Lewitus web and cemeteries When my grand-mother celebrated her 90th birthday we had a family reunion at the island of Aruba. We came from all over the world: Israel, Peru, Brasil, USA, France. My uncle Holger gave her a genealogy tree, and a copy to each of us.
Since then I took the task of continuing the search.
For that reason I visited the cemeteries and houses where my great-grand-parents had lived in the Czech Republic.
In the Prague cemetery I found the grave of my great-great-grandfather with a n inscription "in memorabilia" mentioning my great-grandfather who was exterminated by the Nazis.
On my grandmother side I found an empty lot, without a headstone, so I suppose the tomb was stolen.
So, I decided to create cemetery web sites to keep record what is still left of these grave yards for future generations.

Until now I have built 4 web sites:
1. The Zizkov Prague cemetery, where I was not able to get the list of graves. When you visit they only give you the details of the graves you are searching. They are reluctant to give more information than required. My information is what I got from the clerk and from many of you who sent me more information.

2. The cemetery at Olomouc, where I got the data base from the Jewish community in Olomouc, so what I still need is a photo of every tomb.

3. The cemetery at Křinec where I only have some pictures. So, I added some information about Jewish history in Křinec.

4. The cemetery at Lima where I have five families buried there

To see more on each cemetery choose the cemetery you want to see

I also added my genealogy tree, so if anybody is interested in looking at it, please do so at My family tree

For further inquiries and information, please do not hesitate to contact me at: Mail to: Erich Lewitus

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