Family of Walter Lee Evensizer

Submiitted by Doug Wangen with credit to Doug and Kay Wangen


Back row:  Walter Lee Evensizer,  Della E Herold Evensizer,  E. Grace Evensizer Bobst, Eva Celia Pittman Evensizer, Charley S. Evensizer Front row:  Reason Daniel Evensizer, Catherine McDonald Evensizer (taken in Cando, ND; unsure of year but prior to 1923)

Photo courtesy of Cathern E. “Kay” Wangen & Doug Wangen

Hattie Herold, Della E. Herold Evensizer, Eva Celia Pittman Evensizer  Photo courtesy of Cathern E. “Kay” Wangen & Doug Wangen

E. Grace Evensizer Bobst & Robert W. Bobst 

Picture is courtesy of Carole Bobst Ingraham.  She’s unsure of the date or location it was taken but probably in the late 1920’s as Robert died in 1931.  Possibly taken in Nebraska or Kansas. Grace’s youngest daughter, Lenore I. Bobst Bolin, have actually talked a few times.  My grandma lost touch with her over the years but I asked my grandma about her this past June and she remembered Lenore.


Cathern Evensizer Wangen & Lawrence          Cathern E. “Kay” Evensizer                  Cathern E. “Kay” Wangen (present-day)
M. Wangen (taken 16Mar1946)                        (Mayville State College photo)


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