The following are taken from actual military records and include stories passed down from generation to generation. Thank you to the Evilsizer researchers who have submitted info.

Aaron Michael Evilsizer - (William H, William H, Bert Watson, Levi Lewis, Allen, Henry, Jakob)
A Driver in the US Army He is trained in paratrooping, he has driven the bradley fighting vehicle, and he is trained in the javelin missile. He just became a corporal and he will be sergeant on March 1, 2004. He is stationed in Korea at Camp Casey. He is in the 2id, 2-9, hhc

Adam Evilsizer (unknown brother to Jacob1) brother to George(below)
Private, 6th Regiment (Colemans Aug-Dec 1814) Virginia Militia.
Pvt, Captain Strickler's Co of Infantry, 6th Regiment. Appears on Companys Pay Roll for Aug 31 to 12/6/1814 allowing 6 days to go home. Pay per month , 8 dollars. Amount of pay, 26 dollars, 06 cents. Amounts of clothing received, 3 dollars, 00 cents. Balance Due 23 dollars , 06 cents.Discharged at Cross Roads, distance from residence, 160 miles.
Adam bc.1777 married Magdelene Baker 9/5/1817 in Harrison County, Indiana. Adam died December 1821 leaving 3 minor children , Lewis b 1818, Addison b 1819, and Anna Marie b1821 m. Andrew Engleman

Carl Eugene Evilsizer - Charles Bartling EVILSIZER
These two brothers were among the first navy men to enter Tokyo Bay after the surrender of the Japanese. C Eugene Evilsizer, storekeeper, Second Class was aboard the USS Highlands, the first troop transport to anchor near the enemy capital on V-J Day, Charles B Evilsizer, Fireman First Class was aboard the Aircraft Carrier Cabot also in the Navy occupying force. Both brothers saw action at Iwo Jima, Okinawa and several other engagements of the Pacific War-They are sons of Mr and Mrs H B Evilsizer, 1235 Otto Blvd.

Clarence James Evilsizer 7(1939-) (John Calvin III6, John Calvin Jr5., John Calvin4,Elliott Raines3, Joshua2, Jakob1)
Clarence J Evilsizer, son of John C Evilsizer Jr of Nashville is appointed to the rank of Warrant Officer while serving with 2nd Staff and Faculty Company, Fort Eustas, VA. His wife Paula lives at 408 Lucas Creek Rd., NewProt News, VA

Daniel Millard Evilsizer( William Irvin,Jr4, William Irvin,Sr 3,Henry2, Jakob1
Born 9-10-1902; Died 3-29-1921. Tombstone in Nettle Creek Cemetery, Champaign Co, Ohio reads - "AS US ARMY WWI".

David Nathaniel Evilsizer (1946-1967) (William Nathaniel6,William Hoy5,Henry Alvin4, Elliott Rains3, Joshua2, Jakob1)
Viet Nam USMC,Buried Richfield ILL

Douglas C Evilsizer7(Charles B6,Henry Edward5,Charles Joshua4,Jefferson T3, Joshua2, Jakob1)
I joined the Army in May of 1964,I was 17. I went to basic training at Ft. Leonardwood,Mo. After 8 weeks of training,I then went to Ft.Gordon,Ga. I spent another 8 weeks of training there. I then received orders for Vietnam, I arrived in Vietnam in Dec. 64. I spent one tour there of one year, I was stationed in the Mekong Delta,at Cantho,I spent about 6months there,then went to Soctrang,I finished my first tour there. From Vietnam I went to Bangkok, Thailand. I spent 18 months there,with USMAGTHAI advisory group. I left there in Aug of 1967,I went back to Vietnam and stayed for 4 years. I had been all over Vietnam at the end of that tour. Some of the places I remember are, BacLieu, Danang, ChuLI , Plekeiu,
and Long Binh. I was a Comm specialist, I also flew volantary door gunner for 18 months. I left Vietnam,and was sent to Hawaii for three years. From Hawaii I got stationed at Ft. Hood,Tx. I spent my last 3 years in the army there. I got out of the Army,I was out 6 months;then joined the Navy, I spent 8 years in the navy and retired in 1985

Don L Evilsizer( descendant of Immigrant William Evilsizer who came to America and settled in Logansport, Cass Co, Indiana after 1860).
LaPorte Indiana Newspaper, 1987 Obituary reads: "He was an Army Veteran of WWII" He married Ethel Sterns 2/20/1943 in Fort Lewis, Iowa. His adopted child, **Garry Lee b 1949 spent 20 years in prison (recently paroled).You can find this info on the Evilsizer's In Law Page

Ebenezer served in the Civil War and was a private in Company E, 122nd Regt, of the Ohio Volunteer infrantry. He was reported 150 lbs, 5'8", blue eyes, fair complexion, light hair. He was captured in Winchester VA on June 15th, 1863 and held at the Libbey Prison at Richmond, VA & Belle Island Prison, exchanged on July 23rd, 1863 and later discharged on June 26th, 1865. After his discharge he lived in Wood Co, then later moved to Noble Co, Ohio. He Had 7 children by his fist wife.

George Evilsizer (son of unkown brother to Jakob1), father to George W. (below)
National Archives, War of 1812, Private, 5 Regiment (Paddock's) Indiana Militia

George W Evilsizer  (George2, unknown brother to Jakob1) I believe this to cousin to Spencer Evilsizer, (below)
Corporal, K23, Indiana Infantry. Born 12/21/1827 , IN, married America Swank, Harrison Co, IN 8/14/1840. I believe this to be the same person buried in the Wolfe Cemetery in Harrison Co, died 1872, however he does not appear in 1860 Indiana Census

IvanIvan Palmer Evilsizer
(Clarence Elmer5, John Calvin4, Elliott Rains3, Joshua2, Jakob1)
My father, born 2/12/1928 St Clair, MO died 1/1/1997, San Diego, California. Liver Cancer. Enlisted in the US Army 4/19/1946 in Jefferson Co, Missouri and separated 4/21/1947 in Fort Dix New Jersey. He was a T5Clerk Typist with a qualification for the SS M-1 Rifle 176 and received the WWII Victory Medal.  He was with Headquarters Troup 2nd Constabulary Regiment. His DD214 separation reason states "Convenience of the Government AR 615-365". He received an honorable discharge. My father wrote his autobiography before he passed away and had some interesting stories about his year of service. 
Read from "My Life and Times"

James Evilsizer
Co H 67th Ohio Colunteer Infantry. Mustered in OPct 3-Dec 25, 1861 at Camp Oliver by Second Lieutenants John Faskin, John R Spafford, Hyatt G Ford, and Joseph Jackos, USA Mustering Officers. Mustered out of Federal Service Dec 7 1865 at City Point, Virginia by Capt J Remington, ACM, Dept of VA, Mustered out of state service Dec 15, 1865 at Columbis, OH.  James Eveleizen, also Evilsizer, Private, Enlisted Feb 1862 for 3 yrs. Discharged July 7 1865 at Tripler Hospital, Columbus OH by order of the War Dept.

Jesse Orval Evilsizer World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Blackford Co, IN- 9/7/1917-Born 10/4/1875, laborer for Hartford City Paper Co, next of kin Loretta May Evilsizer

Johannes  "Jacob", Jr   (Jakob1)
Private, 5th Regiment (Mc Dowell's) Virginia Militia-War of 1812

Jonathan Evilsizer, Jr (Jonathan3, John4, Jakob1)
History of Washington Co, OH Jonathan, age 20, volunteer, July 1862 three years. Ninety Second Regiment, Company F, private died Sept 1863, mortally wounded at Chicamunga

Joshua  Evilsizer (Jakob1)
Private, Major Woodford's Squad, Cavalry, Virginia Militia, War of 1812
Joshua bc1795 married Frances Hennings Dodds( widow of Samuel Dodds, killed on the USS Cheseapeake {captured by the British Ship "Shannon" June 1, 1813}) 9/16/1816 in Rockingham Co, Virginia. Known Children; Sinclair b 1819, Jefferson T b 1820, Cinthia Ann b 1822, Reese B b 1824, Elliott Raines (E.R.){my gggf), Elizabeth Ann b 1826, Isaac b 1828, Ephraim b 1832, Zachariah Hoy b 1833, Levi Hennings b 1836. Joshua died 1846 in Nashville, Washington Co, Illinois.

          While on a hunting trip in the Illinois Territory in 1832, Joshua was pressed into the Illinois Militia. They needed troops to push Chief Blackhawk back across the Mississippi River. Fifty million acres had been given by treaty to the Sauk and Fox Tribes in 1804, and now the settlers were in the process of taking the land back. Joshua was cited for bravery in the Battle of Bad Axe which was fought August 2, 1832, just South of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Approximately one thousand Indians participated in this battle and only one hundred fifty lived to be taken prisoner.

Josiah Evilsizer (Jonathan3, John2, Jakob1)
Age 19, volunteer, February 1864, three years. Thirty-Sixth Regiment, Company K, private served one and one-half years. Mustered out July 1865.

Lafayette Evilsizer  (Jacob3, Henry2, Jakob1)
Private, 34th Regiment, Indiana Infantry. Believed to have died in the Civil War, as no record in Census.

Marion Evilsizer  (1840-1865)(Griffith3, William2, Unknown Evelsheimer1)
Died in early days of Civil War. He enlisted, went to camp, was stricken with typhoid fever; sent home sick and soon died.

Minor Evilsizer (Leonard M3, Henry2, Jakob1)
89th Indiana Infantry-Private-
b.2/5/1843 Jay Co, IN married (1) Mary A Zigler 2/9/1867 (2) Mary Rider 1/26/1873, (3) Esther Brandenburgh 12/25/1899, Jay Co, IND. Only known child is Addie E b 1873 m. Joseph Wright 1892, Jay Co, Ind.

Nathan Evilsizer (Jonathan3, John2, Jakob1)
Died in Civil War-No other info

Paul G Evilsizer (1939-1993) (John Grant6, William Henry5, Dr. Thomas B4, Dr. Henry3, Jr, Henry Sr.2, Jakob1)
Obit states he was a Veteran of the Marines

Phillip Evilsizer (Jakob1)

7/27/1814: Phillip Evilsizer volunteered for Capt. Robert Irvins Co in the regiment commanded by Col. Thomas Balew for the term of six months, at amuster ground in Rockingham Co, VA. From there, they marched to Richmond, thence 12 miles below Richmond to Camp Holly Springs, where he was stationed the balance of his term.

2/13/1815: Phillip Evilsizer discharged honorably at Richmond, Henrico,Co,VA

12/10/1850 : Phillip Evilsizer made a declaration for the purpose of obtaining bounty land to which he may be entitled under the Act granting Bounty Land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in military service of the United States", passed Sept 28,1850. He receivedd a bounty Land Warrant for 80 acres (#14377)

3/29/1855-Phillip Evilsizer made a declaration for the purpose of obtaining the additional Bounty-Land to which he may be entitled under the "Act granting Bounty-Land " approved 3/3/1855. He received an additional Bounty Land Warrant for 80 acres(#15086)

WAR OF 1812
Enlisted: July 27, 1814
Discharged: Feb 13, 1815
Residence: 1850 1855 Green Co Tenn; 1871 Green Co,Tn(Greenville)
Widow: Annie Huffnow.......(Hough)
Service: Private in Capt Robert Erwins Co VA MIL
Bounty Land:SC3345-143778650
Widow: SC1599 150368055
*National AArchives M-313 Reel 31

date Philip Evilsizer or Ebilszer, age about 77 years, resident ofGreene County and State of Tennessee, who was being duly sworn accordingto law, declare that he was married , that his wife's name was Anne Huffnow deceased to whom he married in the county of Rockingham and thestate of Virginia (does not remember the date] 1814: that he served thefull period of sixty days in the Military Service of the United States in the war of 1812; that he is the identical Philip Evilsizer who volunteered in Captain Robert Irvins Company in the Regiment commanded by Col. Thomas Balew for the term of six months, at a muster ground in the county of Rockingham and State of Virginia (cannot remember dates, thinks it was in 1814] and was honorably discharged at Richmond in the county of Henrico and the State of Virginia [cannot remember date of discharge-thinks it was in 1814 or 1815] that he was a private soldier in said company "and marched to Richmond-thence 12 miles below Richmond
to Camp Holly Springs, where he was stationed the balance of his term--and on his return to Richmond was discharged as aforesaid--that in consequence of having no education and his extreme old age and affliction, he cannot remember the dates of his volunteering and discharge--that he received a land warrant for 80 acres for such service under Act of 28th of September 1850--& that Geo. W. Foute was his agent in the procurement of said warrant, but he does not know the No. of said warrant---that afterwards he received Land Warrant No. 15.086 for 80 acres under Act of March 3, 1855--B. McDannel his agent in the procurement of said last warrant from whose record the above number is taken--that he has no record of his marriage and cannot remember dates--but was married a short time previous to his service---that hisfirst application for County land was made".......that his post office is at Greenville county of Greene and State of Tennesse, that his domicile or place of abode is 6 miles from said Post Office, County of Greene and State of Tennesse Philip (X) Evilsizer (his mark) He received $8 per month View Pension Claim

Ralph R.Evilsizor was born 1932 and died 11/13/1969 in VIETNAM, NEAR CAMBODIAN BORDER Cause of Death: KILLED IN ACTION

Ron Evilsizer (Emmitt6, Oren W5, William Irvin Jr4, William Irvin Sr3.,Henry2, Jakob1)from Lawrence, KS is a graduate of Wesleyen University of Delaware, OH. Following that, he was in the Air Force flying B-47's out of Forbes AFB in Topeka KS. After this service, he settled in Lawrence. He married Barbara Jane Madl

Samuel Hunt Evilsizer (Jonathan3,John2, Jakob1)
From History of Washington Co.,OH 1788-1881
Samuel Hunt, age 29 , volunteer, August 5, 1862, three years. Ninety-second regiment, company F, private, served three years, mustered out June 10, 1865-pg 284-Lawrence Twp. Served with brother Jonathan.
Born 5/31/1833, Guernsey Co, OH married Mary Jane Harshey 1/28/1858 in Washington Co, OH: Known Children, Sarah C b 1859, Samuel b 1861, Frank  b 11/27/1863

Spencer Evilsizer (William2, unknown brother to Jacob1)
12th Battery, Indiana Infantry- Light Artilary
Roll of Honor Civil War Union Soldiers
#2481 Pvt No Co 12th Battery
Sec B Lot #218,Nashville, TN
Vol XXII Nashville Natl Cemetery

Thomas Sinclair Evilsizer, Jr. (1919-1979)-(Thomas Sinclair Sr5,John Harrison4, Sinclair3, Joshua2, Jakob1)

Played the Tuba during WWII. Utilized the Barry Plan to attend Kansas University. Received a BA and entered Medical School, graduating in 1951. As part of the payback for the Barry Plan, he entered the US Army upon graduation, did his internship and psychiatric residency.
From Physicians Reference Journal

b Kansas City. Mo, Dec 26,19. Educ: Univ Kans. BA, 49,,MD, 51- Int: Madigan Army HOSP, Tacoma, Wash, 51- 5 2 Psychist Res: Letterman Army Hosp, San Francisco, 53-56. L: NMcx. Past Prof Exp.- Psychiatrist, Beaumont Army Hosp, Ft Bliss, Tex. 52-53, Fitzsimons Army Hosp, Denver, 57-58 A Sandia Base Army Hosp, Albuquerque, N.Mex, 58-60; pvt pract, Albuquerque, 60-63; consult Via Coeli Monastery, Jemez Springs, NM, 63-65. Pres P&A Activ: Psychiatrist & med dir (FT, clin). San Juan Ment Health Serv, 63- Type of Pract: Ft Clin pract pvt non-profit, non-hosp orgn. Military... AUS, 42-46; USA, 51-60, Capt. Orientation: Eclectic. Prot interests: Indiv psychother; fam/,marital ther; psychopharmecol.Mailing Add: 805 Municipal Dr Room 109 Farmington NM 87401 Tel.- Off (505) 327-9825

William Henry Evilsizer, Jr .(William Henry Sr5, Thomas B4, Henry Jr3, Henry Sr2, Jakob1)
Obituary  from Muncie Star, Tuesday July 2, 1974 reads: William H Evilsizer, 49, died Monday afternoon at Veteran's Hospital, Indianapolis, after a short illness. A carpenter, he was a member of Carpenter's union Local 3228 in Munice , and was a WWII Veteran.

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