Keefer Marriage Licenses, Madison County, Texas

KEEFER Marriage Licenses

Madison County, Texas

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KEEFER NameRelation to
SpouseMarriage DateLink
George E. Grandson Ila May MATHEWS March 28, 1910 George
Ila Unknown W.B. WEST May 30, 1929 Ila
Johnie Allan Grandson Loula GRIFFIN August 2, 1914 Johnie Allan
Minnie Granddaughter Ethelbert BARLOW March 12, 1903 Minnie
Stephen H. Son Lizzie POWELL May 18, 1892 Stephen
Thomas J., Jr. Grandson Sarah GUINN May 25, 1904 Thomas Jr.
Thomas J., Sr. Son Isabella POOL August 9, 1888 Thomas Sr.
W.D. Unknown Gussie MANTHIE December 1935 W.D.
Walter L. Unknown Wilma KROHN August 31, 1945 Walter
Willie B. Granddaughter Clyde H. CROCKETT April 25, 1909 Willie

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