Evilsizer, Anna Margaret
Huff, Elias
Married : 8 Nov 1804 Rockingham Co, VA

Evelsizer, Carl Edward, 32 div, of Marietta, OH
McGonigal, Esther, 32 of Chester WV
Married 19 July 1945 Wood Co, Parkersburg, WV

Evelsizer, Carol Edward, 22 of Washington Co, OH
Estell, Dorothy Evelyn, 21 of E Liverpool, OH
Married 14 April 1934 Hancock Co, WV

Evelsizer, Carl E 56, widower of Marietta, OH
Baker, Betty Mae, 47, widow of Newell WV
Married 18 July 1968 Hancock Co, OH

Evilsizer, Charles Sanford, 22 of Noble Co, OH
Fouch, Ruth Bee, 24 of Wood Co, OH
Married 15 Nov 1933 Pleasants Co, St Mary's WV

Evilsizer, Donnell Roy, 32 single, of Roane Co, WV
Hicks, Joyce jean, 30, div, of Kanawha Co, WV
Married 4 Sept 1957 Charleston, WV

Evilsizer, Elizabeth
Allstadt Reese
Married: 2 Nov 1815 Rockingham Co, VA

Evilsizer, Elizabeth Pauline, 18 of Hancock Co, WV
Conkle, Paul Dean 20
Married 11 July 1922 Hancock Co, Chester, WV

Evilsizer, Emerson John, 22 of Summit Co, OH
Cousins, Ruth May Belle, 22 of Scioto Co, OH
Married 17 Nov 1934 Hancock Co, WV

Evilsizer, Frank Hunt
Rebecca Rosean
Married: 28 Jan 1894 Roane Co, Roane Co, Spencer, WV

Evilsizer, Fred, 22 of Hancock Co, WV
Clark, Lucille Marie, 16 of Jefferson, OH
Married 11 Sept 1933 Hancock Co, OH

Evilsizer, George E, 25 of Roane Co, WV
Boggs, Florence, 26 of Spencer, WV
Married 4 Nov 1913 Roane Co, WV

Evilsizer, George
Wise, Maria Eva
Married: 11 Apr 1811 Rockingham Co, VA

Evilsizer, George 21 of Noble Co, OH
Johnston, Winnie Bernice, 19 of Venago, PA
Married 24 Sept 1905 Cleveland, OH
(License applied for Hancock Co, WV)

Evilsizer, George Edward
Johnston, Winnie B
Married: 24 Sep 1905 Hancock Co, Chester, WV

Evilsizer, Henry Sr.
Idle, Elizabeth "Betsy" (Eitel)
Married: 6 Nov 1798 Botetourt Co, VA

Evilsizer, Herman 21, of Roane Co, WV
Price, Nora, 21 of Jackson Co, WV
Married 2 Dec 1916 Roane Co,WV

Evilsizer, W Hoyt, 20 of Roane Co, WV
Mace, Maude, 22 of Roane Co, WV
Married 24 Jan 1915 Roane Co, WV

Evilsizer, Ida, 17 of Roane Co, WV
Phillips, Rexle, 23 of Roane Co, WV
Married 17 Oct 1927 Roane Co, WV consent of Frank Evilsizer

Evilsizer, James F
Powers, Elizabeth Ellen
Married: 8 Apr 1874 Jackson, WV

Evilsizer, Janie, 16 of Roane Co, WV
Hartley, Oscar, 18 of Roane Co, Wv
Married 21 Feb 1924 Roane Co, WV consent of father Frank Evilsizer

Evilsizer, Jacob
Melton, Letti "Betsy"
Married: 13 Sep 1815 Nelson Co., VA

Evilsizer,  Jacob
Roop, Polly
Married: 19 Jan 1813 Rockingham Co, VA

Evilsizer, John
Peters, Mary
Married: 24 Aug 1809 Rockingham Co, VA

Evilsizer, John Albert, 21 Hancock Co, WV
Coleman, Irene Betty, 18 Starke Co, OH
Married 20 August 1935 Hancock Co, Chester, WV

Evilsizer, Jonathan Ellsworth
Skinner, Florence Elma
Married: 28 Oct 1896 Pleasants Co, St Mary's WV

Evilsizer, Joshua
Hennings, Frances (Mrs Dodds)
Married: 26 Sep 1816 Rockingham Co, VA

Evilsizer, Lola Marie, 18 of Cambridge, OH
Wentworth, Frederick Alvin, 27 of Fredricksdale, OH
Married 4 Oct 1941 Marshall Co, Moundsville, WV

Evilsizer, margie, 18 of Roane Co, WV
Phillips, Russell, 22 of Roane Co, WV
Married 15 Aug 1921 Roane Co, WV

Evilsizer, Marie, 17 of Summit Co, OH
Conkle, Paul, 19 of Hancock Co, WV
Married 27 June 1942 Hancock Co, Chester WV

Evilsizer, Martha, 21 of Roane Co, WV
Herbert Longfellow, 22 of Roane Co, WV
Married 19 Sept 1923 Roane Co, Spencer WV home of Frank Evilsizer

Evilsiger, Mary
Ham, William (Wm R (Billy) Hand
Married 25 December 1799 Augusta Co, VA
Jacob Uebelsauftzer gave signed permission

Evilsizer, Mary Margaret, 17
Heiney, James Oliver, 22
Married 22 April 1929 Hancock Co, New Cumberland WV

Evilsizer, Phillip
Huff, Anna (Hough)
Married: 14 Jul 1814 Rockingham Co., VA

Evelsizer, Ray Edward, 25, single of Columbiana Co, OH
Bailey, Margaret Anne, 25 single of Prince Wm Co, Quatico, VA
Married 21 May 1960 Hancock Co, WV

Evilsizer, Samuel, 24 of Jackson WV
Lowe, Laura, 27 of Roane Co, WV
Married 11 April 1903 Hancock Co, Chester, WV

Evilsizer, Samuel Union
Wine, Leona Olive
Married: 31 Mar 1889 Roane Co, WV

Evilsizer, Sarah
Hartsook, Peter
Married 14 Mar, 1809 Rockingham Co, VA

Evilsizer, Weldon O, 30
Sapp. Cleta Rosella, widow
Married 26 Aug 1947 Taylor Co, WV

Evilsizer, William Pitt
Creighton, Anne Elizabeth
Married: 23 Nov 1874 Pleasant Co, St Mary's, WV

Evelsizer, William Michael "Buzz"
Hoschar, Hattie Elena
Married: 20 Oct 1909 Jackson Co, WV

Evilsizer, William, 21 of Washington Co, OH
Crayton, Anne E, 20 of Pleasants Co, WV
Married 23 Nov 1874 Pleasants Co, WV

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