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 The history of my Hill family in the United States starts with Archibald Hill (210), who was born in Ireland, a son of Timothy Hill (417) and Esther Dick (418). In this country, Archibald eventually settled in Crawford County, Pennsylvania about 1795, where he acquired 400 acres of land and married an Irish girl, Mary Buchanan Fulton (211). Mary is a daughter of Thomas Fulton (214) and Sarah Buchanan (215). Thomas Fulton and Sarah Buchanan were born and married in Ireland. They immigrated to the United States sometime prior to the time Archibald Hill immegrated to the US. Thomas is said to have been an agent for the Holland Land Company*. He owned 400 acres of land not far from where Archibald finally settled.

Archibald and Mary had eight children, among them my great great grandfather Timothy Hill (83). Timothy and his brother Samuel (374) inherited and lived on the farm built by their parents in Crawford County. Timothy and Samuel married sisters, two daughters of Captain James Montgomery (212) and Sarah Fulton (213), who lived just across the county line to the south, in Mercer County, PA. Timothy married Sarah Montgomery (84) and together they raised eighteen children on their farm. These children did not stay put. Most eventually left the farm, left the county, and went to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Two sons, Archibald (425) and John (424) and a future son-in-law, Orry Turner (258), served in the Civil War. Archibald was a member of the 8th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He was a prisoner of war, captured at Shiloh and later released. He died from disease contracted as a result of service days before Lee surrendered at Appomatox. John and Orry were members of the 52nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment. John contracted smallpox, but recovered. He was a prisoner of war, captured during Sherman's Carolina campaign, and held in Libby Prison in Richmond. He was released when Grant took Richmond, but suffered the rest of his life from illness contracted during his imprisonment. Orry also suffered from illness contracted during military service his entire life. [See Civil War Hills]

Samuel married Margaret Montgomery (375), sister of Sarah. They had seven children, most of whom stayed close to home. Two sons, Archibald Fulton Hill (379) and James Montgomery Hill (380), fought in the Civil War as members of the 150th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Bucktails). The most notable campaign for the 150th was the part the unit played during the first day at Gettysburg. Archibald died during the war at Rapahannock Station and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. [See Civil War Hills]

My great grandfather, Charles Alexander Montgomery Hill (38) first went to Oil City, PA in its heyday, but eventually, with my great grandmother, Margaret Chappell (39), ended up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Margaret is the daughter of Jason William Saulis Chappell (207), Mercer County lawyer, printer, newspaper publisher and gentleman farmer, and Hannah Gibson (208).

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* At the time, foreigners were forbidden by US law to own land in the United States. The so-called Holland Company was a loose consortium of European investors whose goal was to buy 1,000,000 acres of US land. They accomplished this through an American proxy who employed agents to search out available land.

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