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             St. Cecilia's Catholic Church South Cemetery (below)

Bartz Rd.

Joseph 1865-1913
Bartz Nicholas A. 1909-1990/Madeline B. 1919       m. 1936
Marie Obertean 1899-1928
Fred J. Obertean New York SGT US Marine Corps World War I March 31, 1893-Feb 3, 1954
Mary Daughter of Peter & Cordula Logel Born June 2, 1866 died Sept 22, 1891
Peter Logel born July 19, 1833 died April 20, 1922/Cordula his wife born April 23, 1821 died Cec 2, 18??
Nicholas W. 1881-1931
Ella M. 1886-1925
Edward C. Obertean SERGT 13th Co. 4th Batt. 153rd Depot Brigade 1896-1924
American Legion
Kibler Mother Louise M. 1889-1984/Father George W. 1876 – 1940 Always in our hearts
William M.
E? & ?L
Conrad-Catherine B. 1858-1942/Joseph J. 1861-1951
Armbrust-Mary 1879-1960/George 1875-1945/Dennis McCormick 1896-1951
Galligan-Odelia H. “Della” 1878-1965/Thomas F. 1882-1939
Harman-Williiam 1870-1891/Edward 1884-1895
Weidig-Nickolas Weidig died Jun. 20 1914 age 72 yrs. 8 mo 24 da./Anna Weidig died Apr. 17, 1908 Age 61 yrs. 4 mo. 21 da.
Fountain-Fred Fountain 1832-1925/Mary his wife 1844-1907
Peter Bartz 1843-1922
Nicholas Bartz born Apr 2, 1804 died June 17, 1887/Elizabeth. His wife born Aug. 18, 1814 died Sept. 4, 1895
Barvian-Anna 1917     /Richard 1911-1988
Barvian-George A. 1874-1949/Elizabeth C. 18871-1942
Ida M. dau of George & Lillie Barvian Apr 23, 1907 Mar 2, 1908
Husband Henry J. Steves Feb 14, 1917-May 18, 2000/Wife Josephine H. steves Jun 9, 1914-Jun 24, 1995
George-John F. George Born 1820 died 1904/Clara his wife born 1820 died 1882
Leroux-Josephine Loreaux Jeangvr born Apr 12, 1811 died Aug 11, 1900/Clotilde Loreaux Leroux, Born Nov 10, 1808 died Sept. 25, 1905
Evelyn Holmes 1895-1966
Nicholas Calmes 1875-1954
David A. Calmes 1938-1959
Richard P. George 1922-1989
Peters-Mother Margaret L. 1906-1998/Son Robert P. 1923-1997
John P. Almeter 1967-1993
Tracy J. Almeter 1961-1983
Almeter-Mother Bertha T. Dec 4, 1908-Nov 5, 1995/Father Paul N. Sep 26, 1908-Mar 17, 2001/Daughter Mary E. July 10, 1935
Eberth-Mother Helen 1915-1998/Father John 1906-1979
John Hyman age 14?/Frank Hyman Age 25?
Perry-Nicholas F. 1919-     /Mary f. 1925-     /Chester 1953-1979
Nicholas George born June 12, 1820 died Apr. 17, 1893
Eastella born Oct 5, 1898 died Mar 22, 1899/Henry born July 28, 1900 died July 22, 1903 children of F.N. & Elizabeth George
Brother Julius Ferdinand 1886-1917
Ferdinand-John Ferdinand 1839-1896/Anna Maria his wife 1842-1922
Martin george 1855-1936
Bartz-Leo 1912-1996/Fosaline 1920-1998
Edward Armbrust 1852-1914
Daughter of Frank & Clara Armbrust died feb. 4, 1904 aged 22 years
John Armbrust 1852-1936/Sylvia his wife 1852-1907
Simons-Frances 1879-1940/Albert 1880-1937
Julia Armbrust 1876-1960
Louise M. Hennessy May 15, 1877 Jan 5, 1925
Straub-Elizabeth wife of Frank Straub 1841-1921
John Wise 1863-1927
Kirsch-Mary J. 1882-1924/August 1882-1967
Francis J. Kirsch SSGT US Marine Corps World War II Korea May 28, 1922-Dec 4, 1978
Canney, John Charles and Cathleen Doeblin 1940-2000
Victor M. twin son of William & Bertha Armbrust born Oct 8, 1906/Jan ?0 1908
Michael George Armbrust born June 8, 1918 died July 7, 1914
Armbrust-Edward A. 1882-1967/Hattie K. 1887-1980
Frank 1844-1920
Tusk- Dominick died April 12, 1897 aged 68 years
Clara 1849-1928
Clara M. 1874-1948
Wildgen-Henry wildgen 1820-1898/Kathreen his wife 1822-1904
Mark A. Dominesey 1961-1985
Karpio-Sharon A. /richard P. 1942-1979
Ted Zielinski F1 US Navy world War II Sep 19, 1922-Jun 8, 1979
George-Dorothy J. 1922-1972/Gerard J. 1919-1999
Meidenbauer-Leonard 1959-  /Dorothy J. 1929-1985/Lester F. 1930-
Empty headstone was missing hole in ground
Jungers-Frances Jungers born Apr 16, 1853 died Aug 14, 1882

A special thank you to the grounds keeper Sandi Golden for raising and clearing off the buried stones that were unreadable until recently. I had a great visit with her and she is very sincere in her work and does a terrific job.  It`s a real hard job ,but she wants the stones up and visible for us.  And lest we forget Father Weber and his Secretary Mrs. Pat Daniels for allowing me into the rectory to check the map and take pictures on the wall in the dining room....Barb Durfee


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