The German name of Evilsizer was Americanized from Ebelshäuser, Ebelsheuser and Ebelsheiser, a locational name from a lost or unidentified place. The Hessian records show Uebelshausser while the US records list Evilsheiser and several other variants. The Crest on the Coat of Arms is the German Eagle used on many German Family Coats of Arms. An eagle with it's wings spread, symbolizing protection. The Helm is a face helmet borne above the shield and beneath the crest. Initially it is believed that it was used to denote the rank of the wearer. All three Hessian Evilsizer's were Privates. The four elements on the Shield provide some interesting insights. Firstly there are groups of three. It is believed this was symbolic of the three main battalions of Genadiers who were sent to fight in the Revolutionary War in America. All three Evilsizer men were in MNG Battalion. Two were Grenadiers while Nikolas was in the JAG Courier. The quartered shield may represent the union of two or more families. The three symbols in the first quadrant on the shield are medieval grenades. Two Hessian Evilsizer men, Jacob and Johannes, were grenadiers. A grenadier is a soldier who specializes in handling grenades and other explosives. Grenadiers were a common rank in the German army continuing through to the Second World War. The second quadrant of the shield has three falcons on a perch prior to flight. A falcon represents one who does not rest until an objective is achieved, as with the three battalions who served from 1777 to 1783. The third quadrant is the common Fleur de Lis. Although a French symbol, it is routinely used on Crests from many nations and is a common military decorative symbol. It signifies that the bearer has the ability to lead the followers of a family into battle. It can also represent purity and light. The fourth quadrant of the shield contains three Lions heads affronté. The lion is one of the most ancient of heraldic charges representing dauntless courage, bravery, strength, ferocity and  valour. It seems more than appropriate to assign these qualities to a German Grenadier.

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