Musgrave), iii. Musgrave (without crescent) impaling cross flory (Ward); (sinister) iv. maunch (Wharton) impaling lion rampant (Stapleton). v. on fess 3 cushions (Warcop of Smardale).*
* See Rev. F. J. Hodgson's learned article; Cumbd. & Westmd. Antiq. & Arch. Soc .Trans. p. i vol. iv, pp. 230-2, with illustrations of the above, & also Hill MSS. vii, 183. Hill observes on the above heraldry :–"Evidently the arms of the benefactors at the rebuilding of the steeple." The Beauchamp and Warcop coats, however, he (or Machell) labels Layton of Sexhowe in Cleveland, and Hutton respectively; and (it is considered,) erroneously.

(Urn on pediment, brass on E. side). In m. Isabella wife of William Close, architect & builder, Kirkby Stephen who d. September xi, mdcccxxx aged xxiv y. also of John Hutton their son who d. April xxii, mdcclii, aged xxiii y.

(S). In m. Thomas Coats who d. May 12th 1833 aged 88 y., also of Mary his wife who d. March 17th 1829 aged 78 y.
(S). . . . . I773 . . . . . nah his . . . W . . . August . . . their . . . . . . y . . . (A)ugust . . . hi . . . (? Dinah Coupland widow of Wm. C. Taylor of K. S. aged 60, Par. reg.)

(In. W., S. aisle). In m. Elizabeth; widow of the Rev. Edward Croft, d. May 15th, 1783 aged 75, she was the only child of Henry Wilson of Black Hall in Kendal Esquire, & Catharine his wife, da. of Thomas Monkhouse of Winton Esquire.
D. . . .
(In. Tower S). R. D., 1715, 1728.
S. m. James Danson of Cockfield who d. April the 11th 1834 aged 70 y.

S. m. Martha, the beloved wife of John Davidson of Derby who met with an accident June 30th 1858, which terminated it: her death July 2nd 1858 aged 48 y.
Waken, O Lord, our drowsy sense
To walk this dang'rous road;
And if our souls are hurried hence
May they be found with God.

(S. altar tomb). In m. Anthony Davis who d. June 27th 1782 aged 71, Mary his wife d. April 13th 1816 aged 84. Joshua their younger son d. February 17th 1795 aged 33. William their elder son d. April 13th 1796 aged 36. Isabella his wife (da. of Robert Islip) d. October 1st 1839 aged 71. Isabella, wife of Anthony Davis d. September 15th 1839 aged 41. Anthony Davis son of William Davis d. September 22nd 1852 aged 60. lsabella wife of William Davis d. September 10th 1856 aged 33. William Davis d. March 16th 1858 aged 33.

Erected in m. Agness Dawson of Kaber who d. l. April 1st 1829 aged 88 y., also John Dawson her son who d. l. July 23rd 1833 aged 61 y., also Agness Dawson his wife who d. l. Octr. 6th 1838 aged 57 y.

In m. Agnes Dawson of Hartley who d. 3d January 1789 aged 23.
The sweet remembrance of the Just
Will flourish when they sleep in dust.
In m. also of John Dawson who d. l. August 19th 1801 aged 66, & Elizabeth his wife who d. Novr. 10th 1792 aged 63.
(Brass, formerly on floor in nave near chancel, now outside. Mr. Berry). In M. Bartholomew Dixon Esq. of Winton Hall who d. the 18 Feb. 1790 aged 69, & of Bowes Dixon his Wife who d. the 18 April 1791 aged 79. They were Affectionate, Charitable, and pious, & their Virtues will long endear them to their: surviving Friends.

Near this place lies Jane his wife who d. March 10th . . . 7 . . . aged 68 also Philip son of Matt : Dixon who d. Dec. the . . th 1738 in the 1st y. of his age. Here lies the body of Agnes, wife of Matthew Dixon of Naiteby who d. December the . . . 1739 aged 83, also Matthew. . . of Matthew. . . of . . . the . . .

(Brass). Near this place lies the Body of Ralph Dixon of Nateby w ho d. L. in the year 1744 Aged 69.

DIXON. Dixon headstone
In m. Richard Dixon who d. at Nateby on the 6th of March 1858 aged 92 y., also of Isabella Dixon, Sister-in-law of the above who d. September the 26th 1845aged 55 y., Also of Thomas Dixon, Husband & Brother of the above who d. November 29th 1853 aged 77 y.
In m. Thomas Dixon, late of Kirkby Stephen who d. February 9th 1803 aged 30, also of Margaret the wife of Thomas Hamilton (and relict of Thomas Dixon) who d. June 13th 1837 aged 72, Also of Thomas Cowper Dixon their son who d. April 14th 1822 aged 28.
In m. William Dixon of Hawes who d. at Kirkby-Stephen Octr. 2, 1846 aged 70. Jane his widow d. at Belmont Cottage near Harrogate, Yorkshire April 9th 1851 aged 62 y. William John Dixon their son d. February 13th 1855 aged 28 y.
In m. Mary Dumaresq who d. Aug. 4th 1810 aged 61. Erected by John Jackson, K. St., surgeon.

(In. tower S). W. E. (i.e. Ewbank. Mr. Berry says, these and other marks here refer to the names of bell-ringers.)

Thomas Ewbank of Winton, Master in the Royal Navy, d. the 29th of March 1787 aged 42.

F . . . .
(In Tower N). E. F. 1645.
F. . . . .
(In Tower S). T.F.1725.
In m. Stephen Fawcett who do Feb.28, 1852 aged 82 y. James his son d. Sept. 24, 1855 aged 61 y. Isabella the wife of James Fawcett d. Oct. 13, 1834 aged 44 y. Ann Fawcett, the wife of Stephen Fawcett d. Febry. 16th 1859 aged 83.
Here lies the remains of John Fothergil, a Citizen and Livery man of the City of London & thirty eight y. Carpenter to the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, and d. l. the 26th Day of February 1792 aged 79 y. He d. deservedly regretted as a Man & heroically so as a Christian.

Near this place (lies) the body of Eve, the wife of Thos. (Fothergi)ll gent, who d. l. the 20th of 8ber. in ye 25 y. of her age, anno Domini 1726.
In m. Anne Fothergill of Nateby who d. Novr. 8th 1826 aged 67. This stone is erected as a tribute of respect for her faithful services, upwards of 25 y. in the family of the late Arthur Shepherd Esqr. in this County.

Here lies the Body of Hellena, Wife of George Fothergill interred April 5, 1765, . . . also the Bodies . . . Bella and . . . ns and . . .
Life how short, Eternity how long. In m. Susanna, wife of Michael Fothergill of Nateby who d. Sepr. 21st 1801 aged 46.
Adieu, blest woman! partner of my life,
Thou tender mother, and thou faithful wife;
From scandal free, most ready to commend,
Most loath to hurt, most proud to be a friend;
Her partner's comfort, and his life's relief,
Once his chief joy, but now his greatest grief,
Her God hath call'd her where he hopes she'll have
A bliss more solid than herself once gave.

Boast not, O death ! thy universal reign,
For tho' all die, yet all shall rise again. – I Corinthians xv. 26.
Near this Stone lies the Body of William Fothergill of Nateby, Slater. He d. on the 20th day of December 1787 in the 55th y. of his age, also Dorothy, his wife d. on the 19th Day of January 1780 in the 52d y. of her age, also Dorothy their da. d. on the 30th day of April 1777 in the 13th y. of her age.
Blest be that Hand Divine, which gently laid
Our hearts at Rest beneath this humble Shade !
Then, by the solemn Ties of Friendship dear
Let no rude Hands disturb our Bodies here.
This Stone was erected by Thomas Fothergill Their Son.

In m. Isabel, wife of George Frankland, of Whingill who d. l. the 16th of February 1805 aged 60. George Frankland her husband d. Sepr. 7th 1811 aged 73. Richard Frankland of Coat Garth d. Dec. 6, 1811 aged 45. Mary his wife d. Febry. 8th 1802 aged 36. Elianor his da. d. Novr. 1st 1832 aged 21. Margery his 2nd wife d. April 21st 1842 aged 70.
Here lies the body of Mary Frankland wife of Richard Frankland of Coat-Garth who d. l. the 8th of February 1802 aged 36 y.
Here are deposited the Remains of the late Richard Frankland of Soulby who d. l. February 19, 1812 aged 64 y.

S. m. Richard Gibson who d. l. August 1st 1860 aged 32 y.

S. m. Margaret, wife of William Gilchrist of Kirkby-Stephen who d. 1. October 22, 1822 aged 60 also William Gilchrist the above Margaret's husband who d. l. January the 17th 1832 aged 70 y.

In a. r. Elizabeth Gill Wife of William Gill, Linehams, who d. l. June 1st 1860 aged 65 y., also of John their son who d. October 12th 1841 aged 21y., & of William their son, who d. Decr. 5th, 1860 aged 38y.

In m. Thomas Gill late of Rookby-scarth, who d. December 19th 1820 aged 55. Also of Margaret his wife who d. December 4th 1848 aged 86, Also of Jane their da. who d. July 19th 1820 aged 16 y.

In m. Thomas Gill, surgeon (late of Kirkby-Stephen) who d. May 19th 1846 aged 50 y. also of Frances his wife who d. February 12th 1850 aged 57 y.
In m. Agnes wife of Harry Gough (late of Manchester) who d. November 19th 1814 in the 30th y. of her age, after a painful illness which she endured with exemplary patience & resignation. Also of Mary Lambert her mother who d. at Crosby-Garret, August 22d 1825 aged 66.

In m. Robert Grime who d. July xxviii. mdcccl aged lxvi.

H . . . .
In m. Thomas H . . . .
In m. William Elliot Hanby of Kirkby-Stephen, who d. l. the 21st of Sepr. 1806 aged 37, also Ann Hanby his da. Sepr. 20th 1806 aged 13.
In m. Christopher Harker late of Hartley (Malster) who d. December 26th 1826 aged 66 y. Also of Matthew Bousfield Junior, who d. l. on the 2nd of April 1859 aged 25 y.
In time of youth with all his promis fair
Has sought the grave to rest forever their (sic).

In m. John Grime Harker who d. Octr. 11th 1859 aged 10 y., also of Christopher John Harker who d. June 8th 1861 aged 16 days. For ever with the Lord.
In m. John Harrison late of Waitby who d. February 21,1810 aged 82 y. also of Anne his wife who d. June 27, 1818 aged 76 y.
In m. Nanny the wife of William Harrison of Soulby who d. Decr. 9, 1845 aged 77 y., also of William Harrison of Soulby who d. Jany. 7th 1852 aged 84 Y.
(In. S). In m. Edwd. Hartley of Melbecks, Gent. Whose strict Piety in his Devotion to God & unbiass'd Integrity in his Dealings with Men, made his Death full of Hope & Comfort to himself, but afflicting to his Friends. He died April 29th 1740 aged 76, Likewise of Hu: Hartley his elder Son who d. Sep. I4th 1744 agd. 31. Also Jane Widow of Edward Hartley who d. Augt. 7th A.D. 1765 Agd. 85.

(Brass). Here lie the Remains of Abraham Hastwell, late of Wharton Dykes, Who d. April 28th 1766 Aged 80.

S. m. Richard Hayton who d. l. June 12th 1828 aged 65, also of Elizabeth his wife, who d. l, October 22d 1816 aged 61.
(E). In m. Thomas Heslop (28 y. Master of the Free Grammar School of Kirkby-Stephen) who d. January 23d 1845 aged 58 y.
In m. Joseph Hindmore of Hartley who d. Aug. 17, 1830 aged 87 y., also Ann his wife who d. April 3, 1844 aged 64 y.
S. m. John Hope of Soulby, Lieutenant of the Royal Navy who d. l. on Saturday the 6th of March 1824 aged 43. Also of John Tebay Hope his son who d. 17th Novr. 1817 aged 3 weeks. Also of Ruth his da. who d. September 26th 1841 aged 22. Also of Rebecca his da. who d. January 4th 1842 aged 17. Also of Agnes wife of the above, who died October 7th 1862, aged 75.

(In. S. brass). In a. r. Maria Hopper, b. at Brough 1st January 1817 who d. at Brayton 17th April 1879 and was buried there. For twenty six y. a faithful and much loved nurse in the. families of Edward Fenwick Boyd Esq. of Moor House, Durham, William Cuthbert Esq. of Beaufront Castle, Northumberland, and Sir Wilfrid Lawson Bart. of Brayton, Cumberland, This Tablet was erected to her memory by the members of those families. Her virtues walked their narrow round, nor made a pause, nor left a void, And sure the Eternal Master found her single talent well employed.
In m. John Horsfield (late of Kirkby Stephen, Mason) who d. August 30th 1848 aged 84, Also of Margaret his Wife who d. January 19th 1837 aged 73. Also of Richard their Son who d. March 28th 1832 aged 40.

(Flat stone). To m. Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. Robert Hunter of Bowberhead, Ravenstonedale, d. April 27th 1806 aged 71, also to m. Isabella only da. of the above named Mr. Robert Hunter & Elizabeth his wife d. February 2d 1837 aged 65.
(Wooden rail in belfry on S. wall of Tower). John Hutchinson, Thomas Eubank, John Tebay, Robt. Swainston Church-Wardens Anno Dom. 1721.
In m. John Waller Hutchinson who d. July 24th 1842 aged 27, also of Margaret Hutchinson who d. August 16th 1842 aged 22, son & da. of James & Isabella Hutchinson of Winton, also of the above named James Hutchinson of Winton, who d. September 13th 1852 aged 68.
Memento mori. Here are deposited the Remains of the mortal Part of Mary Hutchinson, late of Waitby who d. January 5th 1794 aged 60 y.
We live to die, we die to live again,
that we hereafter may with Jesus reign.
Also Lies here interred Lancelot the son of James & Mary Hutchinson of Waitby who d. Feb. 4th 1801 aged 33 y.
Here lies the body of William Hutchinson of Wharton who d. l. the 7th of August . . aged 54 . . In . . of . . pher . . . who was interred . . 27th Decr. 1792 aged 83 . . . rred Elizabeth his wife . . July 1791 aged . . wife of . . 8 . . .

To m. William Hutchinson, Carpenter, Kirkby Stephen who d. September 23d 1825 aged 66, also Eleanor his wife, who d. February 14th 1812 aged 46, Anthony Hutchinson their son, d. November14th 1849 aged 55.

S. m. Wm. son of W. & E. Hutchinson, spirit-merchan.t, obt. 5th March 1817 æ. 17 y. also of Elizabeth his mother obt. 24th Decr. 1828 æ. 66, also of William Hutchinson Senr. obt. 20th January 1833 Æ. 58 y.

Hic jacet Exuviæ Edwardi Hutton de Hartley in spem lætæ resurrectionis Obiit anno Ætatis Suæ 27, anno salutis 1700.
In m. Jane, wife of the late Thomas Hutton. of Soulby who d. October 30, 1813 aged 45 y. also in m. Mary, wife of Thomas Hutton, junior, of Soulby, who d. June 28,1843 aged 28 y.& of Eleanor their da. who d. January 15, 1843 aged 1 y. & 9 m.
I . . .
(In. S. wall tower). C. I. I787.
(In. brass.chancel, S). The window above is dedicated to the memory of Captain Martin Irving who d. May xi, mdccclv. He served his country in H.M. lxi Reg., and also as Deputy Lieut. for the County of Westmorland for xxi y. He discharged the duties of magistrate, an office which he filled with untiring zeal and fidelity, while his remarkable urbanity and Christian benevolence rendered him universally esteemed and beloved. This tribute to the memory of a beloved husband is erected by his widow.

(In. chancel floor, brass). Here lie the Remains of Mary the beloved Wife of Martin Irving Esqr. Magistrate of the County of Westmorland who d. l. the 12th Day of July 1838 aged 62 y.

Lt. Jackson, Æt, 35.
(Calvary cross). This cross is erected in m. Henry Jackson who d. 20th June 1861 aged 72 y. Elizabeth his wife d. 31st Janry. 1855 aged 64 y. & their children. John d.. l0th Octr. 1842 aged 18 y. Catherine d. Sept. 19th 1858 aged 33 y. Sarah who d. May 2nd 1858 aged 35 y. Mary d. Janry. 1855 aged 28 y.

(Brass on stone, and low stone edging). John Jackson M.D. d. Janry 2d 1807 aged 29. Reader blame not a Father for recording the death of a Son in the words of the public papers of the day, as follows. "We are sorry to announce the death ofour Countryman, Dr. Jackson, at Verdun, in France where he was a prisoner of war. The following short tribute to his memory we extract from a Paris paper of the 21st of January. Verdun January 15, "Dr. Jackson the English Physician d. here the 2nd Inst. of a putrid fever. His funeral was attended by all his Fellow-countrymen who are prisoners of war, as well as by the Medical Gentlemen and the Inhabitants of Verdun, whose esteem and friendship he had gained by the benevolence which he disployed towards the unfortunate of every description; He delighted to rescue the wretched from the bed of sickness and death, and afforded them both medical and pecuniary assistance !"

(1n. brass for E. window, loose). In Faith and Love Elizabeth Jackson dedicated this Window to the Glory of God and the memory of her Father Henry Jackson Esq. her Mother Elizabeth Jackson, her brother John and sisters Sarah, Katharine, and Mary A.D. mdccclxv.
(Wooden cross). Of such is the kingdom of Heaven. Henry King aged 2 y. March xii, mdcccxlviii.

(In.S). This roof was made in 1845 and in the 9th y. of the reign of Victoria. Henry King M.A. Vicar, Anthony Davis, George Bailey, John Ellwood, Thomas Fothergill, churchwardens, William Close carpenter, George Bell, plumber.*
* On the new roof are sundry arms &c., such as Musgrave, Lowther, Mason, Whitwell, Wakefield, Simpson, &c.
(In. window, S. transept). This is my beloved son, hear ye him. In I. m. Henry King, for 20 y. Vicar of this parish, he d. on All Saints Day 1862 aged 44. (On 4 scrolls) Holy, Holy, Holy.

(In. S). S. m. Robert Kirkpatrick of Whingill, late of Liverpool who, having just retired from business to enjoy the fruits of an honest and honourable industry, d. Febry. xiii, A.D. mdcccxxi aged 59 y. "ye know not what shall be on the morrow, for what is your life ? It is even a vapour, which appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away."–St.James, iv, 14.
To m. Thomas Kirkpatrick of Whingill who d. August 9th 1836 aged 80 y. also Mary his wife who d. June 1st 1837 aged 77 y. and John their son who d. April.5th 1837 aged 48 y.

In m. James Kitching R.N. who d. l. 17th Jan. 1832 aged 52.

In m. Maria da. of Philip Knapton of York and Eliza his wife, d. June 28th 1825 aged 14 y.
"What in me is dark
Illumine; what is low, raise and support." (Milton).

(Now partly illegible 1874, see N. & B. I .549) 1762. To. m. the Reverend Joseph Langhorne of Winton and Isabel his wife.
Her, who to teach this trembling hand to write,
Toil'd the long day, and watch'd the tedious night,
I mourn, tho' number'd with the heavenly host;
With her the means of gratitude are lost.–John Langhorne.

Here lyeth interred the Body of Miles Mason who d. l. on the 19th of December 1779 aged 78. To the pious memory of the best of Parents His sons have erected this monument As the last Tribute of their Duty and Affection to his sacred remains.
(N. cross). I.H.S. Thomas Mason, B. 1774, D. 1857. Mary Mason, B. 1778, D. 1854. † Sarah Mason, B. 1822, D. 1858. Thomas Mason, B. 1850, D. 1854. Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In m. Alfred James Middlecoat third son of William Middlecoat Esq. late of Somerset House, London, who d. l. at Winton hall August 6th 1848 aged 26y. also of Henry Middlecoat, second son of Wm. Middlecoat Esq. who fell a victim to the attacks of a mutinous crew on his voyage to England from Hong-Kong, China, Novr. 13th 1846 aged 28y.

John Morland of Rookby d. Jany. 24th 1786 aged 73, Isabel his wife d. Decr. 9th 1805 aged 66, their dau. Eleanor d. April 3d 1770 aged 5, Eleanor d. Jan. 1st, 1780 aged 8, Isabella d. Decr. 7th 1783 aged 9, Sarah d. July 5th 1803 aged 33. Two of their trebling sons d. Henry Novr. 19th and Robert Decr. 7th 1783 aged 6 y.

(Altar tomb). Here lie the Bodys of John Moss of Kabar and Mary his wife, she dy'd Oct 5th 1729 aged 46. He the 28th of Feb. 1743 aged 59.
S. m. Robert Moss late of Smardale who d. l. 25th Decr. 1813 aged 64 y. also of Elizabeth his wife who d. l. 16th April 1825 aged 79 y.
How sweet a thing is death, to all who know
That all on earth is vanity and woe !
Who, taught by sickness, long have ceas'd to dread
The stroke that bears them to this peaceful bed.
Few are our days; yet while those days remain,
Our joys must yield to grief, our ease to pain,
Then say, O weary pilgrim, which is best,
The toilsome journey or the traveller's rest.

(Altar tomb). S. m. Thomas Munkhouse of Winton who d. . . . 81st y. (?) Here also is interred Dorothy widow of the above named Thomas Monkhouse who d. the 30th day of November 1759 in the 81st y. of her age. (Dorothy M. bur. 3 Dec. 1759 par. reg).
(In. S). S. m. Thomas Munkhouse of Winton Esquire, a deputy Lieutenant of the County of Westmoreland and one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace who d. l. on the 5th of January 1810 aged 60 And Anne his Wife who d. on the 21st of August 1786 aged 37. They lived respected and beloved, and d, unfeignedly lamented. Also Richard Yates their Son who d. in Infancy. Arms ar. on chevron az. between 2 cinquefoils gu. in chief and tree ppr. in base, 3 roses of the field. Crest, demi-lion rampant gu. holding cinquefoil. Motto, gaudes.

(In. Musgrave chapel, centre, formerly 4 yards to N. of present position altar tomb, thereon a recumbent knight in armour, head resting on helmet). Crest, lion couchant. Arms (on surcoat) 6 annulets 3, 2, I. (Musgrave).
(In. Musgrave chapel, altar tomb, canopy moulding &c. S. wall). Hic iacet Ricard' Musgrave miles iot' Elizabe. uxore. sua. Thoma. filiu. † here. coru. qi. obiit ix o die mesis Novemb. an. dni. mdcccclxiiii cui. anime ppicit' d's amen. Arms, twice, 1 on tomb, 2 on shield held by angel, wings displayed) 6 Annulets 3,2, 1. (Musgrave) last coat with supporters (dexter), lion sejant, (sinister) pelican in her piety. Also On canopy moulding, 2 small birds, at E. side greyhound courant; also tablet with I.H.C.; and the word , "tibi " (?) &c.*
* See an able paper on Kirkby Stephen Church, including description of these 2 Musgrave tombs, and of the great Wharton tomb, but without identification of the quarterings on the latter. Cumbd. & Westmd. Antiq. & Arch. Soc. Trans. pt. 1., Vol. iv., pp. 178-249, art. xvi., by the Rev.J. F. Hodgson. There is no ground for Mr. C. Nicholson saying that the above recumbent figure is Sir Andrew Harcla.

(In. N. on wood). This Bread given by desire of Jos. Nelson, son of Thos. Nelson, tallow chandler in this Town, who d. l. June the 16th 1776 Aged 35 y.
In m. Margaret, da. of Richard Nelson, surgeon & apothecary, late of Hartley who d. l. July 7, 1772, aged 27.

ORTON.   Memorialplaque
. . . fe . . . 1807. (brass) William Son of John & Margaret Orton, d. at Eden Place 6th June 1824 aged 69 y. Also Reginald their eldest son, d. at Kirkby Stephen 8th July 1829 aged 77 y.

P . .
S. P. 1808. (See note, end of section).
P . . .
Here lies the body of Thomas Son of Thomas & Margaret Parker, of Soulby, who d. l. May 1st 1797 aged 15.
Short was my life, the longer js my rest,
For God did take me when he thought it best.
E. P. March 1st 1799 aged 20 y. (Mr. Berry).
. . . also . . . Wm. Parker who died the 5th (3d?) day of August 1779 )1749 ?) aged 60.

(In. S). To Richard Pearson Esquire third son of John & Mary Pearson of Kirkby Stephen, member of the Royal College of Surgeons, who after practising the arduous duties of his profession for upwards of 40 y. at Great Dunmow in Essex with attention, skill, generosity & kindness closed his earthly career in this his native place to which he had returned, in humble trust in his Saviour and in charity with all men, on the 25th day of April 1847 aged 78 y. Mary widow of the above Richard Pearson d. l. Augt. 5th A.D. 1853 in the 78th y. of her age.

Life how short. Eternity how long. In m. John Petty late of Easgill-head Wharton, who d. March 19th 1814 aged 64 also of Ann his wife who d. June 21st 1836 aged 77 and of Isabella their da. who d. August 10th 1804 aged 15.
Here lie the remains of Fanny da. of Samuel and Frances Potter of Winton who d. l. the 7th Feby. 1818 aged – mos. also the remains of John Potter their son who d. the 6th March 1819 aged 10 weeks. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." S. m. Samuel Potter late of Doward House, Herefordshire, father of the above who during a temporary absence from his Wife & Children & to their inexpressable (sic) grief, was seized with a fatal illness at Appleby Castle where he d. l. the 14th Augt. 1820 in his 42nd y. The enlargement of his heart endeared him to his family and a large circle of friends & the urbanity of his manners made him universally respected in this neighbourhood. "As for man his days are as grass, as a flower of the field so he flourisheth."

S. m. John Powell, who d. at Winton April 1st 1861 aged 45 y. Also of William Speak, who was killed by an accident April 17th 1861 during the execution of the works on the South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway aged 31. This stone has been erected by their employer in remembrance of their faithful service to him.

S. m. John Powley who d. 14th March 1830 aged 76 y. Also of Jane his wife who d. May 24th 1841 aged 90, Their children Agnes Powley who d. an infant, Sarah Powley who d. 26th Febry. 1808 aged 22 y.

In m. Jane, wife of William Purchas (Grocer, Kirkby Stephen) who d. May 18th 1851 aged 37 y. also of the above named William Purchas who d. January 7th 1855 aged 50 y. & of William their son who d. January 20th 1854 aged 10 y.
In m. Thomas Raickstraw of Nateby, yeoman, who d. February 3rd 1847 aged 68 y. Also of Nanny Raickstraw his wife who d. May 15th 1853 aged 57 y. Also of William their son, who d. April 27th 1861 aged 33 y.

(Brass). Near this place lieth the Body of Matthew Robinson of Thringill who d. l. the 3rd of March 1781 aged 78 Y. and 3 M. Also Eleanor his Wife who d. l. August the 29th 1768 in her 68 Y.

In m. Matthew Robinson of Rakehead, Nateby, & late of Kirkby Stephen, spirit merchant, who d. August 24th 1816 aged 42 y.
In m. Robert Robinson late of Nateby yeoman, who d. Sept. 15th 1818 aged 88, also of Jane his wife who d. March 31st 1815 aged 80; also of Thomas their son who d. Sept. 2d 1833 aged 72, also of Wm. their son, who d. June 15th 1843 aged 79.
In m. William Robinson of Soulby who d. Oct. 25th 1806 aged 44 y. Also of Mary his wife who d. May 2nd 1846 aged 80 y.
In m. John Roxby late of So. Shields, shipowner, who d. July 20th 1841 aged 56y.

(In. S. wall of tower). Thos. Rudd de Hartley, Jno. Wharton de Wharton, Jno. Grainger de Kayber, Robert Bousfield de Soulby, Church Wardens 1763.
R. Rudd, son of Ann Rudd widow of R. Rudd, Sen. died Nov. l0th 1814 aged 81.

In m. Richard Rudd, of Hartley, obiit 3 October 1794 Ætat 62. Also Richard his son Obiit 1st May 1800, Ætat 25.

(S. tower wall, brass). Arms,3 griffin's heads erased, on chief 3 fleurs de lis, impaling lion rampant, on fess 3 roundles. Near this place are interr'd the Remains of Alice the Wife of the Reverend Mr Henry Rycroft, M.A., Vicar of this Parish, who d. l. the last day of March 1743 in the 56th y. of her Age. Her prayers & her alms are gone up for a memorial before God. Acts 10, iv.
Since we must part, my dearer Self, adieu.
For Ever! No; for we shall meet agen,
In Realms of Joy which never Sorrow knew
And live like Angels tho' we die like men. H. R.
Here also lyes the Body of the said Henry Rycroft, M.A., who d. the 15th day of May in the Y. of our Lord 1746 aged 45. Meliora Spero.
(E). Hen. Rycroft, A.M., St, John's CoIl. Cambridge, Vicar 1743. Dum Spectas Fugio, F. Islip, A. W'mson, (i.e. Williamson) A. Dixon, J. Railton, Ch: Wardens. ("On the dial which stood above the door in the south transept." Mr. Berry).
George Sayer d. May 28th 1804 aged 73, Phillis, wife of George Sayer d. November lst. 1809 aged 74, also John Sayer who d. May 26th 1858 aged 83 y. George Sayer d. Octr. 15, 1825 aged 19.

Here lies interr'd the Body of Jacob Scarth late of Kirby Stephen dyer, who was born at High Cragg in Westmorland and d. l. on the 26 day of May 1762 aged 38. Also here lies his Da. Susannah who d. on the 12 day of October 1755 aged 4.
In m. Bryan Shaw late of Nateby who d. April 19th 1853 aged 68 y.

Here rest in hope the mortal remains of Joseph Shaw of Nateby who d. July 2, 1823 aged 73, also of Jane his wife who d. February 14, 1824 aged 78.
In m. Anthony Simpson of Nateby who d. l. August the 18th 1777 aged 62.

(Brass on lectern). To the glory of God and in m. of James Simpson, 23 years vicar of this parish, obit March 9th 1886, Presented by his widow, Christmas 1886.

(In. on a boss near tower). January 1873, Revd. Dr. Simpson, Vicar, James Bell, Artist and Master Painter, Christopher Waits, forman Joiner (Kendal), Joseph Wood, Mason, Hartley. (Mr. Berry).

(E). In m. Thomas Sleddall of Hartley Gentln. (and formerly of Kendal): who d. January 21st 1826 aged 69 y. also of Mary his wife who d. l. March 6th 1843 aged 80 y. also of Mary eldest da. of Thomas & Mary Sleddall who d. July 17th 1839 aged 39, After along and protracted sickness which she bore with Christian patience & resignation. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."

Erected in m. William Slee who d. l. June 17th 1841 aged 76, also William his son who d. March 22nd 1833 aged 25.
(Brass). Here lies the Body of Edmond Smales, son of Mathew Smales of Gilling in the County of York, Gent., By his first Wife Mrs. Alice Alderson of Oxnopp, in Swale Dale; who d. L. the 4th day of Novembr. in the 14th y. of his Age. Anno Dom. 1727.
(Brass on stone). To m. Elizabeth the Wife of Joseph Steadman Who D. the 5th of Novr. 1789 aged 57 Y.

(Flat stone). Here lies the body of Thomas Stewardson of Soulby who d. L. May the xix mdccxlviii aged lxxvi.

T . . .
(S). C. W. T.
S. m. Mary the wife of Jonathan Taylor who d. Novr. 26th 1828 aged 73.
Here rests a Christian, good without display,
Humbly she walk'd & chose the narrow way,
On Jesus' merits she relied,
And thus in faith & hope she meekly died.
Also to m. Jonathan Taylor her husband, who d.. Nov. .1st 1834 aged 74.
Fix'd was his faith in him who died to save,
And firm his hope of bliss beyond the grave.

In m. William Taylor of Stripes in this Parish who d. l. Jan. 15, 1836 aged 80 y. also Mary his wife who d. April 23, 1839 aged 84 y. Mary their da. d. Feb. 20,1834 aged 42y. and John their son d. Aug. 9, 1838 aged 43 y.

(In. S). In m. the Revd. John Tebay who d. Sepr. 30th 1841 aged 54. He was 34 y. master of the Free Grammar School of Kirkby Stephen, and 32 y. Curate of the Parish. Also of Ann his wife, da. of John & Mary Pearson who d. Sepr. 20th 1828 aged 66.
S. m. John Tebay of Soulby, formerly of Whitehaven in Cumberland who d. at Soulby September 18th 1829 aged 76, also of Henry his son who d. at Appleby December 5th 1828 aged 18, also of Margaret his da. who d. November 28th 1840 aged 20.
In m. Edward Thompson who d. l. Aug. 10, 1817 aged 68 y. Margaret his wife d. March 14, 1813 aged 64 y. Margaret their dr. d. Jan. 28,1795 aged 19 y. John their son d. Aug.31, 1836 aged 64 y. Edward their son d. April 10, 1846 aged 67 y. Mary their da. d. Sept. 25, 1846 aged 67 y.

In m. John Thompson who d. July 1st 1803 aged 73 y. also of Ann his wife who d. March 8th 1822 aged 49 y. also of Joseph their son who d. July 25th 1854 aged 56 y.

In m. Joseph Thompson who d. July 29th 1827 aged 63 y. also of William Thompson his uncle who d. December 18th 1831 aged 93 y.
(In. nave N.W. brass). In m. Matthew Thompson, J.P., D.L. of Stobars Hall, & Mary his first Wife. The Turret Clock was put up by their Da. Mary as a Tribute of love to her affectionate & worthily esteemed parents, whose loss was deeply regretted by a large circle.
(Flat tomb on pillars). In m. Matthew Thompson who d. January 11th 1800 aged 67 y. Also of Mary his wife who d. September 17th 1799 aged 60 y. Also of Margaret their da. who was b. January 13th 1768, & who d. June 17th 1768. Also of Richard their son who d. August 23d 1834 aged 68 y. Also of Mary his wife who d. April 13th 1857 aged 80 y. Also Mary their youngest da. who d. in London September 4th 1859 aged 39 y. Her end was peace.
In m. Mary Thompson, youngest da. of Richard and Mary Thompson.

S. m. Mary Thompson who d. l. June 20th 1822, aged 73.

(Altar tomb). In m. Mary the beloved wife of Matthew Thompson IEsquire who d. April 19th 1857 aged 35 y. Also Sybil their da. who d. October 19th 1848 aged 10 days, Also Richard their son who d. Nov. 15th 1855 aged 16 days.
"Now, Lord, what is my hope, truly my hope is even in thee." S. m. Thomas Thompson, surgeon, who d. l. the 25th day of March 1831 in the 57th y. of his age, also of Catherine Wayne his wife who d. l. November 21st 1852 aged 68. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." C. W. T.

(Brass, chancel floor). To M. Ann (Wife of Joseph Thornton Gent) Whose corruptible part is here deposited Till it shall be raised in Incoruption (sic). She d. a Sincere Member of the Christian Church: Carefully Obedient to the precepts; Firmly believing the promises; Humbly confiding in the Merits of her blessed Redeemer, God Incarnate. Amidst the Blessings of Life which She chearfully enjoy'd; The Duties of it, which She faithfully discharg'd; The pleasures of it, in which She innocently Shar'd She forgot not Immortality, Still mindfull of the Shortness and uncertainty, the Value and Importance of Time. Her early care was so to employ it, as thereby to purchase a blissful Eternity, Hence Reader, learn to die. Ob. 30–March, A.D. -1746, .Æt.–39.

In m. Robert Turner of Kaber, who d. November 25, 1760, aged 25. (Found beneath soil by Mr. Berry).

W . . . . P . . . . M . . . .
(In. tower wall). H. W., T. W., I. P., A.M. (Initials of bell ringers).

Near this stone are deposited the remains of John Waller of Winton Town Head, yeoman, who d. April 3, 1788 aged 53, & of Sarah Waller his eldest & beloved da. who d. unmarried June 12, 1812 aged 41. "Thy will be done." And of Margaret his wife who d. January 24th 1828 aged 85, and of Margaret Whitelock da. of the above who d. April 17th 1858 aged 84.
(Front of cloisters, entrance to churchyard). Built by direction of the will of John Waller Esq. a purser in his Majesty's Navy, and a native of this Town 1810. Geo. Gibson, architect, Wm. Richards, mason.

In m. Thos. Ward of Shorgil, Mallerstang who d. l. ]any. the 12, 1776 aged 80.

. . . on of . . . Wharton who d. 1773 aged 87. Sarah his wife . . . August 31st . . . John their young . . . d. August 13 . . . Richard his brother . . . Also to m. Richard Alderson, own cousin to Thos. Wharton who d. March 14, 1795 aged 70 (?) Mar . . . & mother . . . rson who . . . & . . erected by . . . Alderson.

WHARTON. Wharton headstone Fletcher House, home of Joshua Wharton
S. m. Joshua Wharton of Kirkby Stephen, & formerly of Quebec, merchant, who d. April 6th 1834 aged 60.

(In. Wharton chapel N. large altar tomb with recumbent figures of 1st Lord Wharton & his 2 wives Stapleton and Talbot.1
(Round edge, W). Thomas Whartonus jaceo hic, hic utraque coniuns, (not conjux).
(S). Elionora suum hinc, hinc habet Anna locum.
(E). En tibi terra tvvm, carnes ac ossa [resume,
(N). In cœlos]2 animas, tu Deus alme, tuum.
(E. panel).
Gens Whartona, genvs, dat honores dextera victrix
In Scotos, Stapletona domvs mihi quam dedit uxor
Elionora facit ter bina prole parentem.
Binam adimvnt teneris, binam jvvenilibus annis,
Fata mihi, dat nomen avi mihi bina svperstes.
Anna secunda uxor celebri est de gente Salopum.
Arms. (W). I. 41y. 1st and 4th (sa.) maunch ar. within border engrailed (or) thereon 8 lion's jambs erased in saltire of 1st 3 (augmentation of Ed. VI.) (Wharton) 2nd & 3rd, 41y. I & 4 ermine, on chief (az.) 3 lions rampant (or) 4(Depden), 2 & 3 41y gu & ar. bendlet or (Walais alias Loring). Supporters (dexter), lion (gu. fretty or); (sinister,) bull (ar. horned or) gorged with a ducal coronet (per pale gold & gu. 5 Crest, bull's head erased (ar. horned or) & gorged with a ducal coronet (per pale gold and gu.) Motto, Pleasvr en fayts D'armys. II. Wharton &c. impaling 41y of 5. 1. ar ., lion rampant (sa.), (Stapleton); 2 ar.3 bendlets az. (St. Philibert)6 3 saltires and chief; 7 4 ar. on fess (az.) 3 fleurs de lis (or) (Ufflett); 5 ar. bend between 6 martlets (gu) (Furnival). III. Wharton &c., impaling 4ly of q. 1. az. lion rampant within border or (Montgomery); 2 gu. lion rampant within border or (Talbot) 38 ar. (& gu.) bendyof 10 (Talbot, ancient); 4, 41y 1 & 4 (gu). 3 garbs (within tressure flory, counterflory or) (Comyn), 2 & 3 barruly (of 10 ar. & az.) orle of martlets (gu.) (Valens); 5 gu, on .saltire ar. martlet (sa.) (Nevill); 6 ar. bend between 6 martlets gu. (Furnival). (Four niches, N). I. Arms, 41y, 1 & 4 or, 5 fusils conjoined in fess (az). (Pennington), 2 & 3, ar. 3 bars, (on) canton gu. (cinquefoil of the field) (Preston), impaling Wharton, &c. II. (initials). J. P. (i.e. Joan Pennington nee Wharton) and lady praying. III. (Arms, 4ly 1 (az). annulets (or) 3, 2, & 1. (Musgrave), 2 & 3, 41y 1 & 4 (ar). 3 swords in triangle, the hilts at fess point (gu). (Stapleton of Westmorland), 2 & 3 annulets (for Vipont i.e. gu. 6 annulets or 7, or 6 annulets gu). 4, (az). cross patoncé (or) (Ward), impaling Wharton &c. IV. (initials) A.M. (i.e. Agnes Musgrave nee Wharton) and lady praying.
(Four niches S). I. (initials) H. W .(i.e. Sir Henry Wharton), II, Arms, Wharton &c. impaling 41y 1 & 4 (gu). 3 greyhounds courant (ar. collared or) (Mauleverer); 2, gu. bendlet gobony az. and ar. (sic and not ar. and az). canton in sinister (? a chief or) (Mauleverer)9; 3 (az). bend between 6 martlets (ar). crescent gu. for difference (Luttrell). III (initials) T. W. (i.e. Thomas, 2nd Lord Wharton). IV. Arms, Wharton &c. impaling 4ly of 8, 1, (ar). bend engrailed (sa). (Ratcliffe); 2 (or) fess between 2 chevrons (gu). (Fitzwalter); 3, ar . lion rampant crowned sa. (within border az). Burnell); 4 (or) saltire engrailed (sa). (Botetort); 5 (gu). 3 luces hauriant (ar). (Lucy); 6 (ar). 3 bars (gu). (Multon); 7, or, semé of fleurs-de-lis (sa). (Mortimer); 8 eagle displayed holding a child (? for Parke, i.e. sa. eagle displayed ar).10
1 Mr. Hodgson (see note p. 130) cites Machell the Antiquary's account of all this heraldry, but neither of them identify the various coats & Machell is occasionally shown by Mr. Hodgson to be inaccurate or incomplete in his blazon. N. & B. I, 541, speak of 3 "defaced coats" only, at the west end! Mr. Bellasis' while naming the quarterings &c., has added (in brackets) the proper metals and tinctures, where Machell has not done so, and even certain charges where the monument is imperfect. Mr. Hodgson thinks it possible that in the latter's time the colours, so far as they are given by him, were extant on the monument.
2 This N .E. corner has been knocked off by some violent catastrophe.
3 They look like saltires and are sometimes 8, sometimes 10 in number here. See Mr. Bellasis' note in Cumbd. and Westmd Antiq. and Arch. Soc. Trans., pt. 1, vol. iv.,p. 212.
4 This coat is really divided here per fess with the 3 lions in chief, and 3 ermine spots in base, but it may have been intended correctly as given above.
5 The relative position of these supporters should be reversed. See Coll: Arms, Sir E. Walker's Nobility.
6Bendy of 6 or 10, is another version, Segar III. 949.1040.
7As Ufflett heir immediately succeeds St. Philibert heir, according to the genealogies, and the latter does not appear in her pedigree as introducing another quartering, this coat has not been identified.
8Mr. Bellasis notes in base a straight and an indented line, Machell notes both this coat and Montgomery with an engrailed border.
9i.e. Glover's Yorkshire Visitation 1584-5 (Coll. Arms 2nd D. 5.526), gives a chief and no sinister canton.
10 i.e. This coat was borne by Mary Parke, who, although no heiress, was mother of Cecily coheir to John Mortimer. (Coll. Arms, Segar's Baronage pt. 2, p. 790), Vert, an eagle displayed or, within a border az. is also another Mortimer coat, (id).
WHARTON.Wharton headstone
S. m. William Wharton late of Waitby, who d. l. March the l0th, 1808 aged 70 & of Margaret his wife who d. the 20 October 1807 aged also 70. They lived respected and d. sincerely lamented by their afflicted children. This stone records also the death of their infant son William, January 31st 1776.

Here are deposited the remains of John Wilkinson late of Hartley, who d. l. December 7th 1811 aged 62 y. This stone is erected by Margaret his widow.
Come & let us return unto the Lord for he hath torn and he will heal us, he hath smitten and he will bind us up. After 2 days will he revive us, in the 3rd day he will raise us up & we shall live in his sight. Then shall we know if we follow on to know the Lord. In m. Elizabeth Williamson late wife of John Williamson who d. l. the 12th day of June 1802 aged 24 y.
One fate surprised & one grave received them both. To m. Thos. Wilkinson aged 44 & of Thomas his son aged 13 y. who were both drowned Dec. 7, 1811.
Soon will the Saviour wake their sleeping dust,
By sin consigned to greedy death a prey,
Then shall the rising bodies of the just,
With ceaseless rapture hail the glorious day.

(Square tomb with urn and anchor.) In m. Richard Wilson, gentleman, son of Thomas Wilson Esq. late of Scraptoft in Leicestershire. He d. l. on the 28th day of October 1817 aged 54 y. Nancy Wilson his wife d. April 5, 1834 aged 65 y.
(Flat tomb on 4 pillars, & anchor). Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Thomas Wilson, surgeon, formerly of His Majesty's Royal Navy (son of Richard & Nancy Wilson of Kirkby Stephen.) He died November 20th 1831 aged 41.
O'er thy cold dust depriv'd of breath
No sculptur'd urn we raise
Nor mock the lonely house of death
With vainly pompous praise.
It could not reach th' unconscious ear
That mouldering lies below,
Nor from it could thy clay cold breast
A transient gladness know,
But treasur'd in each pensive mind
Thy monument shall be
Until life's troublous dream is past
Our tear shall flow for thee
Mary Ann Banks his sister died Feby. 27th 1831, aged 31.

There was a stone, now in Pieces, to Mr. Yates headmaster of the Grammar School at Appleby, and with rhymes on it. (Mr. Berry).