Ferrin, Lucci and Desko Families of Upstate New York

Ferrin, Lucci and Desko Families of Upstate New York

My personal genealogy runs back through early English settlers in New England for the Farren/Ferren/Ferrin branch and late 19th century immigrants for the Wacenske branch and early 20th century for the Alfe, Fiandaca, Comperatore/Compertore & Lucci branches. My husband's family branches also mostly arrived in the early 20th century, the Desko, Shelepak, Skumanich & Copiak branches.

That's why this site is named E Pluribus Unum. If you don't recognize the motto of our country or know what it means, I'll translate the Latin : Out of many, one. Eventually this site will show some of the details of these courageous people who wanted better lives in a new place. Whether it was from England in the 1600s or Italy, Sicily, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Russia or wherever, they all made the decision to leave the known for the unknown. And they made the American dream come true for them with lots of hard work and hard times mixed with the joy of freedom and the occasional bout of homesickness.

Many of my relatives have served in the United States Military. Here's a link to some of them. Military

Below is a link to Jerry Ferrin's wonderful website. Jerry is a distant cousin with lots of web page building experience. His web site contains lots of Ferrin family info and links as well as other cool things.

And also a link to Nonna Skumanich's web page. It has lots of info on the Skumanich family, Rusyns & other related topics.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Cousin Jerry Ferrin's Home Page (http://personal.riverusers.com/~jdf/)

Skumanich Family Genealogy Home Page (http://www.skumanich.net)

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