George, William and Adam have proven NOT to be children of OL' Jakob. It has been determined by their birth dates, and not being in the household census of Jacob. These children were never baptized that I can find. I have two theories as to their father. Many years ago, my father Ivan Evilsizer when researching claims to have found a (Theory #1)Thomas Evilsizer buried in Augusta Co.,VA with a tombstone that says aged 52 years. He did not document his source, and I have not been able to find him in over 20 years. There was a Hessian Soldier by the name of Nicholas (Theory#2) who deserted in Oct 1777. Being a deserter could explain why he hid from the census takers, and did not baptize his children. These three men moved the same migration path as Ol' Jacob, (Berks Co, PA-Rockingham Co., VA)leaving me to believe whichever theory holds true, he was a brother or cousin to Jacob.

There are many trees on the internet attaching these children as sons of Ol Jakob. This is undocumented.!!!


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